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Stalled (1/2)

Stalled  (1/2)
Author: bgreenwivy
Rating- M
Betas: The lovely nursedarry
Warning: I revised and edited again to make it a better ride overall. I never seem to be fully happy with my work until I have given it some time and gone back over it. Oh also, If you don't like mpreg stop reading after the first set of italics well now that I think about it just stop reading after the first chapter.

Summary: In the dungeons, only a select few know about a very special place. For those that do not know it is simply a restroom, for those that do it is much more.  

Draco sat in one stall in the hidden Dungeon toilet. A little further down, Snape sat in a separate stall. None of the usual toilet activities were in effect, however. This toilet was a well-kept secret from all people who were straight or female. Those who were gay males and more importantly those who wanted sex, could only access this one.

Taking a deep breath, Draco listened as someone entered the stall next to him. The sound of urine hitting the porcelain surface was unusually loud and bumbling footsteps of someone else running to a stall further down started Draco’s pulse racing. Standing, Draco removed his trousers and pants and when the hole appeared in the side of the stall, he stuck himself into it. For agonizing moments, it felt as though nothing would happen. Finally, he sighed dreamily when enveloped in hot suction. Draco splayed himself flat against the wall, trying to get as close to the suction and the glorious tongue working him over.  

Further along, Draco could hear the sounds of keening and choking sobs from someone’s activity. Coming so hard his toes curled, Draco whimpered and fell back against the opposite wall. The hole closed and Draco panted for breath, his arse clenching around air, making him feel needy and desperate even though he had come moments before.  

The normally floor length stall divider slowly rose and a pair of scuffed shoes could be plainly seen. Draco gulped as he whispered a lubrication spell and got onto his knees. Angling backwards, Draco moved until his backside just cleared the divider. The divider lowered again, enclosing Draco in an alarming fashion.  

The brushing of calloused fingertips across his skin caused Draco to wiggle and moan. He jerked slightly as those fingers pulled his arse cheeks apart. A cool breath blew against him causing Draco to shudder as first two than three fingers worked him furiously, directly hitting his prostate at times while at others, just barely brushing it. With the insertion of the fourth finger, Draco almost started in shock gasping at the extra stimulation to his now sensitive rim.  

No longer able to control his movements, Draco cried out as something ripped into him. Driving his knees up Draco tried to encourage the person to go faster, but his partner wasn’t paying attention. The strokes were too slow. The divider left Draco helpless to pick up the pace and his cock was leaking horribly again. The orgasm, when it hit, sent Draco screaming into darkness.

Draco did not notice the fact that he was no longer on his stomach but flat on his back, legs in a “flying v” as he was pounded into once more. When the other person finally came, Draco couldn’t help but tighten around him wanting them to stay. The callused hands rubbed his legs faintly, massaging out the kinks in them.  

The cock was removed and a warm towel used to clean Draco up. The amount of care taken was relaxing and when a salve was applied to keep Draco from being sore, Draco knew he had found someone worth keeping. Sitting up, he used his wand to write a message on his side of the divider.  

“Same time, tomorrow?”


Draco reclaimed his lower half and redressed. He listened and heard the sounds of the person leaving, knowing that the room made sure unless both occupants wished it they would remain anonymous.  

Exiting his stall, Draco looked in the mirror and felt calmer. Smoothing his hair down he glanced down the length of the room and blinked at the energetic way a door was bouncing on its hinges. Snape’s groans at once embarrassed and intrigued Draco.  

“More! Harder!” Snape cried, as whoever was in there with him continued. A deep flush crossed Draco’s face as he noticed Snape’s hands white knuckling the door top. Shocked that his stern Potions Professor/ godfather was a bottom and a particular needy one, Draco beat a hasty retreat.  

Making a speedy exit, Draco tripped as he entered the small powder room that separated the toilet from the hallway, when he heard Snape’s choked off scream. Deep in thought, Draco wondered whom Snape was with before contemplating his own mystery man. Draco never noticed the solitary figure watching him with a hungry expression as he returned to the Slytherin dorms.  

Half an hour later, Neville Longbottom staggered out of the same room and into the alcove where Harry waited contemplatively under his Invisibility Cloak. “Sorry Harry that ran a little longer than usual.” Neville mumbled, slightly embarrassed but happy that he was helping Harry for a change. “It takes the edge off nicely I think.”

