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Marriage of Hard Work and Genius Chapter 6

Title: Marriage of Hard Work and Genius

Author Notes: There is some M rated content towards the end. Review if you like. I was proud that I got this out earlier but I may have hiccuped while editing so if you see a place I messed up let me know as always.

To start from the beginning


When Gai's clone arrived at the ANBU medic room, one of the medics was standing outside the doorway holding a tissue to his nose, which was bleeding, "Ah, Gai-san," and obviously broken, as was shown through the way he was speaking, "you're here!" he seemed relieved, just then the second medic walked up with the Hokage in tow, obviously having some how managed to convince her to come down stairs despite the work she needed to finish (or maybe that was how he got her).

Sakura, who Tsunade had brought along to tend to the medic who'd exerted himself dealing with Hiro, went up to the man, who knelt for her to examine him. "Gai-san," the second medic seemed surprised to see him, "What are you doing here?" he wondered if perhaps they'd let Kakashi go home too soon, and Gai was here to ask why. "Is everything alright?" he asked, before quickly turning to Tsunade, "Hokage-sama, please don't enter the room just yet, we are waiting on a light. If we enter the shadows he may be subject to lash out at us, as he seems to believe he is under attack."

"Oh for fuck's sake." Gai's clone sighed.

"It will be fine." Walking in the room Gai yelled. "Get your shit together." Slamming the door behind him, Gai leaned against it and waited for Hiro to approach him. "I think it may be time for you to hang ANBU up for awhile. We are getting too damn old for this mess."

Shifting to sit cross legged. Gai kept himself still and waited for whatever Hiro wanted to do.

When Hiro, from his safety in the shadows, saw the door open he quickly retreated into the shadows. Safe from sight he was surprised to hear Gai. Raising his hands he covered his face and breathed deep, trying desperately to calm himself. He felt strangely... violent.

At Gai's suggestion, however, Hiro slipped out of the shadows, and hesitantly sat down in front of the other man, drawing his legs up he folded his arms across his knees and rested his forehead against his forearm. He realized, now, that he had acted rashly, could see now where he was.

Gai was right. "I'm sorry, Gai." he half-whispered. He didn't have to explain himself to Gai, he knew Gai would, though none other would, understand. He knew Gai knew why he felt he needed to be in ANBU, knew Gai knew this was the only place he'd ever actually been happy.

"I didn't realize," Hiro whispered squeezing his eyes shut, to keep himself from crying, because really that'd just be too embarrassing, "I was home." he knew that would sound strange, for how many enemy nin kept a well stocked med room to torture people in?

Hiro laughed breathlessly after a moment, obviously forcing it, before he looked up at Gai, and offered a weak smile, "I think I'm losing my mind." he said softly, though he knew there were many who would argue that he'd lost his mind a long time ago.

"Cue temporarily hanging it up to put things in perspective." Gai sighed rubbing his forehead. "You only really have to worry about your sanity when you stop questioning it." Smiling at Hiro lightly, Gai remembered who had been outside and shook his head.

"The medic went to get the Hokage because you were a bit much." Gai sighed. "My suggestion is being polite and putting in a request to be put on the reserves. You do have other talents you can look into. Be a teacher. You can torture people and it is called teaching them a skill. Only downside is you can't kill them."

Hiro smiled slightly at Gai's suggestion. Gai was right, he would enjoy being a teacher... as long as he got an older cell, he wouldn't be able to handle anyone considered a genius, let alone teach them anything. "I miss Sarutobi-sama." Hiro suddenly said, looking away to conceal the flush that had risen to his cheeks. "Tsunade-sama is good, but... she makes me uncomfortable." Hiro admitted awkwardly running a hand over his hair.

After a moment he turned back to Gai, looking slightly despondent, "I'm sorry. I realize you probably wanted to see Kakashi, but you had to come down here for this." Hiro hesitantly, almost nervously rose to his feet, casting a glance to the broken mask laying on the floor.

"I suppose," he said, "It is time for me to... let this go. All of it." he quickly added the last part, as if to indicate that he was finally willing to allow himself to let go of something he'd never had.

Hiro quickly pulled his emotions back, rubbing his eyes he shook his head slightly, "Heh, guess it's time I grew up too." he said flatly, as if he doubted such an idea.

"Woman do that to you." Gai came to the realization with a slight margin of insight. Blinking slightly at the thought to examine it more later he put it away. "I miss Sarutobi- sama too but Tsunade-sama is who we got so..." With a shrug Gai made a helpless gesture.

