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Firebolt XXX

Firebolt XXX


Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or make any profit from this.


 “Malfoy what the hell are you doing?” Harry growled as he awakened to find his peaceful nap by the lake disturbed by his infamous enemy turned tolerable rival, after the war.


“I always knew you were slow.” Draco drawled as he went back to licking the nine-inch manhood in his clutches.


“You wake up to something like this and see if you manage to put the pieces together.” Harry yelled reaching for his wand only to be brought up short when Draco swallowed him whole. “No one has ever been able to swallow it all before.” Harry whispered in awe as he decided to put off hexing Malfoy to death in favor of spelling all of Malfoy’s clothes off but leaving his robe. As Malfoy continued to work, humming along the way Harry ran his fingers through the blonde hair, tousling it wildly.


“Stop if you still want me to be any good to you later.” Harry commanded panting slightly. Draco gave one last noisy slurp before he rose.


“I am going to ride you better than you ride your Firebolt in bad weather.” Draco gasped trying to shrug out of his robe.


“Leave the robe.” Harry responded taking off his shirt and making it into a pillow. His robe was already on the ground like a blanket.


“Kinky.” Draco drawled crawling up to be nose to nose with Potter. Harry grabbed his face in a ferocious kiss. Draco finally pulled back making their erections brush against each other painfully. Taking his wand Draco quickly said a preparation spell before he squatted over Harry and began impaling himself.


Harry reached out and steadied the now heavily panting boy as he finally took the entirety of Harry’s length inside him. “Oh my God.” Draco gasped feeling fuller than he had ever felt before.


“I thought God was for Muggles.” Harry teased stroking the cock that now lay within his reach, while the other hand had a firm grip on Draco’s ass.


“Very funny.” Draco whimpered as he began to move slowly.


 Draco began to move up and down like in a game of leapfrog. His hole grasping Harry’s shaft tightly on the way up and loosening on the way down. Harry planted his feet to better support Draco and kneaded his ass as he watched his cock disappearing inside of Draco, staking a claim on him.


“You look so hot however you swallow my dick.” Harry groaned deciding to test how far he could push Draco. “Such the whore, swallowing my dick up your pretty ass.” Harry growled wondering if he pushing too much.


Draco, if possible became harder and Harry continued smiling. “What’s the matter cat got you tongue?” Harry grabbed Draco’s hips and stilled them. Draco braced his hands on Harry’s shoulders as Harry began to grind his hips into Draco making him moan helplessly. “I know I ride a broomstick better than that.” Harry taunted.


Draco eyes that had closed in passion opened to slits at Harry’s words. “I haven’t even started yet.” Gray eyes flashed dangerously.


“Says the whore.” Harry retorted evenly. “One would think to expect better services from such an aristocrat.”


“Shut up!” Draco growled and began riding again in earnest. Harry’s dirty words making him so hard it was almost painful.


“I think I will call you pretty from now on. Draco, my pretty little whore.” Harry commented as he observed the heightened color of Draco’s cheeks and the faint blush that was covering his whole body. Mentally Harry kept imagining Snape to keep himself from going off like a rocket.


“Boys aren’t pretty.” Draco panted feeling himself getting closer and closer to his goal. The silk robe billowing around him was giving him a bit of a rush every time it would caress his body. Harry, while enjoying the show, wanted to slow it down some, for a change of venue. Grabbing his tie and looping it he neatly tied it in a bow around Draco’s dick to keep him from coming. Draco’s eyes shoot open in surprise.


“Yes I suppose you are right. Boys are not pretty, maybe I should dress you like a school girl with a little surprise under your skirt.” Harry chuckled sitting up. Draco instinctively wrapped his legs around Harry’s waist. Flipping Draco onto his back, Harry smiled down at the obviously disgruntled Slytherin. “I think I ought to demonstrate how it’s really done. Riding a broomstick is a skill after all. Don’t worry though; I’ll still be the broomstick.”


Without further ado, Harry began to give Draco the ride of his life. Fifteen minutes later, when Harry finally removed the tie and let Draco cum, he shot off like a rocket. Cum ended up in his hair. Harry managed to ride out Draco’s orgasm and neatly pulled out. Jacking himself off he neatly added to the cum already present on Draco’s body.


“Now for the next lesson, cleaning up messes to make sure all the evidence is gone. Sometimes wands just take all the fun out of life.” Leaning down Harry began to lick the reminder of their activities off Draco’s body. Draco soon became harder than granite again and Harry tied his tie around Draco’s penis again.


“What are you doing?” Draco grumbled as Harry stood him up and began dressing him.


“I always knew you were slow.” Harry joked amused by the normally immaculate Draco’s current tousled and well-fucked look. “Dressing you, so you can go back to the castle.”


“I thought we could…” Draco paused and reddened slightly.


“It’s getting late and someone will come looking for one of us eventually.” Harry explained as he buttoned up his own pants before starting on Draco’s. “Even though we are both in our seventh year it never ceases to amaze me that people think we are completely incapable of defending ourselves.”


“I saved your life during the war.” Draco reminded him evenly as he obediently stepped into his pants and was surprised when Harry did them up. “You forgot your tie.” Draco blushed.


“I will retrieve it later. Don’t touch.” Harry admonished before beginning to button Draco’s shirt.


“I can dress myself you know.” Draco became slightly disgruntled now that he wasn’t sure about if this thing he had going with Harry would continue past the day.


“Where is the fun in that?” Harry asked once he was finished buttoning the shirt and began on the tie. “Besides you still need to practice if you ever hope to ride a broomstick anywhere near as well as I can.” Draco’s mouth dropped.


Harry quickly finished tying Draco’s tie and got dressed. Harry was entering the castle before Draco caught up with him again.


“I think I am going to have to start calling you the Firebolt XXX.” Draco mused thoughtfully albeit dryly, his normal humor slightly returned now that he knew he would be receiving more private lessons in the near future.


“The Firebolt 30?” Harry responded being deliberately obtuse to goad him. Unaware of the crowd, who had turned when he entered the castle Harry was not surprised to see Ron among them. The crowd in the Great Hall had only heard his side of the conversation.


“That model is a classic.” Ron observed breaking into the conversation as he joined them at the entrance. He conveniently ignored Draco. “If I ever get my hands on one it would never leave my sight or my hands for that matter.” Ron said this good naturedly clapping Harry on the back.


Draco’s bellowed hexes rang through the great hall of the castle. One hit Ron squarely between the eyes. “Go mess with someone else’s Firebolt because no one touches mine.” Draco shouted this pearl of wisdom as he dragged the now crying with mirth Harry off to his bedroom for more flying lessons. Later when asked to explain why he had felt the desire to hex an entire hallway full of people Draco neatly explained. “Nothing gets between me and my Firebolt.”


Professor McGonagall and the picture of Professor Dumbledore were both very careful not to point out he owned a Nimbus.


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I enjoyed that, more would be lovely

Mmm, that's very hot and naughty.

Love this Harry and Draco! Yumm!

sexy and cute i like...buuuut

i hope u can take concrit and aren't one of those authors...

black script on dblue background, absolutely unreadable

"such a whore" not "such the whore"

"swallowing my dick up your ass" that sounds so weird it's cracky

a game of leapfrog??? r u serious?

a change of venue .. does not fit into a sex scene

that's it, don't hate me

Thanks for the response. I am not exactly sure why this is the only entry with black writing instead of white. Let's see leapfrog is actually a fair description for how the position works but i can see how it threw you. My sense of humor was partially to blame. I guess my beta and I both missed the typo.

Re: Аж читать приятно


(I hope I got that right...but if I didn't thank you)

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