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For the lovely crazyparakiss's drabble request....Part 1
Raining Goldfish
She asked for a drabble with a Malfoy or a Black and this came out of nowhere. Unbetaed.

Title: Giving Up.
Pairing: Snape/Lucius/Neville

Being men use to be in control, Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape were at a bit of a loss at how to deal with the anger of their normal mild mannered go with the flow lover.

"I don't ask for alot from you two. I know you are both stubborn, irritable, stuck in your ways and nosy but this is two much. Seven years of work. Seven HARD years of tending and primping and coddling this flower. It doesn't bloom often, I got buds to form, it was going to bloom...I was going to write an article and be one of the youngest and top Herbology growers in the World." Neville dropped the plant and walked away. He was too angry.

His lovers were morons. He loved them dearly but this was too much. He had told them not to go into that part of the greenhouse. He had put up signs....wards even but no they just had too open the door.

Neville didn't want to be at Malfoy Manor right now. He had left the plant at the Manor hoping to increase the likelihood that it would bloom. The history of the Manor would have been more than enough to stabilize the plants magical properties. Apparating away Neville landed in a dark bar frequented by other leading Herbologists.

Grabbing a pint Neville buried himself in shop talk and enjoyed the commisserations of those who could understand the significances of the lose. One hour of cool down time turned into six and before Neville knew it the bar was closing and Neville was trying to stagger home.

Knowing he wouldn't be able to apparate, Neville merely wandered out onto the street and stuck out his wand. The Knight Bus rumbled into view and Neville merely handed over his fee taking his blanket and shuffling into a back bunk.

He had been asleep for only a while when he felt something creeping under his blanket. Not wanting to wake up Neville batted at intrusion. It was insistent however and Neville came awake to find Lucius Malfoy with a hand down his pants.

"Lucius what are you doing?" Neville rasped slightly.

"Making it up to you for ruining your hard work." Lucius responded evenly pulling Neville out and licking the head.

"You mean bribing me to forgive you." Neville grumbled spreading his legs a little to give Lucius more access. "Where is Severus?"

A crash from nearby made Neville smile. "Severus what have you been doing?" Neville giggled drunkenly. "No don't tell me...I don't want to know."

"Longbottom you know you shouldn't drink in public you are entirely to much." Snape was a little distracted. Who knew Neville Longbottom could be that distracting. As Lucius began to slowly devour Neville's length, Snape watched spellbound. Sometimes he felt like an outsider but then their were moments like this where he was on the outside but still felt like he was a part of it.

Particularly when Neville looked at him like that. Eyes slightly hazy and sparkling with lust. When his hand reached out and pulled him close Snape went. His mouth descending on those lush full ones. Snape felt a little funny leaning over Neville and kissing him like this. He ceased feeling funny when Neville's hands found him through his robes.



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*SQUEE* I really liked this, drunken Neville is funny! I have yet to start your drabble, but this weekend for sure.

(Since your comment was deleted I will answer it here, yeah it will definitely be bottom Draco, possible switching but I highly doubt it)

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