At Hiro's Kakashi comment Gai rolled his eyes heavenward. "Kakashi will have one foot in the grave before he admits he needs me for anything." Shifting up to his feet Gai stood grinning at Hiro. "Growing up isn't always a bad thing. It can just be very annoying at times. Don't grow up too much though."

"Well, that may be the case today." Hiro said frowning thinking of how Kakashi had used too much chakra, too fast. Hiro seemed to come to a realization suddenly, "How did we get here?" Hiro questioned folding his arms over his chest, "I don't remember anything past..." Hiro frowned tilting his head slightly, "Uh, fighting. I guess I got knocked out." he said furrowing his brow.

"Ah, I suppose it doesn't matter." Hiro said shrugging, looking at Gai for a moment he smiled awkwardly, "Guess it's time to hand in my mask." he said sighing, knowing full well that after this he'd likely be forced to retire anyway.

"A friendly picked you both up. The friendly, otherwise known as Demon followed you both out and neither of you noticed ." Gai gave Hiro a pointed look that made the other flinch slightly in embarrassment. "Considering the mask is busted I imagine that they will paste it together and retire it. Do you need me to get you anything?"

Hiro slowly, hesitantly bent down and picked the mask, and pieces up from the floor, looking at it he frowned. Without getting up in the morning and having this mask to hide behind, what was he to do now? "I suppose they will." he said quietly accepting Gai statement about him following with another wince. If he and Kakashi had been still able both would have noticed Demon.

Without having a mask to live behind Hiro wondered if he would be able to stand living with himself? Hiro looked up at Gai and blinked several times, "Uh, no. I'll be fine Gai." He wouldn't be fine, but he couldn't admit that. "Just... go home," Hiro laughed, "To your wife. I need to... do this." he said quietly, as he looked up at the door, and frowned. Hesitantly opening the door, Hiro turned toward Gai, and stared at him for a moment, before smiling at him, walking out of the room he bowed to Tsunade quickly, before asking her in a half whisper if he could talk to her alone.

With a sigh the clone dispelled and wondered how out of it Hiro had to be not to realize the Gai he had been speaking to was a clone.

Line Break

Kakashi scowled, climbing into bed he laid on his back, under the warm blankets, and stared blankly at the ceiling. He should eat the snack, he should. But he didn't care about what he should do. He didn't care about what was right, and what was wrong.

And he certainly didn't care that he had Obito's eye open, along with his own.

Kakashi was surprised to realize that he was longing for Gai. He didn't know why, but he just felt... strange, and thought that perhaps Gai could fix that. Unsure he decided the best thing to do was ignore the feeling, along with everything else he was feeling, which was a shockingly wide array of emotions, and he just couldn't understand why.

Meanwhile, Gai was doing laundry and puttering around the house cleaning. He hadn't really done more than get Kakashi some water and a light snack that he put on the nightstand before continuing other tasks. Gai began the task of cleaning Kakashi's armor with vigor. Scrubbing hard to get out stains and keep them from setting. Gai's own armor had only secondary stains and didn't take Gai got the rush of information about Hiro from his clone, he nodded thoughtfully. Resolving to make a quick stop at the flower shop later on. Gai figured it would be a nice gesture to send a flower of some sort. Sending a bouquet of white Daffodils and Iris, Gai would drop the bouquet off on his way home from training the next day.

Walking into his bedroom when all his menial tasks were completed Gai took a moment to study Kakashi. Gai lay down on top of the covers. Not feeling the need to speak for the moment he let Kakashi be. Lifting his hand he traced the bridge of Kakashi's nose lightly.

Kakashi didn't move when Gai entered the room, and when he got in bed Kakashi didn't even look at him. The house didn't seem so cold to him now that Gai was next to him, he realized. When Gai traced the bridge of his nose, Kakashi closed his eyes, sighing tiredly.

He couldn't speak he realized, as a wave of sadness washed over him, accompanied by an after thought of just how useless he'd been today. Absently he wondered if Hiro was okay, he opened his mouth to ask, but the words that came out weren't at all what he'd intended; "I'm so useless."

He was whispering, he realized, suddenly wishing he'd put his mask back on so that Gai wouldn't have been able to understand him, "I almost got him killed." just like everyone else that depended on him, "I wasn't paying attention. I should have seen that trap."

