Not really, -shrugs-

To me an enjoyable read doesn't equate to what's different, though that it is nice.

So what if they find Herbology as a common ground? The triangle you're trying to make has very few common anomolies that link between all three.

Neville and Draco have common links, Neville and Harry, and Harry and Draco.

The problem is that those common links don't stretch out to the third person. So you have to MAKE a link to connect them all.

Herbology links them all easily without being outlandish.

If you don't want to make Harry a healer and they're out of Hogwarts then put him on a case that deals heavily with potions or something.
Hhhhmmm good point. *continues to scratch head* You have given me alot of food for thought.

I GOT IT! Snuggle you rock my socks!
Oh, I'm glad that I don't have to pull out my outlandish tale of Draco moving to Germany after the war and playing Quidditch for the Durmstrang Dragons, who have a Dragon as their mascot. Buuuut said Dragon falls ill so Harry, a Dragon Handler, is called onto the sight to check it out where he discovers... DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUUN, that the dragon was POISONED!

Soooooo that calls in Neville to come and try and figure out juuuust what the dragon was poisoned with!

But yeah, since we didn't have to go there, you're welcome. :D
Lmao. I was joking!

I pulled that all out of my arse, basically.

.... I might write it though. -Hums-
*gives pointed look*

Either you write it by yourself or maybe possibly we can write it together.

XD What have you done with my Wivy, and why are you now McGonagall?

Pointed death glare mode? On.


I don't know when I'd have the time to write it, but I will! I promise! And we could write it together, sure. Lol. Either is fine.

You don't have many H/D/N stories. We need to populate the fandom!

Oh, this might call for a comm. O_O
SHHHHHH! Keep it down. Not until I finish my Dudley fic which is after this one is done. Then I am not signing up for any new fests until the mpreg fest comes around. That would be a fun pairing fandom to start and start. Or even just a threesome com. Polyamory-R-Us or something.
Lol. Too late, I already sent off to my other H/D/N lover with the comm idea. >D!

-Dances around-
*sighs* Throws hat in the rink for assisting with the com when it starts.

*Goes back to the blasted fic to try and finish.
XDD Don't act so forlorn, lovey.

If you really have your heart set on an OT3 comm that's undefined in pairings then we can make one!

Is the fic not being any more gentle in the raping of your mind?
Well I have this idea and it is working pretty well. Yeah I totally want one that isn't restricted if only so I have a place to put my Neville/Lucius/Snape writings too *coughs* I enjoy writing Neville with a thing for older men and eager to please.
Oooh that is hot too!

I have a thing for Draco/Harry/Blaise too.

The only thing I'm afraid of with OT3 is getting something ghastly like Harry/Draco/Ron.

I would cry. And then bleach my eyes out.