“That it does.” Harry agreed as they made their way to the place they had stashed the books needed to continue to perpetrate the lie that they had been studying. “Do you ever wonder who it is?”

“I have an idea but mostly I think that it would be better if there was no certainty.” Neville replied thoughtfully.

“Think about it though. There is a war going on and we could be screwing Voldemort for all we know.” Harry commented.

“Something I have noticed about the room is that it picks our partners.” Neville countered as they retrieved their books and started towards the tower.  

“What do you mean?”  

“I mean that it seems a bit match-makery.” Neville collected his thoughts before continuing. “I have been in there before when three of the stalls were occupied and only one of the three unoccupied stalls would open for me.”

“So you think that the room works like the Room of Requirement and sees what we require sexually then gives it to us?” Harry queried.

“Something like that.” Neville agreed.

“Nice to know there are more gay people in school though.” Harry mused as they approached the portrait.

“Yes, and that there is a safety net for experimentation, as it were.” Neville agreed as they quietly entered the deserted common room. “Where is everyone?”  

“Ravenclaw had a party.” Harry shrugged tiredly.

Noticing Harry’s weary expression Neville inquired, “Nightmares still?” Following Harry as they made their way to their dorm room.

“Yeah, and Occulmency can only help so much.” Harry grumbled thinking about the horrible sessions with Snape concealed as Remedial Potions. “Now though I have an even bigger reason for getting better at it.”

“Sorry, but I thought if you worked out some stress…” Neville petered off. Harry sighed and waved off Neville’s concern.

“That is the most relaxed I have felt in a long time. Thanks for sharing your secret with me.” Harry thanked Neville solemnly but a twinkle sparkled in his eye as he added. “Though knowing who I am screwing incoherent sort of ruins the fun a bit.”

“How do you know who it is?” Neville queried intrigued. “I have been meeting mine for months and I still have no real idea.”  

“You get the same one each time?” Harry asked evenly.

“Well he feels the same.” Neville blushed heatedly. “I know whoever it is has really long hairy legs and likes when I leave marks because he makes these sounds…”

“TMI!” Harry shrieked as he burst out laughing.  

“Besides you can’t see the other person when you are…” Neville broke off thoughtfully. “I guess if I hadn’t put on the mask I would have seen who I was with…”

“I don’t think it works that way either.” Harry shook his head. “I was waiting for you when I saw him leaving and I think the room wanted me to know. The door was not where it was when we entered the room. Sure, we exited close to where it was when we went in, but he came out in plain sight of the alcove where I was.”

“So the room is sentient?” Neville commented, scratching his head and stretching, revealing claw marks from his earlier activities.

“Those are horrible.” Harry winced just looking at the angry red marks decorating Neville’s torso.  

“Neville what the hell happened to you?” Ron called stepping into the room followed closely by the rest of their dorm mates.  

“A wildcat climbed into my bed while I was sleeping.” Neville stuttered and blushed for effect, his mask of nervous and quiet youth slipping firmly into place. Harry tutted softly, recognizing the advantage Neville possessed when facing enemies. Neville wasn’t expected to be a powerful wizard. The training between the two helped make up for it.  

Harry climbed into bed, calling a good night as he closed his curtains. Lying back, Harry contemplated the changes happening. Officially and academically, it was his seventh year when in reality it was his eighth. All the Horcruxes were destroyed but two, himself and Nagini.  

Returning to school at the end of his aborted seventh year was not something Harry looked forward to doing. Ron and Hermione had been relieved that the end was in sight as they saw it. Neither minded the fact that they would have to repeat their seventh year because of the Horcrux search. Harry had been in the process of reevaluating things. Quite by accident one night when Harry was having a particularly gruesome night terror, a presence had soothed him and enticed him to waken.  

Upon waking, Harry had found Neville sitting by his bed with a cool cloth. Placing it on Harry’s forehead, the two had talked for a long while and Harry, for the first time, had seen Neville for who he really was. Neville had grown not just physically, but mentally as well. It took Neville almost eight years of intense study before he had mastered both Occulmency and Leglimency.  

“I can help teach you if you want.” Neville mumbled, swinging his legs back and forth over the edge of the bed.  

“I know why I have to learn it but why did you?” Harry asked tired from the night terrors effect.  

