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Lessons Learned Over A Lifetime Chapter 1
Title: Lessons Learned over a Lifetime.
Author: bgreenwivy
Rating: This section is PG.
Word Count: 700
Pairing: Harry/Draco, Mentions of Neville/ Lucius/Severus
Summary: Life is a series of lessons that no matter who you are never seem to end.
Author’s Note: Inspired by the writings of crazyparakiss, the drabble prowess of enchantedjae.

My intent is to get myself back into writing mode and work on my skills a bit. So I asked my great grandmother what were some life lessons over her 100 years and this is what she said. I found out later that she was reciting some of it from someone else but it was inspiring none the less. Also this is unbetaed.

Life Lesson 1: Life isn't fair, but it's still good.

Draco wanted to know where the justice in the world was. His mother was dead, his family fortune was decimated and his father had been found to be under Imperius for years and was as gay as a rainbow. Nothing made any sort of sense anymore but at least the war was finally over.

After going to his and his father’s trials and only having to pay reparations on his part, Draco retired to his bed. He was content to lay there, eat chocolates and pout.

“Draco get out of bed, do something with your hair and leave the manor.” Lucius Malfoy tapped his cane against Draco’s bed in warning. He had finally gotten fed up with his son being around so much.

“Life isn’t fair.” Draco pouted but heeded his father’s warning taps. Having been under Imperius or no, Lucius Malfoy could still curse and hex with the best of them. Getting out of bed Draco blinked slowly as his father held out the paper for him to read.

“Life is better than you think.” Lucius drawled dropping the paper on his son’s bed before limping out of the room. As the door closed behind him Draco thought he heard his father whistling and Draco shuddered. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know.

Shaking his head, Draco read the headline and felt his face smile for the first time in what seemed like years. The headline screamed, “Harry Potter is GAY!”

A fire lit deep inside Draco. Potter was gay. What were the odds that they would both be gay? Draco and Harry had been playing a game between them for years of push and pull. When they were on different sides they were like oil and water but when they were on the same side they were magic. Having lied for Potter to the Dark Lord and given his wand for the effort. Everyone knew that not just anyone could use your wand. There were a lot of variables to be able to use someone else’s wand. Magic compatibility, some connection, there were a lot of different things and that was something Draco was counting on.

Draco was going Potter hunting. He had always felt a strange attraction to Harry and now that he had a chance he was going to take it. Considering the passionate exchanges that they had at Hogwarts it was likely that they would be even more explosive as long as he could channel the hate and distrust into sex and other things… With a spring in his step Draco hurried to his bathroom to prepare and scheme.


Lucius meanwhile walked into his own bedroom and climbed back into the bed. Two brunettes were currently occupying it and Lucius had been annoyed to have to leave it.

“Has your drama queen of a son decided to take the bait?” Neville asked raising his head from his pillow to regard Lucius levelly.

“Hook, line and sinker.” Lucius responded kissing Neville on the lips before snuggling up next to the amused and very much alive Severus.

“Enough with the American fishing witticisms.” Severus shook his head petting Lucius’s hair. “Why you decided to watch the American Muggle Fishing Channel out of however many channels you have is beyond me.”

“He likes to plot and see what he can convert over to the Wizarding world to make more money.” Neville snorted.

Life Lesson 2: When in doubt, just take the next small step.

It had taken a while for Draco to figure out the first part of his plan, doubts continued to cloud his mind. Sitting in the coffee shop, Draco kept chickening out in his attempts to approach Harry. Continuing to look at Harry in what he thought was a covert manner from under his fringe, Draco worried his lip. Taking in the calm way Harry appeared to be reading something and Harry’s almost empty cup, Draco gave up on approaching Harry in person. Instead Draco resolved to send a gift of some sort to soften Harry up some to Draco’s approach.

Deciding to retreat after the initial outreach, Draco felt some inspiration strike as he went to pay for the cup of tea he had been drinking. Figuring that he had nothing to lose, Draco motioned over the waitress and instructed her to bring Harry another coffee from him.
Borrowing a pen from the waitress Draco hastily wrote a note.

You would think the Wizarding Hero of the World would have instant free refills. Here’s my contribution to the effort. … Pausing in thought Draco added at the end of the note with a flourish. Don’t let it go to your head Potter

Signing his name with a flourish, Draco handed the note to the waitress and more than enough money to cover his and Potter’s drinks before exiting the café. For once Draco was content not to witness the result of his handiwork. One step at a time.

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