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Firebolt XXX: 5
Start from the beginning

Firebolt XXX:  Chapter 5.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, make any profit from this and no copyright infringement was intended.

Warnings…Ahmmm, Sexually explicit scenario with religious trappings…well those that are Catholic and very serious about their religion should probably not read it…  

I apologize if this offends people but it is a fantasy of sorts for some people…

Sorry for the long wait but here is the final installment of Firebolt XXX…unless I write Nimbus.

Firebolt XXX Chapter 5
Credit goes to Delphi for giving me her opinion and helping me come up with a warning suitable for this, I think…

Harry wondered about Draco’s punishment even as ideas flashed through his head. Harry discarded one after another when he realized that they were all too extreme for Draco’s minor display of petulance. Harry realized, after more serious thought, that if he intended to take things further with Draco, he would have to submit to some things himself. Harry made it a point to never do anything to Draco he had not done to himself.  

With his ironclad rule in mind, Harry decided to leave Draco in suspense for the night. Harry would go to a place where he could test out his idea for Draco’s punishment and subsequent playtime activity.  

Harry stumbled into his common room the next day and thanked God it had been a weekend. He was stiff, sore and slightly thoughtful. Going to that particular club in Knockturn Alley had been a brilliant idea for inspiration and obtaining more knowledge. Harry’s instructor had even let him test some of his more interesting ideas on one of the paid subs. As such, Harry felt more confident and resolved to take Draco the next time he went back.  

“Harry, where have you been?” Hermione scolded him rising from her chair in the common room with a look of concern.  

“Would you believe I was doing outside research?” Harry retorted as he stiffly made his way up the stairs vowing to look up healing spells. Unless Draco asked for the bruising and welts to remain, Harry intended to heal them. Lord knows Harry’s bruising was interfering with many things. 

Hermione just stood watching him go, curious to his actions. Hurrying down to breakfast, Hermione’s mind flitted between several different things to take up what remained of the weekend. She had just taken a big sip of juice when her paper arrived and the picture of Harry leaving a well-known bondage club captured her attention.  

The juice expelling from her nasal cavity and mouth was nothing next to the all-encompassing rage that Draco was feeling. The blond was feeling down after being neglected the night before. Harry had left him a note that he was to sit in his room alone and think about his actions.  

Standing up and grabbing the paper, Draco stormed from the Great Hall. Sound roaring in his ears, he developed tunnel vision to reach his one goal.  

Neville, who was also stumbling out, saw Draco’s expression and took the shortcut to get to Gryffindor Tower first. Arriving breathlessly, Neville entered the common room and sprinted up the stairs, surprising Harry while he was dressing.

“Neville what the…?”

“The paper found out about the trip we took and now Draco is on his way up here.” Neville explained, out of breath. Neville was the only one who knew about the details of Draco and Harry’s relationship. He had been the one to tell Harry about the club.

“How bad was the picture?” Harry asked pulling up his jeans, and sitting shirtless on the bed. The dragon pendent he wore around his neck shifted slightly.  

“They caught you as you limped away.” Neville replied, wincing.

“Got a pensieve?” Harry questioned Neville while evenly scratching his chest, seemingly unconcerned.

“No but I have a memory mirror to remind myself not to do something again.” Neville replied.

“Good enough.” Harry replied taking the magic eight ball shaped device.  

“Put your finger over the glass part and start thinking about what you want to put in it. When you’re done, shake it.” Neville explained. “Good luck, Harry.” Neville nodded one last time at his friend before going off to find his own lover for a little practice session.

“I can’t believe you!” Draco bellowed slamming into the room. Harry merely looked up at him and sighed. Draco continued to rant, waving the paper around for emphasis and dramatic effect. Harry could only study him fondly and make agreeing noises. “Potter, are you even listening to me. Do you even care that this hurt me?” Draco asked quietly moving from anger and indignation to tears. “Do I mean so little to you?”

“Draco it isn’t that at all.” Harry sighed opening his arms and waiting patiently. Draco wavered briefly before walking over and sitting on the edge of the bed as far away from Harry as possible. Harry merely sat cross-legged on the bed and held out the memory keeper. Draco took it and stared at it briefly before placing his finger on the clear part and slipping into the memory.

“So you don’t want to do anything to him that you haven’t tried yourself?” A hooded figure asked Harry. He nodded. “I guess that is one way to go about it.”

“I also need a few new ideas.” Harry asked thoughtfully.

“Here I will teach you the basics and let you practice, but your submissive is your muse. You can only go as far as he will allow.”  

“Would it be okay if I brought him next time?” Harry questioned, blushing slightly. “I had to make sure when I came here today that this wasn’t something too seedy or gross for him.”

“You are very protective of him.” The hooded figure nodded approvingly his voice like gravel. “It is allowed for the next session. Now, let us begin.”  