"Hhhmmm." Gai tilted his head lightly not in the slightest bit interested in contradicting Kakashi. "At some point in life everyone has a useless moment. Hiro is fine. He didn't react well to waking up in a different setting. Both of you need some remedial training and to get back to ANBU level fitness. For all you both live for it neither of you have been training the way you need to."

"You made it home. You live, you learn and you don't fall for the same set up again." Shrugging Gai decided to let Kakashi have his moment. Kissing the other man on the cheek, Gai snuggled up to Kakashi. He waited to be pushed away not exactly sure how Kakashi would take his touch.

"Stop it." Kakashi hissed, his voice barely audible, shifting, painfully onto his side, facing the wall. He wouldn't, couldn't touch Gai right now he realized. If he did it would be for all of the wrong reasons, and he didn't want to do that, not to Gai. But still, he hadn't pushed him away.

Gai was right, though Kakashi wouldn't admit it to him. But part of him, the part that had never quite liked Hiro, was asking why Hiro, who claimed to be so good with Genjutsu, hadn't noticed it? The same part, he realized, that had always felt a twinge of jealousy (that he would never admit to) at seeing how easily Gai and Hiro had gotten along.

Kakashi raised a hand to pull the blankets closer, covering his face with them, he let out a shaky breath. As far as he could tell, Kakashi thought, Hiro hadn't had a useless moment. "I didn't." Kakashi finally said after a moment, "I didn't make it home."

"You are here now. So you made it home." Gai responded into the back of Kakashi's head not in the least bit bothered by Kakashi's attitude.

Gai just let himself hold Kakashi loosely. Yawning slightly, Gai felt sleep starting to tug at him. Fighting it Gai hoped it would be over soon. Then realizing he wasn't going to be awake much longer, Gai settled down meditatively.

Setting his internal clock to a time early in the morning and suitable to him getting a lot of things done. Settling into silence Gai felt some tension still in Kakashi's body.

"Is there something you want to talk about koi?"

Gai didn't seem to understand what he meant, and Kakashi decided it was best that way. Talk? He wasn't sure he could, even if he wanted to. Gai didn't know him anymore, Kakashi realized. Or maybe he didn't know Gai anymore. "I wouldn't know," Kakashi whispered against the blanket, hunching his shoulders slightly, as he drew his legs up to his stomach, "What to say."

Or where to start, he realized. Kakashi could tell Gai was falling asleep, and he wondered if it was normal to feel so...betrayed over it? He'd never felt this way before, and honestly he couldn't understand why he felt this way now.

Pushing the blanket away slowly Kakashi shifted further toward the edge of the bed, sitting up he put his hands on his knees and looked at the floor. Now that he was sitting up he felt dizzy. Dizzy and tired.

When Kakashi sat up, Gai woke up more. Shifting himself up, Gai rubbed Kakashi's back slowly. "Say what you want to say." Gai slowly hit the different points on Kakashi's back to relieve pressure. "I know that I am happy to have you home." Shifting just so Gai wrapped his arms around Kakashi and kissed him on the back of his neck. Nuzzling him briefly, Gai sat down beside Kakashi and looked at him.

Kakashi sat silently, tense and feeling awkwardly exposed without his mask. He felt so strange, and Gai's calm, comforting words, were only making things worse. "Gai," Kakashi said softly, leaning against the other man, resting his head on Gai's shoulder he realized his breathing was becoming slightly labored, "I feel..." Kakashi raised a hand to place it on his chest, closing his eyes again he tried to think of the right choice of words.

But they wouldn't come. "So bad." Kakashi finally said, not entirely sure what he meant. He was sure Gai wouldn't either, but it didn't matter. Kakashi sighed heavily, his voice coming out thin, and breaking slightly, "Just go to bed Gai." Sitting up straight, slightly embarrassed to have let his guard down so much in front of Gai, Kakashi looked away.

"Only if you go to bed with me." Gai responded stubbornly. Though he was more weary than he had ever been in a long time, he had no intention of letting Kakashi off the hook that easily. "I know you aren't use to sharing your thoughts but you have to get it out sometime."

Kakashi scowled, turning toward Gai after a slight hesitation, "Not really." he said softly, trying, and nearly succeeding in pushing his feelings down. Shaking his head slightly he reached out and patted Gai's arm lightly, "Fine." he mumbled.

Without thinking Kakashi leaned forward and lightly kissed Gai, something he hadn't done before without Gai first kissing him. Flushing slightly, a little embarrassed, Kakashi looked down at the bed, "Sleep." he said softly.

