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Andropotterist Exchange Entry
Two Streaks and a Black Stilletto
By: Bgreenwivy
Beta: Darry (Special thanks for your encouragement and awesome beta skills.)
Written for: lily_phoenix731
Characters and/or ships I like: Voldemort/Harry (not romantic), Lucius/Harry (not romantic), Dumbledore/Grindelwald, Fenrir/Remus (not romantic), Fenrir/Harry (not romantic)
Situations or scenarios I like: Non-con, BDSM, slash, male crossdressing

Warnings:  Noncon and all the scenerios she likes....

Lucius tied his long white blonde hair into a ponytail and gently dabbed at the perspiration on his forehead. The spreader-bared figure in front of him gave a quiet whimper before more broken sobs escaped around the open mouth gag. Semen from Lucius’s earlier activities pooled out and dribbled down the chin of his victim.  

Smiling almost pleasantly at his cruel behavior Lucius engaged in a bit of introspection stemming from his selection of this particular female out of the gangs of others on the street. A petite hourglass figure, in black denim mini skirt and a tight fitting shirt wasn’t enough to engage his interest. Even the fact that she wore his favorite type of footwear, black stilettos was enough, but her uncanny resemblance to the bane of his existence, Harry Potter, had more than made up for all other shortcomings.

Apparating behind her and stunning her had been quick and effortless on his part. Upon her forceful awakening, her green eyes glowed with anger initially and finally with despair as he had fucked her cruelly. He shuddered at the thought of doing it again. Even now, she bled through the panties that had protected her innocence and still Lucius was ravenous.

The gag had forced her mouth into an impossible width. Lucius had taken particular joy in grabbing handfuls of her black locks and gagging her repeatedly with his organ. Coming deep in her throat, forcing her to take it straight into her belly, Lucius had given her a pat on the head and removed her top.  

Her breasts were small, her bra had been padded. Lucius smacked her around for this infraction before he began to drip poison into her ear. Lies about ways to gain her freedom, how much she would enjoy what he did next and finally promises of the things he could give her. “Be a good girl and you might live the night,” Lucius had whispered as he dragged the girl across the room by her hair. Slamming her face first into the wall Lucius smiled at her noisy scream.

The sick crunch of her nose breaking was music to his ears. He released her hair and watched, intoxicated by the blood that decorated the wall as she slid down it to her knees. The spreader bar made it awkward, the black heels slipping clumsily for balance  

Bending her neck back, Lucius looked down at her destroyed face. The black eye shadow that gave the green eyes surprising depth served only to highlight the bruises his punches had created, the eyes themselves reddened by tears, the cheeks once defined by bronzer now highlighted in blood. Mouth still held wide expelling vomit, saliva, semen and blood in equal measures.  

Lucius thought she was not fit for anything but death now. Her skirt protected her womanhood the way it never protected her ass. Feeling generous, Lucius walks over to the place where he had discarded his robes. His wand, feeling like an instrument, death, redemption and torture are all his to wield. Flicking it idly, Lucius performed cleaning spell upon cleaning spell and various healing spells in quick succession. They removed fluids, stains, tears and fixed make-up as invasively as possible, making sure the woman felt each brush and tingle of magic as it scrubbed her.  

“Draco, come in I have a present for you,” Lucius drawled, smiling coolly as his progeny entered the room. Draco stopped at the sight of the brunette still facing the wall on her knees. The blood trail following her descent on the wall still decorated it, the otherwise sterile grey surface, in a grotesque parody of peace and harmony.

“Pretend this girl is Harry Potter. Do to her what you would do to him. I know your secrets; I don’t know how you thought you could keep from me that you are gay but maybe now this fascination with the Boy Who Lived will end.” Lucius gave his robes one final tuck before sweeping out of the room.  

Draco stood awkwardly staring at the figure’s back. She had not moved and Draco could not breathe. He knew a crime had occurred and yet the only evidence was so blatantly obvious that he could not force his mind to credit it for reality. Walking to stand over her, he turned her around to view eyes burning with hatred and at the same time acceptance.  

“I can’t believe this is what it has all come down to,” Draco murmured picking up a strand of black hair and fingering it. Studying the woman, Draco felt an itch in the back of his head. Staring into her eyes, Draco felt something push and then rifle through his mind. Draco tried to force the presence out but it was strong, pushing one image forward. “Harry Potter…” Draco stared hard at the woman on the ground in front of him.  