The memory played on. When it stopped, Draco blinked at Harry slowly. Harry studied the canopy of his bed until he felt Draco move.  

“Harry do you still have a copy of my list?” Draco asked crawling over on top of Harry. Harry nodded intrigued by Draco’s sudden change in mood. “Pick a number one through twenty- six.”

Harry gulped at the dangerous light in Draco’s eyes. Harry might be the top but Draco always had more power. “Number fourteen.” Harry tried to recall that particular number’s scenario. Draco balled up his fist and slugged Harry hard. “What the hell!” Harry demanded managing to snag both Draco’s hands before he could repeat the assault.

“That is what number fourteen is!” Draco defended while Harry’s eyes watered. Now he remembered what that item had been.

“Fisting does not involve hitting.” Harry rasped blinking away tears. Sitting up, he wrapped his arms around Draco and gave him a peck on the forehead.  

“Well, what is it then?” Draco grumbled at having his attempt at being assertive thwarted.  

“It’s when you take your fist and stick it up someone’s rectum and …” Harry trailed off noticing Draco’s slightly dazed expression. “You know we don’t have to. I think you would be more comfortable after you’ve seen it done.” Draco just nodded, still looking uneasy. “Love, do you trust me?”

“Yes, Harry it’s just…” Draco studied the Gryffindor’s red bedspread, picking at a stray piece of thread. “I want to do things that please you but some of the things…”

“I will be happy to do whatever you feel comfortable doing. But realize I will push you if I think you can do better.” Harry opened his arms and Draco slid into them. Lying back on his pillows Draco cuddled up contently on Harry’s chest.

“Harry there is one thing that I would like to do…”  

Harry was pretty sure that he might get a one way ticket to hell for whatever Draco was planning. Harry was dressed in Catholic priest attire complete with white collar, black shirt and pants. Wiping his sweaty palms on his trousers, he entered the Room of Requirements and just contained his gasp.  

“Holy mother of God…” Harry murmured noting the detail work of the Room of Requirements in presenting a replica of a Catholic church complete with mahogany confession box and pews. Harry took a deep breath and made his way to the confession box. Going around the back, he entered it, intrigued by the internal set up.  

The priest side had a burgundy upholstered seat that faced the side of the entrance to the confessional. A separation wall separated his section from the confessors section. The top of the wall was heavily latticed like lace and made it possible to see vague shapes but no concrete images. The bottom of the panel confused Harry slightly. A little below the latticework was an area that slid open on one side. Something could pass through the compartment. Harry was just pondering the usefulness of the mini slider when a sound of footsteps reached his ears.  

The door on the other side of the lattice opened and closed. Assuming the position on his seat Harry waited for Draco to speak.  

“Forgive me Father for I have sinned.” Draco spoke in a seductive purr and Harry felt his pants tighten.  

Harry had no idea what a priest would say so he improvised. “What have you come to get forgiveness for?”  

“Impure thoughts,” Draco replied, “I keep thinking about you and wondering what is under your robe.”  

“I beg your pardon?” Harry gulped and tried valiantly to keep his erection at bay.

“I want to know if you are long, or short, fat or thin…” Draco trailed off his voice getting breathier as he continued.

“My son I have no idea to what you are referring. My robes clearly show that I am a thin man.”  

“I mean what you look like in your special place.” Draco paused and Harry coughed nervously. “I’ll show you mine…” Harry never got a chance to respond as the Draco stood in the confession. Blue Victorian era short pants dropped and a leaking erection came into view.  

“Cover yourself!” Harry bellowed trying to keep in character despite the obvious temptation. Draco merely positioned himself flat against the thin latticework separating them and began to rub up and down. Harry watched fascinated and beyond turned on as a pearl of creamy white pre cum slipped through a tiny hole in the latticework. Being unable to help himself Harry leaned over and licked it off getting a hint of Draco’s flavor but nothing more.  

Leaning back, Harry eyed the partition separating them surprised by what looked like wood having the softness of velvet. Draco moaning brought Harry out of his quick contemplation as his movements sped up. Thinking fast Harry looked down at the little sliding door and slid it open. Careful to keep his movements hidden Harry continued to watch Draco smiling slightly as there eyes met. Harry’s hand closing around Draco’s balls and squeezing caused Draco to spasm, squirting repeatedly, cum leaking through the latticework. Licking the cum soaked partition Harry continued to roll and finger Draco’s balls sliding his fingers further and further back.  

“Am I forgiven Father?” Draco whispered shifting to allow Harry greater access.  

“No I feel as though you have many more confessions to make.” Thinking quickly Harry remembered something about confessions that could be very useful. “You can’t face me directly when you make a confession so you are going to have to be face down in my mattress.”

“Yes Father.”  

The End…I figured you all could have fun using your imaginations. If anyone would like to continue this just let me know. There is still plenty left on the list.

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mmm, more please! there's just not enough of intentional h/d bondage scenes...

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