Hopping under the covers Gai made sure to leave room for Kakashi. Patting the bed next to him, Gai pulled the covers up to his chin. Waiting patiently for Kakashi to join him. Gai tried to hide the fact that he was blushing hotly from the kiss, Kakashi had initiated. Trying to will the rush of arousal from his veins Gai hoped Kakashi didn't notice.

Kakashi hesitated before slipping under the blanket beside Gai, and almost nervously wrapping an arm around the other man. He felt strange. Sort of warm, and sort of fuzzy. Was he supposed to feel this way, he wondered. Was this how Gai felt? Did normal people feel this way?

He couldn't ask Gai, because that would seem strange. And besides that he didn't want to talk about it anyway. Kakashi closed his eyes, and leaned into Gai's warmth. It was nice against the chill Kakashi knew was only in his skin, and he realized that he actually did sort of want to talk to Gai. Maybe, he mused, he could talk to him tomorrow.

Kissing Kakashi on the forehead, Gai snuggled down and was soon snoring lightly away. During the night he was pretty sure he turned Kakashi into a teddy bear because he remembered waking up with a face full of hair. At that point he remembered pulling slightly away from the tickling tendrils.

When Gai next woke up he was face down and strangely content. Looking over at Kakashi, Gai blinked slowly. For the first time in a long time, Gai had a lazy moment and lounged in bed gathering his thoughts. A staunch morning person Gai had made a big to do list already by the time he deemed it time to get moving. Even then Gai stayed in bed to watch Kakashi. Coupled with the fact he had an erection that wouldn't go down, Gai figured taking care of that would be a good idea. Grinding his erection down into the mattress Gai sighed happily as some of his tension drained away.

Sleep wasn't something that came easily to Kakashi after a mission where he'd really messed up (or an ANBU mission in general), so when he laid down with Gai he hadn't expected to get any real sleep. Gai fell asleep quickly, and Kakashi listened to his slight snoring, used to it by now, before he himself finally drifted off to sleep.

He slept on through the night until it neared morning, though he awoke, he didn't make any move to get up, not even bothering to shift in his place. Keeping his eyes closed Kakashi stayed where he was beside Gai's prone form. When Gai's breathing changed, and Kakashi knew he was awake, still he didn't move.

Hearing Gai sigh, however, caused Kakashi to lazily open his eyes and look at the man beside him, what Gai was doing sort of took him by surprise, "What are you doing, Gai?" he asked lazily, obviously amused.

"Enjoying my youth." Gai deadpanned before putting his head in his pillow to cover the fact that he had turned beet red. "You would wake up now." Picking his head up Gai smiled gently at Kakashi. "Did you at least get some sleep?" Deciding to turn his embarrassing situation around and deflect attention if he could.

"What would you like for breakfast?" Gai was harder than stone but he figured if he could hop in the bathroom for a few minutes he could take care of his issue and Kakashi would only get to poke minimal fun at his expense.

Kakashi smiled slightly at Gai, as he rolled onto his side, "You're pathetic." he said teasingly, wondering if Gai would take offense to the comment, he decided to change the subject before he could. Reaching out he lightly ran his hand down Gai's arm, "Let's forget breakfast for now." he said softly, shifting closer he lightly kissed Gai's cheek.

Hoping Gai would understand what he meant, but figuring the other man would need a little bit of a hint, Kakashi ran his hand up Gai's arm, and over his shoulder, before burying his fingers in Gai's hair, "Just stay here with me for a little while." Kakashi said softly as he leaned forward to lightly kiss the other man, "Okay?" he asked, smiling with what he hoped was his most tantalizing smile.

Grumbling good naturedly about being called pathetic, Gai sighed lightly at Kakashi's kiss. "Breakfast...what breakfast?" Leaning forward, Gai licked Kakashi's lips before pulling back. "Bed sounds really good." Rubbing his and Kakashi's noses together Gai settled a bit. He was still hard as a rock but it wasn't as desperate as it had been.

Kakashi grinned as he rested his head against Gai's arm, watching the man through a half-lidded eye, he studied the lines of Gai's face silently, thinking of kissing the other man again he hesitated, what if Gai wasn't in the mood? He didn't want to make him uncomfortable. Shifting his fingers from Gai's scalp to lightly twist a strand of short, silky hair around his finger he shifted forward and nuzzled Gai's cheek.

