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Somehow my Computer caught a virus....
Dear Friends,

I have apparently gotten a virus in my email that has traveled thru my address book and somehow has managed to kill some of my stories that I have in certain files on my computer. As of right now I am scrabbling to reconstruct the stories and figure out what is going on. I am running a virus scan to get it out of my system but it is being particularly viral.

Anyone receiving an email from me please just disregard unless I put something in the headline like Safe, because i don't want to keep spreading it around. Apparently there is also a link in the email, DO NOT CLICK on it. I received the email that gave me this thing from someone I hadn't talked to in months, clicked on the link and bam. I am working to sort it out and I appreciate your patience with me as I continue to straighten it out.

Fest mods I am redoing my stories now and those who were just waiting on updates I am sorry but the stories I was working on turned to like wing dings or something so it will take some time to straighten those out as well.



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Hmmm I was wondering about that. I clicked it but nothing happened thankfully. It is some med website. I hope things get better bb! *hugs*

uhmmm actually until I got an email from someone I didn't even know it was there. I clicked on the link too and that is how this mess started.

Aw crap. I'm sorry, hun. I would be devastated and so... down trodden.

I won't lie, I'd be the kicked puppy that has a woe is me turned fuck this shit party.

We do what we must though, yeah? I hope everything fixes itself quickly. I'm sorry. >.

Oh believe me I went to best buy and was like fix it or make it stop. They couldn't do anything so I am scrambling. I am mostly pissed because my dudley fic was amazing but I guess this is an opportunity to get it in better than before.

Agh. If I'd lost a whole story.... mmph. I would cry and I don't know if I'd be able to force myself to do it again. Stronger than I am.

Ack! That's no good!

You've probably thought of this already, but if you had emailed any of your works to beta's, you can recover them by downloading them from your email server (the server should keep a copy attached to the sent email).

I'm sorry this happened. dudley_redeemed should be going on for 3-4 weeks (!), so if you can get that submission in within that timeframe, we'll post it. Consider this an indefinite extension. And if you don't finish it in time, you can always post it after the fest's wrap-up.

She didn't open them because of the virus and her scanner picked it up when she scanned the attachment. Oh I will definitely get it all together before then.

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