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Rug burn

 Title: Rug burn
Author: bgreenwivy
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1600
Authors Notes: Written for the HP Anonymous Kink Meme it is expanded and revised. 

Summary: Prompt- Harry/Draco. Nonsexual/punishment spanking (dubcon or noncon), forceful, consensual sex afterward. Top! Harry.

“Potter you do realize it’s after curfew and you just lost Gryffindor 20 points.” Draco drawled leaning against the wall. Smirking as he waited for the usual explosion from the Gryffindor hero.

When Harry simply nodded his acceptance and turned away without a word. A vein in Draco’s forehead pulsed; he hated not getting what he wanted. He continued, “I hear the Mudblood and Weasel are together now. So if they have kids do you think it would be better to call them bloody Weasels, Mud Weasels or just a hyphen of Mudblood Weasel?” Draco mentally gave himself points as he watched Harry stiffen before turning around slowly. Draco never saw the spell coming.

Draco came back to himself as the first slap of the paddle hit him squarely on his backside. Draco swore viciously as the sting of the paddle actually brought tears to his eyes. He tried to move away but his motions were limited. Strung up on a rack, his arms spread above his head, legs spread and naked. A wall length mirror hung in front of him and a matching one was behind him. Draco could see Potter’s calm visage and his own reddened backside.

“Potter you bastard!” Draco swore as another hit landed on the underside of his ass cheek. 

“Now Draco, that language is hardly fitting for a pureblood.” Harry mocked, meeting Draco’s eyes in the mirror as he delivered another blow. “In fact I think we should take this time to improve your vocabulary range a bit.”

“Son of a Mudblood!” Draco hissed as Harry let the blows rain freely for a short period. 

“I am the son of a Muggleborn.” Harry spoke pausing and admiring the sheen of sweat forming on Draco’s skin. Placing the paddle on a table Harry studied the other instruments the Room of Requirement had given him. 

“Fine, son of a Muggleborn.” Draco grumbled trying to see if he could get out of his restraints by being agreeable. 

“Look you are halfway towards improving your vocabulary!” Harry applauded, before picking up a short horsehair whip. He knew most of the cuts made would be superficial. Giving a testing crack at the air, he noticed Draco’s horrified expression. “Now if you would just use the name Weasley this would be over much quicker.”

“The Weasel will be weasel until he dies!” Draco replied angrily before he realized that he had just sealed his fate. The first taste of the whip made him scream as a fire erupted on his back. Harry seemed content to continue his random hits along Draco’s back watching for any real signs of distress but applying adequate pressure to make a mark. When he stopped for a moment, Draco broke.

“Weasley calls me a ferret!” Draco complained trying to draw breath as his back still seemed to be on fire. Harry put the whip down and picked an ice cube up out of a bowl filled with whiskey.

“I will work on that later.” Harry spoke evenly applying the ice cube to Draco’s back. Draco moaned as the ice cooled and simultaneously inflamed his back. “I won’t heal the bruising or marks. You are just going to have to live with them and maybe you will think a bit more before you utter such inflammatory words.”

Draco continued to grumble as Harry released him from his bonds. He stumbled forward. Draco would have gone face first in the mirror if Harry had not grabbed him. Draco pushed back against Harry and was surprised to feel his arousal. Harry jumped back releasing him but Draco followed. 

“Now Potter, is that for me?” Draco drawled enjoying Harry’s slightly panicked expression. Draco approached Harry wincing slightly at the burn and sting from his backside. 

“Your clothes are just there.” Harry pointed trying and failing to look calm. 

“Oh no I want my reward.” Draco smirked pointing at Harry’s crotch. “I earned it after all.”
Harry was almost purple with embarrassment and Draco couldn’t help himself. He just had to needle him a little more. “If I am man enough to take my beating then you should be man enough to admit what you what.”

Draco felt unnaturally smug at having Potter gaping at him as he bent to pick up his clothes. The clothes fell back on the floor when he felt a hands grabbing him and forcing him to his knees. Harry erection stood out sharply from a nest of black curls.

“Wet it well it is the only lube you are going to get.” Harry growled looking mildly demonic. Draco shrugged slightly before he began to give the sloppiest, blowjob he could manage. He hadn’t been doing it for long before he felt Harry’s grasp on his head shift. Before he knew what was happening Harry had manipulated his head just so and his cock hit the back of Draco’s throat. The back of Draco’s head connected with the mirror as Harry slid out. 

The cool glass of the mirror soothed his back as Draco was forced to exhale sharply through his nose. Tears threatened to spill from his eyes as Harry’s cock continually met his throat. Draco stopped trying for control and relaxed into the rhythm of Harry’s incessant fucking of his face. 

When Harry pulled away, Draco whimpered at the lost. Harry pulled Draco to his feet by his hair. A chair appeared where the rack had been and Harry sat down, dragging Draco with him. Draco’s back protested the movements as one of his legs was slung over the arm of the chair.

“I’m not a damn contortionist.” Draco complained but Harry merely began his slow slide into Draco’s warm hole. “Shit!” Draco swore grabbing the back of the chair and bearing down slightly as Harry’s cock persisted in its invasion of his body. 

“Hold on!” Harry groaned as he grabbed Draco’s thoroughly bruised ass cheeks and began to ram in. Draco whimpered as Harry manhandled his stinging while a hot rod pushed further up his rectum.  

“For the love of all…” Draco groaned feeling his body responding to Harry’s assault on his prostate. Harry tipped them out of the chair causing Draco’s back to encounter the floor, the carpet scratching. “Why the hell are we on the floor?” Draco gasped planting his feet and lifting his hips off the ground. 

“So I can do this.” Harry replied folding almost in half to swallow Draco’s erection while he continued to stroke in and out of his body shallowly.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Draco gasped losing coherency in favor of oddly guttural noises until finally his vision blurred and he came down the willing throat of Harry who sat up. 

Flipping Draco onto his stomach Harry began to slam into Draco with renewed fervor. Draco floated as he listened to Harry sweat and pound over him. Draco belatedly realized that he was going to have an awful case of rug burn on his chin and chest before a surprising thing happened. Draco hadn’t been hard but somehow he felt the tickling of another orgasm. The sensation washed over him as he felt Harry shoot his come deep inside his body. 

“Well I didn’t expect that to happen.” Harry sighed pulling out of Draco and sitting back on his heels.

Draco looked like he had been thoroughly debauched. He was on his stomach spread eagle with cum leaking out of him. His ass was red hot from his earlier paddling; light whelps decorated his back, while his hair was mussed beyond help. Draco’s lips were red and swollen and Harry could just make out the bit of drool beginning to leak out. Draco had his eyes closed and was breathing deeply.

“Draco are you going to sleep?” Harry asked amused but got no answer. Thinking hard Harry managed to get a bed to appear. Picking up the almost puddle like Draco and placing him on top of the mattress Harry sighed. “I thought the front of you was bad.” Harry noticed the rug burn and winced knowing that no spell would get rid of that level of rug burn.

The next morning found Harry rudely awakened by a screaming banshee named Draco Malfoy, who had thrown him out of bed. Harry cautiously looked over the edge of the bed. Draco met his eyes with an icy glare. 

“Potter I hope you realize that this is war!” Draco demanded pointing at his poor chin, with the rug burn on it. Harry looked at him wide eyed as Draco stiffly put on his clothes and attempted to exit the room regally. The affect marred spectacularly by the fact that Draco was limping slightly, his hair was still a mess, and the fact that Draco was holding his shirt away from his chest.

Harry could not help but laugh as the door closed. Standing Harry stretched before he picked up his wand and Draco’s. “I wonder when he will realize he forgot it.”
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