Maybe, Kakashi mused lightly kissing Gai's cheek, Gai didn't think he was in the mood. He could tell, as he drew back to smile lazily at Gai, that they were going to have a lot of miscommunications in this relationship. "So," Kakashi said softly, risking asking the man, "You wanna fool around?" Kakashi asked, feigning causality, and trying to ignore the flush that risen to his cheeks.

Kakashi realized, as he cast his eyes down, trying to will the blush from his cheeks, that Gai was the only person he'd ever gone back to after their first encounter (true he didn't necessarily have a choice, but he was opting to ignore that for now).

"Really?" Gai hoped he didn't sound as hopeful and eager as he thought he did but he was pretty sure that he failed miserable. "Yes. Absolutely." Grinning like an idiot, he leaned forward and nibbled on one blush colored cheek. Planting a light kiss on it he pulled Kakashi close and happily hummed his contentment for Kakashi being so close.

Kakashi shifted slightly, slipping his other arm around Gai's waist and lightly kissing his lips, "I was hoping you'd say that." Kakashi cooed before dragging his hand free of Gai's hair and stroking the other mans chest lightly, almost teasingly.

Taking care to lightly run a fingertip over Gai's nipple, he kissed the man again, letting the kiss linger, as if he were experiencing something foreign (something good). Which, in actuality, it was. As was everything he did with Gai.

It was all new with Gai, no matter how many times they kissed, Kakashi was sure he'd still find something new, something more pleasant than the last time, lingering with each kiss.

Shivering as the pleasurable sensations assaulted his body, Gai shifting even closer to Kakashi. As he let Kakashi take the lead and guide him wherever he wanted Gai couldn't resist grind his erection into Kakashi stomach. The sensation sent pleasurable shivers down his spine. Rubbing his hands over Kakashi's lower back and smoothing around over his abdomen Gai couldn't help but think that this was the life.

Never had Gai in his wildest dreams thought he would find this much happiness in his rival but Gai was quite happy with where he was. He and Kakashi hadn't tried to kill each other in a while, so it was all good. Granted Gai knew they would likely fight quite religiously over random things. Shifting his thoughts back to the kiss Gai was happy to enjoy the sensations Kakashi was invoking.

Kakashi let out a soft sigh as Gai began moving his hips, smiling against Gai's lips Kakashi trailed one hand down Gai's chest, and lightly up over his side, using his other hand to move his thumb over Gai's nipple in a circular motion.

Usually he wouldn't be so exploratory with his hands, or his lips, but to him Gai was safe territory. It wouldn't matter to Gai if Kakashi's kiss lingered, it wouldn't matter if he just wanted to lay together when they were finished. Because Gai wouldn't see that as a weakness, no, Gai would like that.

Gai was safe.

Kakashi dropped his hand down between them to firmly cup Gai's crotch, as he lightly tweaked the other mans nipple. Nipping Gai's bottom lip, Kakashi kissed him harder then before, lapping at his lips almost hungrily.

Moaning lustily, Gai pushed into Kakashi making little noises in the back of his throat as he wiggled against Kakashi happily. Hooking a leg over Kakashi's hip, Gai moved to increase the pleasurable friction. One hand found its way into Kakashi's hair, tangling in the wild tresses and massaging his scalp. The other hand inched its way down to play with Kakashi's member.

Kakashi inhaled sharply when he felt Gai's hand on his already (incredibly) hard member. Pushing his hips forward slightly, to get more of Gai's touch then he'd initially thought he'd vie after, Kakashi pulled his own hand away from Gai's crotch, before quickly slipping his fingertips underneath the band of Gai's pants, before slowly, slowly, pushing his hand into Gai's pants, touching him lightly, teasingly.

Wrapping his fingers around Gai's erection Kakashi gave an experimental tug, almost self-conscious in the way he handled Gai, as if he didn't really expect the man to

enjoy his touch, as much as he himself enjoyed Gai's touch.

Pulling back from the kiss Kakashi shifted slightly, and began kissing along Gai's jawline, softly measured kisses. Kissing down Gai's jawline, Kakashi shifted his attentions to Gai's throat, kissing his skin softly, before nipping lightly at the skin after each kiss, and lapping at the small red marks almost immediately.

Gai hissed when Kakashi finally took him in hand. He was pretty sure if Kakashi did any more to him he would come like a fountain.

