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Stalled Part 2

Stalled  (2/2)
Author: bgreenwivy
Rating- M
Betas: The lovely nursedarry
Warning: I revised and edited again to make it a better ride overall. I never seem to be fully happy with my work until I have given it some time and gone back over. Oh also, If you don't like mpreg stop reading after the first set of italics.

Summary: In the dungeons, only a select few know about a very special place. For those that do not know it is simply a restroom, for those that do it is much more.  

It was two months before Harry began to feel guilty about his knowledge. Draco was still unaware of Harry’s status as his lover. Draco was an irritating and bigoted bastard but Harry never started physical fights with him anymore and generally made it a point to ignore him. The room saw fit to punish him for his knowledge. Draco would be blindfolded in those times when their stalls combined. Harry would not be. As the war heated up, the activities in the toilet became more frequent. The bottle of lubricant Neville had helped him make would normally last for six months but was running low at two.  

Harry found himself ending up in the toilet almost every day, sometimes twice a day. On the bright side, his concentration and schoolwork improved. However, his conscience weighed heavily. After a particularly violent coupling, Harry had given the tense blonde a long massage with some lavender oil he had bought for that purpose. At first, the blonde had stiffened, thinking someone else was with him, but when Harry had leaned close, he saw the blonde’s nostrils flare briefly, recognizing the sandalwood. Draco relaxed again. Harry too, relaxed, realizing he had never smelled of lavender before.  

Finishing up, Harry left the blonde covered with a blanket and exited the combined stalls. Hearing the lock click behind him, Harry decided to wait in the powder room for Neville. Snape’s appearance promptly made Harry wish he hadn’t.  

“Potter,” Snape growled, looking dangerous. Harry wisely didn’t speak, but his mouth moved wordlessly. “I do believe your business has concluded here.” Snape’s eyes narrowed dangerously and Harry quickly fled.  

Hiding in the alcove from previous visits, Harry waited for Neville impatiently. He heard Snape exit and quickly thought to practice his disillusionment charms. Snape walked quickly back and forth in the hallway searching with a briskly before he exited the hallway.  

“Why did he do that?” Harry wondered and then it struck him. “He’s trying to protect his partner!” Harry practically did a little jig in happiness before reality set in. “He doesn’t know who it is.” Feeling slightly dejected, Harry sat on the floor for what should be a short wait.  

Draco stretched languidly before he dressed. As much as he hated to admit it, he felt cherished and almost loved after these sessions. With the war coming to a head, his mother dead, and father a spy for the Light, Draco was lucky. Tilting his head slightly, Draco looked in the mirror as the door to a stall clicked. When Neville stumbled out, Draco’s jaw dropped. Draco could only blink in shock.  

“Are you serious?” Draco shouted swinging around to see the flushed face of Neville. “What are you doing in Slytherin territory, Longbottom?”

“Apparently the same thing you were.” Neville retorted, standing his ground. Draco started to speak but was stopped by a queasy sensation in the pit of his stomach. Draco had only enough time to turn for the sink as he threw up the contents of his stomach. As he continued to heave, Neville pulled Draco’s hair out of the way and rubbed his back in soothing circles. Turning the water on, he waited for Draco to gain control of himself again.  

Neville studied Draco intently while Draco pulled him self-together. “What are you still doing here?” Draco croaked his throat slightly raw. Standing up straight, Draco noticeably wavered, smacking Neville when he tried to assist. Draco tried to sweep out of the room only to fall out of the door. Grabbing the wall for support Draco managed to stand, but then the world began to tilt. Draco caught a whiff of sandalwood and then- nothing. -.  

Harry caught Draco just before he hit the ground. Sweeping Draco up into his arms, Harry frantically checked for any obvious injuries. Neville reached them quickly. “We need to get him help- he just threw up buckets.”

“Snape’s rooms are close.” Harry winced as he recalled the previous altercation with Snape. Ordering the snake portrait guarding Snape’s door to hurry and get its master, Harry switched between worry for Draco and elation at being able to hold the blond close. 

“What did you do, Potter?” Snape demanded, taking Draco from Harry and hurriedly carrying him into the room. Setting Draco on top of a table, Snape began casting diagnosis spells and shooting questions at Harry and Neville. Harry couldn’t answer any of them and Neville was merely pretending not to exist.  

“Well, what DO you know, Potter?” Snape finally snapped, looking ready to breathe fire.  

“Could he be allergic to lavender?” Harry wondered and Neville sat up thoughtfully from where he had been leaning against the wall in the shadows.  

“Unlikely.” Snape scoffed before the results of a diagnostic spell appeared and gave him pause. Snape casted the same spell three more times before staring hard first at Harry and then at Draco.  