“I sat under a table in my own home watching my parents being Crucioed and mind-raped when I was only three years old.” Neville smiled sadly at him. “I have been studying it since I got my hands on some books for it. Determined to protect myself and those whose secrets I kept.”  

“Teach me.” Harry had sat up and Neville had explained things in a way that Snape never could.

By the time the night was over, Harry had a more solid grounding for Occulmency. He was also making various leaps in understanding. While he could not protect himself from the strongest attacks, he could stall and distract when needed. Finally clearing his mind, Harry drifted into sleep letting his mind wander to his assignation tomorrow.


Severus Snape wondered again, why he continued his meetings in the dungeon bathroom. They always left him feeling unfulfilled emotionally afterwards. Removing his robes and clothes, Severus whimpered as the air hit the marks on his backside. Looking in his room mirror, Snape cast a spell to mask the afterglow. The marks on his neck, however, he kept. Picking up his robes, Severus inhaled the scent of his mystery lover.  

Snape knew that he had been getting the same person since the beginning of term. On the one hand, he was relieved that the room only allowed in those who were of age and on the other hand, he didn’t like the idea of his lover being a student. Already Severus had eliminated the entirety of Slytherin House from his list of possible candidates.  

A Slytherin lover would be a tad more refined. Whoever this was had strength and a certain brusqueness of manner that Severus was intrigued by. Another clue was the gentle way Severus was always prepared. Not by spell, but by hand with a concoction that Severus would swear was made to release the smell of patchouli when heated. The lubricant wasn’t a type of store-bought one either. Severus had finally broken down and went hunting for it after a long shag prior to the Christmas holidays left him feeling particularly desperate for affection.  

Severus couldn’t smell patchouli now without getting as hard as a rock. The return of his lover at New Years had been heavenly in Severus’s mind. He had grabbed his lover and kept his nose buried in his neck as he was fucked repeatedly. Severus looked at his robes thoughtfully spotting a hair. Eyes narrowing Severus plucked it from his robes noting the dark color and slight curl pattern.  

“It would only take a couple of months to make the potion,” Severus mumbled, putting the hair into a small vile and staring at it in thought. Tossing his robe on Severus paced for a while before throwing his hands up and heading to his personal lab. “At least I can ask about that damn lube.”  


Harry and Neville sat beside the greenhouse waiting for their assignation times to grow closer. “You make your own lube?” Harry asked, kicking his feet.

“Yeah I make it with patchouli for scent, soy, water, aloe and some other things, usually.” Neville shrugged. “I actually just ran out so it might be a good idea to use the time to make some more.”

“What can I get?” Harry asked.  

“Whatever you want yours to smell like and collect the soy from where it was when we had class.” Neville remarked, standing. “I will start mixing the base, it only takes an hour or so to make.”

“How is it you can make lube but normal potions give you issues?” Harry commented, wandering off.  

“The pleasure principle- if I got something out of it, or it was useful, I probably could make it.” Neville quipped, heading off to get the base.  

Harry went to the greenhouse and looked around for the soy. Seeing two separate patches of it and not seeing any sign to denote the difference, Harry grabbed the first lot he came to and went in search of something to make the lube more “personal”. He understood Neville’s desire to keep their things separate; scent memory was a very powerful thing.  

“You haven’t gotten the soy yet?” Neville asked evenly coming up behind Harry. .  

“No, I’ve got that.” Harry handed it over and Neville tossed it into the cauldron after giving it a per functionary glance. “I just have no idea how to personalize it, though.”

“All right, close your eyes.” Neville spoke softly and Harry obeyed thoughtfully. “Imagine the person you are with, how they feel to you; you know who they are so it makes it easier in a way. What do they like to eat, what do they smell like?” Neville stopped speaking and sat to continue the lubricant’s base. Diligently, he separated it in half, leaving part in the cauldron for Harry’s use while he mixed his with patchouli and some other medicinal herbs to aid in healing.  

“I got it.” Harry hurried off and Neville just shook his head, bottling his portion. Harry returned with what looked like sandalwood. Sitting down, Harry followed Neville’s precise instructions until he too had a bottle of lubricant/massage oil smelling faintly of sandalwood.  

“It’s time,” Neville remarked and the two set off for their respective assignations.

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