*sighs* Throws hat in the rink for assisting with the com when it starts.

*Goes back to the blasted fic to try and finish.
XDD Don't act so forlorn, lovey.

If you really have your heart set on an OT3 comm that's undefined in pairings then we can make one!

Is the fic not being any more gentle in the raping of your mind?
Well I have this idea and it is working pretty well. Yeah I totally want one that isn't restricted if only so I have a place to put my Neville/Lucius/Snape writings too *coughs* I enjoy writing Neville with a thing for older men and eager to please.
Oooh that is hot too!

I have a thing for Draco/Harry/Blaise too.

The only thing I'm afraid of with OT3 is getting something ghastly like Harry/Draco/Ron.

I would cry. And then bleach my eyes out.
Any pairing with a Weaseley puts me off.


Heck Hermione can put me off food for hours.
Ugh. Don't even get me on Hermione.

Hermione, Ron, and Ginny. Those three just never. No.

And I'm not going to do the H/D/N anymore. I decided to go with the ot3. I'm trying to get Fireflavored and Phoenixacid in on it. I asked Dysonrules, but Cheryl doesn't like threesomes.
Hurray! *secretly goes to dust off the horrendous threesome attempts that she previously had nowhere to put them.
I need to step up to the writing board for once. I haven't in a few days. I hail from suckville this week.