“Severus…” Draco mumbled, slowly coming to. .  

“Draco, you’re all right.” Harry exclaimed, rushing over to Draco’s side.

“What’s it to you Potter?” Draco drawled, starting to sit up before dizziness forced him down. The scent of sandalwood briefly comforted Draco before he realized its source. “NO!” Draco screamed, scrambling across the tabletop as far away from Harry as he could get. His eyes were wide as saucers and very glazed.

Harry could only nod unhappily at Draco’s obvious disdain. Neville moved to comfort him and something clicked in Severus’s head. Walking around the table with a determine stride, Snape stopped close to Neville, who blinked at him slowly. “Patchouli.” Snape mumbled moving quickly to the other side of the table.  

“Oh dear…” Neville murmured, gripping the table for support.

The silence that descended was impressive in its absoluteness. Finally, Snape broke the stalemate. “Draco, think very carefully before you answer. Have you been meeting anyone else in the toilet within the last few months?” When Draco shook his head, Snape sighed dejectedly. “I think we should all get comfortable.” Snape motioned to his sitting area with the loveseat and two chairs.

Neville and Harry took the loveseat while the Slytherins took the chairs. Snape arranged himself and spoke calmly. “It would appear Draco is pregnant.” Neville gasped, Draco blinked and Harry keeled over, cracking his head on a table on the way down.  


The whispering of voices brought Harry slowly back. Looking over, he saw Neville waving his hands around. Snape and Draco were regarding him with looks ranging from disdain and extreme annoyance.  

“What’s going on?” Harry asked rubbing his head slightly as he rose. He resumed his position on the sofa.

“I’m pregnant and it’s yours.” Draco drawled. Harry promptly bent forward and put his head between his knees, willing the alarm bells to stop ringing in his head.  

“Oh for the love of… Pull yourself together Potter. We have to figure out how this happened,” Snape snapped. “Male pregnancies aren’t spontaneous, so you must have done something,” Snape finished suspiciously.  

“I never cast any spells.” Harry defended himself, getting up and slowly making his way to a seat at the table.  

“Not even a lubrication one?” Snape demanded.  

“No!” Harry shouted. “I liked doing it manually.”  

“Where did you get the lubricant?” Draco asked.  

“I made it with Neville’s help.” Harry responded.

“You trusted Longbottom with a potion?” Draco inquired incredulously.

“I have been making it since the beginning of term without mishap,” Neville responded, glaring. “If it was the lubricant the Professor would be pregnant as well.” Satisfied, Neville sat back and glanced at Snape who was looking a little green. Neville had seen that shade recently and just got a cauldron set down in front of Snape in time. Neville paled and Draco looked triumphant.  

“And I’ve been making it the same way nothing has changed.” Neville stated. “The only difference from this batch and the others is that Harry helped.”

“There’s the problem: you trusted Potter to do something. What did he do precisely?” Snape commented, magically vanishing the cauldron and conjuring water.

“I collected the soy,” Harry answered trying to remember if he had done anything wrong. “We had just worked with it earlier that day so I know I got it right. I mean, there were two of the same varieties next to each other.”

“Oh fuck!” Neville exploded, making a run for the exit. Snape hit him with a binding spell and floated him back to his seat. Harry and Draco could only blink. Snape raised an eyebrow in question and Neville hung his head. “Harry, we were standing behind Greenhouse 2 when I asked you to get the soy.” Neville spoke carefully. Harry just looked at him before understanding dawned.  

“The soy from class was in Greenhouse 2?” Harry sat back horrified. “What I got…it looked like soy, though.”  

“Oh god, oh no…” Neville began to rock back and forth in his chair while Draco and Snape watched in alarm.  

“Longbottom, what was it?” Draco yelled, exasperated. Harry grabbed Draco’s hand and squeezed, in his state of panic, Draco did not comment.

“You know how there are some animals going extinct because their species is creating one sex more than another…” Neville paused, watching Snape change colors again and Draco pale. “Well, that plant was one of the hybrid forms. One would change the doctored animals into the opposite gender and the other would simply have a more hermaphroditic effect; changing around things internally but keeping the external bits the same.”

“Am I going to go through PMS now?” Draco murmured, bewildered.  

“No more than usual.” Neville retorted and received a sharp smack to the back of the head from Snape. “The good news is that you’ll only grow the organs necessary for the successful pregnancy. The bad news is they’ll stay until they are removed.”  

“Well, at least I don’t have to marry a woman for an heir now.” Draco mumbled, looking down at the hand holding his in a reassuring way. “It would be nice to be married before the baby came, though.”  

“Why are you being so calm about this?” Harry asked, curious about the blonde’s overall calm demeanor about the situation.  