"That feels so good." Gai hummed lightly as Kakashi turned his head slightly to give Kakashi a better angle to work with.

Not wanting to leave Kakashi out of the fun, Gai played with Kakashi's balls, fondling and rolling the ovules. Making sure to rub him just right Gai tickled down the back of Kakashi's neck happily.

Kakashi moaned against Gai's throat, as his hips jerked slightly, as his breathing picked up Kakashi began to kiss Gai's neck more fervently, his hand tightening slightly around Gai's erection, as he began to pump the mans shaft.

Kakashi realized as he grazed his teeth lightly across the flesh of Gai's throat, that this could be a dangerous position, because it made Gai seem so vulnerable. So open.

Kakashi began to trail kisses down Gai's throat, before lightly biting the juncture of his neck and shoulder. Suckling on the skin slightly, Kakashi began to move his hand faster, while using his other hand, to once again, tweak Gai's nipple, to add an extra sensation to the mix.

Speeding up his own hand motions to match Kakashi's Gai sighed happily. Feeling the tingling up his spine that let him know he was seconds from coming apart Gai panted softly.

"Fuck that feels good." Gai rumbled as Kakashi's movements quickly began to undo him. Knowing his time was close Gai channeled a little bit of chakra to his hand as he jerked Kakashi off rapidly wanting the other man to finish soon as well. As his balls drew up to his body, Gai's back arched.

"Coming..." Gai grunted as he spurted all over Kakashi's hand and stomach.

Kakashi closed his eyes, making a strange noise in the back of his throat, as he buried his face in the crook of Gai's neck. It felt so strange to know that this would always be here when he wanted it. Felt strange to know that he enjoyed it this much.

Kakashi gasped against Gai's throat when he felt the other mans chakra tingling across his crotch, moving his hips in time with Gai's hand, he was strangely aroused to feel Gai cum first.

Moaning deeply Kakashi shuddered as he came.

Breathing heavily, Kakashi stayed where he was pressed against Gai, as the post-ejaculation bliss uncoiled, making him aware of the way he was spooning Gai.

Grunting Kakashi pulled away, his breathing still slightly labored as he dragged his fingers across his stomach, and raised his hand to look at it curiously. "Suppose," he drawled lazily, "we should get up now."

"Shower or would you like me to lick you clean?" Gai felt his lip twitch in a mischievous grin as he leaned forward and licked come off of Kakashi's fingers.

"Personally licking is more fun but showering is more practical." Taking another finger in his mouth Gai sucked on it lazily before releasing it. When his stomach growled Gai sighed unhappily. "Looks like breakfast wins out after all." Grumbling Gai leaned over and kissed Kakashi on the nose before sitting up.

Kakashi watched Gai with a strange sort of fascination as the man licked his fingers, he found it a strangely... erotic sight. "Ah, I'll shower." he said, pouting. Pausing as he sat up, Kakashi leaned after Gai, and kissed the corner of his mouth lightly, almost curiously, before slipping out of bed.

Adjusting his pants, Kakashi glanced back at Gai, and hesitantly offered a smile, weak as it was it was an actual smile. "You wanna shower first?" he asked as he raised his hands to drag his fingers lazily through his tangled hair.

"Hhhmmm wet Kakashi..." Gai found himself having a very perverted moment when an image of Kakashi on his hands and knees in the shower requesting to be licked clean all over first. Realizing that the level of pervertedness in that mental image would likely get him kicked in the balls by anyone else Gai shook himself to wipe out the image. Then Gai looked at Kakashi again to respond and found himself oogling again before he could snap himself out of it. "I shouldn't shower with you. We may never get out of the house today." Sighing a bit mournfully at the thought of not being able to shower with Kakashi, Gai shuffled his feet a bit.

Kakashi laughed, taken by surprise by Gai's comment. He was about to tell Gai that it wasn't such a bad idea when he realized he had to bring his mission report to Tsunade this morning- he was already late. Kakashi shrugged slightly, "Fine then." He said stretching with his hands above his head as he began to walk out of the room, "Perhaps after lunch." he said glancing back at Gai, and winking slightly.

Watching Kakashi stretch had put a dent in Gai's restraint. The wink though broke what self control Gai had completely. Gai found himself naked and licking Kakashi all over in the shower to their mutual enjoyment not minutes later. Cold water hadn't even stopped the two from acrobatics that would have made circus performers jealous. Gai never did get anything done that day and Kakashi's report was his latest ever.
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