The woman nodded and stared at him with daring. Draco took a deep breath, stalked over to one of the wingback chairs in the room and sat down. Pouring a firewhiskey Draco downed it and refilled it again. A scrambling noise captured his attention and he watched as Potter duck walked over to him, his movement hampered by the spreader bar that kept his feet from closing. Draco watched Potter’s painful trek towards him.  

When Potter was close, Draco grabbed his hair, abruptly bringing him to his knees. Tipping his head back, Draco took the bottle of firewhiskey and began to pour it bit by bit into the wide orifice Potter presented. After letting him consume a finger or two of whiskey, Draco replaced the bottle and sighed.  

“I will try to get you out of here but I will make no promises.” Potter nodded in acknowledgement as Draco continued. “Probably have to do more than try if I want to get out of this mess.” Draco’s gaze suddenly sharpened changing from what had been thoughtfulness and worry to shrewdness. Potter gulped as much as he was able.  

“You do realize though that I want what is under your skirt…” Draco trailed off smiling evenly. Potter nodded leaning forward. “I also demand that you will dress like a woman and service me on a regular basis.” Potter nodded again. Draco moved around behind Potter smiling at the image he made, pert backside in the air as Draco lifted, what he considered, an obscenely short skirt to reveal white cotton panties.  

Draco groaned slightly pushing them to the side in his hunger for what lay beneath. Licking at the bruised looking rosette, Draco smirked at the shudder that went through Potter’s body. The shriek that came out of Potter’s mouth when Draco bit his bottom made Draco laugh aloud in amusement. Potter glared sharply over his shoulder and Draco stood.  

“Try not to let my father kill you before I think of something.” Draco remarked as he left Harry alone. Five minutes later the door reopened revealing a whip-wielding Lucius and the ferocious visage of Fenrir Greyback.  

“Looks like Draco has abandoned her already.” Lucius sighed cracking the whip experimentally. - Fenrir smiled dangerously, drool coming from his mouth.  

Claws scrambled across tan flesh and ripped open newly healed wounds. Greyback laughed and laughed as he lay on his back slamming into Harry’s ripping body. Harry tried to fight him off as best he could only to have his arms leashed to the wall and held over his head. Greyback continued to pound into Harry using Harry’s body weight to force him all the way down.  

Harry screamed as Lucius cracked the whip against the tender flesh of his back. If nothing else, it gave him something to concentrate on besides the horrendous tearing going on deep inside his body. As his flesh shredded, Fenrir licked at the blood occasionally stopping to smile fiendishly into pain-ladled green eyes.  

As Harry faded in and out of consciousness, he became aware of hotness burning inside him again. Fenrir threw him across the room releasing the chains on his wrists. Harry curled in around himself unable to keep the defensive reaction at bay. Lucius laughed as he and Fenrir left the room. Shooting another round of cleaning spell and healing spells, Lucius restored Harry’s appearance but now the streak on the wall had a matching line drawn by the whip as Lucius dragged its bloodied length on the ground.  

Draco returned shortly with a portkey and a potion. Harry lay on his side shaking helpless and twitching from the effect of being too clean, Draco stared at the newest bloodstain on the floor before acting. Quickly undoing the various restraints and removing the gag. Struggling to close his mouth, Harry shuddered repeatedly from the spells effectiveness. His magical sensitivity heightened to almost unbearable levels.  

“Drink the potion, take the port key and save the world, Potter, or what just happened here will be the least of your worries,” Draco murmured trying not to be repulsed by the scenes his imagination played behind his eyelids every time he blinked.  

The potion took its effects slowly and gradually the female Harry took form into the male. Draco blinked at the now ridiculously appealing form of the male Harry in the female Harry’s skirt. “Well, on the bright side you aren’t gay if you liked me as a girl.” Harry rasped his vocal chords strained.

“No, the sight of you in ruined makeup and the skirt with your cock hanging out is making me reevaluate the necessity of letting you go…” Draco babbled slightly taken aback by how appealing the thought was. As the portkey hooked him by the navel, Harry grabbed a handful of hair.  

Lucius returned to his self-appointed den of inequity to find the only remnants of his activities were two streaks and a black stiletto.


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Yeah! I got the kinks *happy dance*. I am glad you enjoyed it.

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