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Firebolt 4
 “Draco I have something I want you to wear.” Harry called slipping into Draco’s room and sitting on his bed while Draco was still in the shower.

“What?” Draco asked squeezing the last of the water out of his long blonde hair as he entered the room, naked and dripping wet.

“Put a towel on, will you?” Harry griped putting a hand up to shield his eyes, even though his fingers were spread so he could look.

“What is the fun in that?” Draco retorted, running a hand down his chest before settling it on his hardness. “I assume you bought something for me to put on, so why should I be wearing anything at all?”

“True.” Harry sighed before he smiled evilly. “Put this blindfold on and I will dress you.”  

“What am I going to be wearing first?” Draco questioned taking the blindfold.

“A maid’s outfit with some adjustments to accommodate you...” Harry stopped speaking suddenly and cocked his head. “Let’s call this a trust exercise.”

“Fine but I get to pick out your clothes for the next month. Your eye for color is horrible.” Draco wheedled putting on the blindfold.

Draco had held utterly still as Harry picked up his towel and  ran his hands over Draco’s body. The towel only slightly muffling the sensation, Draco’s arousal became hard and throbbing. When Harry was finished drying Draco, he pressed his body to Draco’s back and ran his hands down his sides.  

“You have no idea what you do to me.” Harry murmured into Draco’s ear rubbing himself slowly against Draco’s back. “This is going to be our secret. Lubricio.” Draco shivered as he felt the cool lube in his body. “You wanted to know about ass play so I will give you a taste after you are dressed.”

Stepping back Harry listened to Draco’s whimper and smiled. Draco settled down while Harry began to dress him. Starting with the top of the outfit, a white satin top with ribbons that tied on the two black wide straps he adjusted it here and there to make sure it fit well, with the added benefit of salacious touching. Next Harry turned, picking up the mini two layer petticoat with a black overlay and white underneath.  

Skimming his hands over the sides of Draco’s body Harry began to lick and suck on Draco’s exposed hipbone. Leaving a mark he placed a similar one on the other side, while his hands caress Draco’s quivering thighs. Harry ignored Draco’s obvious arousal in favor of having him step into the skirt and slid it up his legs.  

Draco moaned when he felt the material covering him. “Harry please…”

“In a moment,” Harry stalled trying to bring himself under control fingering the last part of the outfit, a black rigid boned corset that would fit snuggly under bust. Separating the closure he temporarily released one end, tucking his chin into Draco’s shoulder he pulled the corset around and began the erotic act of tying it. Draco groaned as he felt it constrict his waist and inadvertently straighten his already perfect posture. Harry gave another tug before tying it off and stepping back.  

“Harry?” Draco questioned.

“Bend over the footstool.” Harry breathed removing the blindfold. Draco complied; feeling out what movements the corset would and would not allow him to do. Sinking slowly to his knees Draco crawled to the ottoman and slid over the top.  

“Wearing this thing is like bondage without the cuffs.” Draco groaned as he felt his weight settle and the corset being magically tightened. Draco analyzed his outfit from a mirror Harry had conjured; this only temporarily captured his attention and approval. “Wait why are there so many mirrors?”  

“I want you to be able to see from all angles what is happening to you?” Harry responded as he finished enclosing them in a room of mirrors with a slight space left open so Harry could reach through for his tools.

“So you can admire my good looks from all angles.” Draco drawled excited by the prospect but determined not to show it. He yelped when Harry landed a stinging blow on his backside. 

“Now no mouthing off. This is supposed to be fun but if you want me to turn dark on you, feel free to continue.” Harry spoke sweetly but Draco noticed the look in his eyes and decided not to push it.  Instead, he nodded his acceptance and adjusted himself on the cushion so he was not being jabbed in an uncomfortable way. “Let me just transfigure the floor into a soft cushion and we can start.”

“Fucking usually doesn’t require this much work.” Draco grumbled, humping the velvet ottoman slightly to relieve some of the pressure. The delicious feeling sent a thrill up his spine so he repeated the gesture. Grinding his hips into the ottoman, Draco failed to notice Harry’s mumbled spell.  

