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Fest Updates
Oh Thank God I only have two fest fics to finish and other than maybe signing up for pinch hitting I am done for the year. One exception would be maybe if there was a Mpreg fest. *Glances at the mpreg group and coughs pointedly*

My dudley fest fic came out of nowhere and had me writing like a mad woman last night. Two words "Sexual Dyslexia".

My bottom draco fic is currently demanding I write it and it is sheer madness in the fact that it has me laughing hysterically at moments. I mean honestly I feel the urge to give Neville a Rememberall to do list. Anyway, Gotta get back to it.

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Gah! Envious!

I still haven't gotten to my bottom_draco! (But... I did just get it today. Soooo... Heh.)

I'm glad you're making headway! :D

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