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Either this fic gets done tonight or I quit writing HP fanfic....Okay maybe not but it feels that wa
Lightning Hermione
I really can't seem to get this fic to pigeon hole itself into some complete form. I don't want to slap on a generic ending but for some reason I am missing something that isn't allowing it to end naturally. It is officially due in less than an hour.

Any suggestions?

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I wish I had been on last night I would have had you send me a copy and helped. :(

Did you figure out an ending that was to your liking or did they allow you a second extension?

If you got an extension I will gladly help!

I emailed to see if I could get another extension but I haven't gotten a response. I am still struggling with it. I have seperated it into parts and that has helped I am having the most trouble with the beginning I think. If you could give me your thoughts I would appreciate it. What is your email again? I had to erase it because of the virus of doom.

Thanks for the offer

Tranquilkale@gmail.com message me on here when you send it and tell me the subject header you use cause I believe I blocked your old email as spam because of the virus

Part of my story that I am writing for Bottom Draco and it is Safe

is the title the email will have. I am just going to send you the first part right now. Just respond when you can. It is about 1000 words.

God. I felt that way too with my hp_creatures.

Every time I thought I was getting close to the end, I wasn't. I would write another 2-4k on it thinking I'd be closer and in the end I still wasn't anywhere near. It was beyond frustrating.

You could get an extension from them. It's better to write something you can be proud of and have missed he deadline than to rush it and hate it in the end.

It totally is. It may have something to do with the way I wrote it. That may be it. I mean I seperated because I had this great idea but i don't know....

It's frustrating as hell, but just go ahead and get that extension.

There were so many times that I wanted to just end it with a cliche, but in the end I couldn't bring myself to do it and I feel better.

If you do it in a way that you didn't envision then you're still going to be stressing about it even when it's finished.

I know. I am staring at it right now going what the heck were you THINKING! I cut out the last part and now I just need to rewrite it. *sighs

What fandom/pairing is it?

It is the hp fandom. Neville/Harry/Draco. So you know there has to be some development or an idea that gives the impression of development or at the very least have a format which will account for it.


I love you. Totally, completely!

I've got it in my mind to write one of those myself!

I can try and help you. :D

Lol they are a cute bunch. I am a bit stuck on what activity all three of them would enjoy doing besides the obvious one.

-SNORTS!- AHahahaha.

Well. Herbology. Neville loves Herbology, and Draco needs herbs to make his potions.

You could give Harry a reason to like it. Like if he were interested in healing, for instance, he would need to know the properties of herbs to heal with. To make salves, ointments, potions, even teas to counteract ailments. :D

Don't you feel that is too predictable? *headscratch.

Not really, -shrugs-

To me an enjoyable read doesn't equate to what's different, though that it is nice.

So what if they find Herbology as a common ground? The triangle you're trying to make has very few common anomolies that link between all three.

Neville and Draco have common links, Neville and Harry, and Harry and Draco.

The problem is that those common links don't stretch out to the third person. So you have to MAKE a link to connect them all.

Herbology links them all easily without being outlandish.

If you don't want to make Harry a healer and they're out of Hogwarts then put him on a case that deals heavily with potions or something.

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