When the first bead popped in Draco completely missed it. When the second slightly larger one followed all his movements stopped. As the beads continued to enter him, Draco blinked wildly. “This will be interesting.” Harry murmured chuckling at Draco’s obvious disquiet. “Throughout the day the beads on this wand will do interesting things. You are not to touch them or you will be punished. Enjoy class.” Harry kissed Draco on the back of the neck and left him still leaning over the ottoman.

“That bastard.” Draco grumbled sitting up. Catching sight of himself in the mirrors, Draco stopped. The wand’s tail was a line of leather straps hanging down. Draco itched to tie the trailers into a bow or something but knew better than to disobey. “Getting me all hot and bothered, then leaving me...” Draco grumbled furiously standing.  He was determined to wank before he went to class at least. As the balls began to vibrate Draco staggered and moaned. “This cannot be good.”  

Harry had spelled the wand so it would interfere not with Draco’s ability to sit.  Draco charmed his maid outfit to seem like a regular uniform. Draco could not hide the way he walked though. He sashayed down hallways with a grace that none could remember him having. Occasionally though, a blush would creep across his face and he would lean against a wall for the time it took to make it go away. Usually it happened when the balls had expanded, and vibrated wildly.  

Almost the entire day passed with only mild problems.  Everything came to a head in Draco’s final class for the day, Potions. Draco was slicing ingredients when the wand began to fuck him. Draco dropped the knife and grabbed the desk. His eyes watered lightly as the wand twisted and turned. Then the vibrations started and Draco just avoided, screaming by biting his arm.  

Harry had simply sat next to him and continued making their potion. Occasionally, he would slide his hands across Draco’s arousal and squeeze. Draco soon was almost incoherent as he felt an orgasm being ripped from his body and tears falling. Harry simply placed a notice me not and silencing charm on Draco and continued working.  

“What you do to me.” Draco gasped sliding from his chair to sit on the floor. “I want it out. I can’t take it anymore.”

“You are fine. It is almost over.” Harry soothed stirring the potion with one hand, while the other reached down and petted Draco’s hair.

“That is my sixth orgasm today.” Draco responded his bottom lip sticking out petulantly. “I want it out now; your point has been made. Ass play is more than cock and fingers.”

“There are only five minutes til class is over and I will remove it then.” Harry spoke quietly as he finished stirring the potion and looked down at his lover.  

“No it comes out now.” Draco spoke determined to get his way. Reached around and tugged on the trailers. A dangerous glint in narrowed green eyes stopped him.  

“Did you just touch my wand?” Harry asked quietly.

“No.” Draco lied, realizing that he had just stepped on a crack in thin ice.

“Lying and touching something that doesn’t belong to you carries a hefty punishment.” Harry spoke calmly, smiling pleasantly at the stuttering blonde.

“What do you mean punishment?” Draco glared at Harry trying not to show how afraid he was.  

“Class is over Pet.” Harry stood cleaning up their potion, handing the completed potion vial to Draco, Harry let his fingers slide over Draco’s fondly. “Tonight you are mine. Today was just fun and games but tonight…” Harry smiled as he trailed off the rest of his sentence.  

Draco watched him walk out of the classroom. Standing Draco attempted to put on his normal mask of indifference. Striding confidently to Snape with the potion in hand the first tremors of the wand, briefly threw off his stride. The wand had been inactive after his last orgasm but now began to operate with renewed vigor.  

Draco was visibly shaking as he handed the potion over. “What is the matter with you Draco?” Snape asked his eyes narrowing slightly.

A particularly hard thrust from the wand prompted Draco to shout, “POTTER!”

Well that is it for now. FYI the next chapter is the last one. Review and tell me what you think…

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OMFG!!! o.O


Anyway...that was incredibly hot!!! *fans self*

Soooo can't wait for more!!! Even if it means the end.

I think Draco enjoyed that more than he is willing to admit. Hee!


I want a Draco of my own to play with!

Sooo can't wait to see what happens next?


uhmmm there is the next one up. It is in the firebolt tags.

Thanks for the review.

yea i found it after i reviewed. sorry! but u really r a great auther i am amazed at ur writing skills!

So good. please hurry and put us out of the misery of waiting.

thank you for posting the link for the next chapter.

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