“I don’t have to sleep with a woman to have children. I won’t have to defend myself over switching sides if I am having your baby. I can have as many heirs as I need and then get the parts taken out. Most importantly, though, you aren’t half bad in bed, not to mention you are wealthy. And manners can be taught,” Draco finished, tapping his chin lightly. “I think that covers everything. Oh yes, and I am a self-preserving, opportunistic Slytherin.”  

Harry scratched his forehead thoughtfully before looking across at Neville. Neville was studying the table with unnecessary intensity. “I will marry you, but only if Neville and Snape are going to get married too,” Harry said.  

“What!” Snape shouted, looking slightly panicked.  

Neville grinned before letting his expression change into one of disgust. “Who would want to marry him?” Neville scoffed, shuddering in disgust.  

Harry watched in fascination as Snape flushed angrily. Draco scooted his chair closer to Harry.  

“I’m good enough to fuck but not to marry, huh?” Snape retorted, eyes blazing dangerously.  

“Obviously the room needs to have its magic checked,” Neville responded rubbing his wrists as the bonds holding him to the chair faded, helped along by Harry. Standing, Neville turned and attempted once again to leave. Snape moved faster than a bat out of hell, grabbing Neville by his collar and dragging him into another room. Harry looked at Draco and Draco looked back, and then both burst out laughing helplessly. The sound of wood bouncing off stone sounded shortly after.


“Damn it, you will marry me and be ecstatic about it!”  

“That was a very Slytherin move.” Draco observed shrewdly, standing and dragging Harry by their clasped hands to another side room.  

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” Harry responded mildly.  

“Yeah Yeah…” Draco waved him off and Harry couldn’t help but smile. To think it all started in a toilet.


Harry and Neville snuck out of the castle grounds, staying in the shadows. Disillusionment-spelled and Invisibility Cloaked, they made their way to Voldemort’s camp. Earlier that day the final faceoff had begun. Students had just finished arriving for the new school year when the attacks came in broad daylight.  

Both boys knew a siege when they saw one and had quietly made plans. Voldemort hadn’t appeared, but werewolves, Dementors, Inferii and Death Eaters ran rampant- or they tried to. It was fortunate that Neville had found a way to stop the Dementors and Inferii while temporarily crippling the werewolves. The flower bombs could take out ten Dementors at a time when they exploded, any Inferii nearby were hit with flames that flashed outwardly and the werewolves didn’t stand a chance against the stench with their advanced sense of smell.  

Hogwarts had stood strong and those of Voldemort’s followers who survived had fled. Voldemort himself never appeared. Using his Leglimency skills, Neville discovered the enemy base camp and armed with the sword of Gryffindor he went to destroy Nagini and offer support. Harry had Voldemort.  

Pausing outside the camp, both nodded. Neville looked at the locket around his neck, studying the picture one last time. Snape was holding their daughter, smiling softly into her hazel eyes. Next to him Harry was looking at a similar locket, in which the picture Draco was placing gentle kisses all over their son’s face. Wiping away his tears, Harry gave the signal and Neville was off.

The death of Voldemort was anti-climatic. Nagini died faster than Neville expected. The only Horcrux left was Harry himself. The killing curse was shot by Bellatrix at both Harry and Neville. Harry died smiling, his hand on his locket. Neville ducked and Lucius, who had been making his way over to the two, shot the Killing Curse back at his sister-in-law. The Aurors, Snape and Draco arrived and mayhem descended. Draco screamed something as he saw Harry’s dead body from a distance. But Neville had been told what to do.  

Grabbing Harry, he Apparated just as a streak of lightning erupted from the sky, scorching him just before he disappeared. Rain began to fall, obscuring his vision. Hands shaking, Neville used the appropriate charms and rituals, waiting for a sign. When Harry started to cough, Neville could have cried in relief.  

“He’s gone?” Harry coughed sitting up. Neville nodded before collapsing on the floor.  

“Lucius managed to get half the camp under a sleeping charm. He’s also demanded to meet his grandson at your earliest convenience.” Neville smiled thoughtfully before sobering. “Harry we need to get back to Hogwarts.”  

“Tell me about it.” Harry groaned as he tried to stand. “I feel like my magic has been ripped out of my body and put back in funny.”  

“I think death does that to people.” Neville quipped, wrapping an arm around Harry’s shoulders as they began the trek back to the castle.  

Walking through Hogsmead, Neville realized that it might be wise to set up shop in the Inn. “I think we should send word to the castle and stay here. These burns are killing me.”

Harry nodded in agreement and they organized this. The innkeeper sent word to Hogwarts via owl and tended some of the boys’ minor injuries. Already the news of Voldemort’s defeat had spread and the male innkeeper and the male housekeeper were flustered tending the war heroes.  

“Your services are no longer required.” Snape growled from the doorway. Draco’s look could have frozen hell. The innkeeper and the housekeeper wisely fled leaving the two heroes at their spouses’ mercy.  

Severus and Draco weren’t inclined to talk as they tended the bruises, cuts, scrapes and burns. Neville began to get nervous the longer the silence went on. Harry looked vaguely nauseous as first Snape, then Draco closed their first aid kits, and chairs were conjured.  

“’Sorry’ isn’t going to cut it this time, is it?” Harry asked attempting to sit up in his bed. Neville simply lay in his staring at the ceiling.

“Not a chance.” Draco replied.

“What you did was probably the dumbest thing I have ever encountered in all my years.” Snape commented, his voice dripping with ice and venom. Harry and Neville avoided eye contact. “What were you thinking?”

“They weren’t.” Draco drawled, crossing his legs.

“Did you even think what would have happened if you died?” Snape continued, but Neville interrupted.

“Of course we thought about it!” Neville winced as his muscle protested his sudden increase in activity. “We have wills and trusts all set out for you and the babies. Don’t for a minute think that all angles weren’t thoroughly investigated and thought out.” Neville’s face, by this time was slightly purple, as he collapsed back on the bed.  

Once again, a charged silence fell over the group. Finally Draco spoke standing up and undoing his spell on the chair, chuckling softly, “That makes it even worse; you could talk about it to each other but not to your Bonded.”

“Heaven forbid the Slytherins have any valuable input on something as important as the possible future of the Wizarding world.” Snape commented. As one, the two Slytherins spun on their heels and left, robes billowing behind them.  

“That went well.” Neville grumbled running a hand up and down his face.  

“We expected it to be worse. At least all our bits are still intact.” Harry fell back yawning. “Let’s get some sleep so we can go back to Hogwarts and wage the next battle.”

“Harry, the war is over. Enough with the war analogies,” Neville murmured, letting his mind drift.  

“What would you call it then?” Harry responded, studying the ceiling.  

“Love?” Neville laughed and Harry chuckled in response.  


One week of rest with house elves popping in and out with their children was enough to put both men on high alert.  

“Where the seven hells are those two?” Harry growled throwing on black denims and a green rugby shirt.  

“They are just doing it to make us suffer…” Neville replied, putting on a pair of shoes

“Well, at least they let us see the children.”  

“Don’t forget we had chaperones in the form of house elves,” Neville added standing.  

“Ready Nev?” Harry asked, squaring his shoulders.

“Always,” Neville responded. The two managed to make the normally half- hour walk from the village to Hogwarts in about two hours. Various people and well-wishers wanted to talk to them and ask questions.  

Once they entered the school, they didn’t have a moment’s peace. Meetings with Aurors and various Ministry figures took up the entirety of their day. Neither had a chance to see their spouse and it irritated them both greatly. Finally, the two managed to escape. Heading into the dungeons, they heard someone calling them but ignored it and sprinted to the toilet.  

The two listened as whoever it was stopped at the door.

“Shit!” Harry growled, as the two went into their respective stalls. The sound of humming and graceful footfalls sounded. Harry hoped and prayed that whoever it was wouldn’t enter next to him. When they did Harry could have cried. Putting everything he had into it, he prayed the stall divider would stay whole. Luck was with him because his door opened and Draco walked in.  

Harry sighed in relief, sitting back on what had been a toilet but was now a chair. Draco straddled his lap facing him. “Hello.”  

“I missed you.” Harry breathed, leaning forward and nibbling on a collarbone. 

“As you should.” Draco responded evenly. 

“No, I mean I really missed you.” Harry stopped and looked up at Draco. “Not just the sex but you the person- the person I will spend the rest of my life, arguing, fighting and making up with.”

“You had Longbottom with you.” Draco commented coolly.

“Neville and I are friends. Not lovers, but friends.” Harry thoughtfully added. “Besides, Snape would kill me.”

“I would kill you.” Draco retorted, leaning in for a kiss as Harry grabbed his ass possessively.  

“Duly noted.” Harry breathed as the kiss deepened. The couple paused when they heard the distinct footsteps of Snape entering.  

There was silence for a few minutes and then the unmistakable sound of the stall door rattling on its hinges. “Those two are ridiculous.” Draco shook his head. Harry smiled.

“Wanna see who can last longer?” Harry asked with an irrepressible grin.

“I don’t know,” Draco waffled.

“I got an idea…” Harry grinned almost evilly. “You see how long you can last versus Snape and I will see who can make their spouse scream louder versus Neville.”

“Cocky bastard,” Draco retorted breathlessly as he spelled his clothes off.  

Funnily enough, both couples forgot that they had to be more careful now, and the second children arrived almost a year after the first.  

The End

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