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Marriage of Hard Work and Genius Chapter 3

Title: Marriage of Hard Work and Genius
Author Notes: Sorry folks this chapter is twice as long as the last because I couldn’t figure out how to cut it down. Also this is an M rated chapter so if you don’t like that sort of thing you can skip and go to the next which I will try to have out in the next few days.

To start from the beginning

Nervous about what was to come, Kakashi felt himself tensing as he put aside his book. Turning Kakashi gave his nin dogs a pointed look. After a moment Pakkun rolled his eyes and stood slowly, before trotting out of the room, all of the dogs soon followed his lead.

Turning back to Gai, Kakashi rubbed the back of his neck slightly, “Okay, Gai.” he finally said, though he wasn't entirely sure how comfortable he would be fooling around with Gai (anyone for that matter), he knew it was something that would make Gai more comfortable.

Kakashi quickly untied his forehead protector and slipped it into his back pouch, before almost hesitantly pulling the mask down. Kakashi shifted a little closer to Gai, before awkwardly placing a hand on the other man's shoulder. He wasn't sure why people liked to do this. It seemed strange to him. However, after that move Kakashi didn't seem inclined to do anything else.

For a moment Gai studied Kakashi, noting what he thought was uncertainty. With a sigh, Gai shifted closer and leaned in. Tilting his head he closed his eyes and concentrated. Rubbing his lips slowly back and forth across Kakashi’s until he pressed slowly forward. Letting a bit of his tongue out Gai, licked lightly across the seam of Kakashi’s lips. Letting one hand rest lightly on Kakashi’s legs, Gai just gently explored the contours of Kakashi’s mouth. He didn’t press it but the teasing motion was making him a bit restless. Pulling back Gai regarded Kakashi thoughtfully before asking.

“Did that bother you at all or are you okay?”

Kakashi had closed his eye as Gai kissed him, and followed Gai's lead nervously. Almost the way an inexperienced teenager would kiss (not that he was particularly inexperienced, simply that he was unused to kissing). Gai was touching his leg, Kakashi noticed after a moment, but he wasn't doing much else. When Gai pulled away, which Kakashi thought a shame, as he had just realized that he was enjoying the kiss, the other mans question took him by surprise.

Bother him? Kakashi couldn't understand why it would bother him, it was just a kiss. Kakashi shook his head slightly, slowly. “I'm fine, Gai.” he assured him, looking slightly perplexed. “I...” Kakashi paused awkwardly, “Enjoyed it.” he muttered softly, glancing away, as if embarrassed.

Nodding his head slowly, Gai scooted closer and leaned in again. This time he slowly built up to a deeper kiss. Nibbling on Kakashi’s lips and sucking lightly at them before deepening the kiss. Letting his tongue slowly enter Kakashi’s mouth he licked lightly at Kakashi’s tongue before massaging it ever so gently and retreating a bit from the kiss. Then he ran his tongue lightly over the roof of Kakashi’s mouth before engaging him in a little game of tag as his tongue alternatively pushed and pulled Kakashi’s.

Letting his fingers lightly trail up and down Kakashi’s arms and down his sides, Gai waited to see if Kakashi would push him away or tense. Pulling out of the kiss a bit again, Gai shifted a bit and sat back. Blinking slowly Gai adjusted his breathing slightly and was slightly embarrassed to find himself half aroused.

Kakashi's face was slightly flushed when Gai pulled away, steadying his breathing. Kakashi watched Gai, obviously expecting something from the man, perhaps a word, perhaps an action, but before Gai could do anything Kakashi suddenly asked, “Is something wrong?”

“No nothing is wrong but this would probably be more comfortable in a different position is all.” Gai smiled at Kakashi faintly, “I think that the bond is starting to manifest itself a bit though, I am getting aroused.” Shifting a bit to get more comfortable, Gai shifted off of his knees until he was sitting with a leg over Kakashi’s.

This time, Gai intended not to stop the kiss unless Kakashi did something. Pulling Kakashi’s face closer Gai, let his fingers trail down Kakashi’s back and lightly massaging his lower back muscles before traveling back up. Focusing on his tongue briefly Gai channeled a little bit of chakra onto the surface of his tongue as he let himself be pulled deeper into the kiss then before. Letting his tongue snake in and out of Kakashi’s mouth in a mimic of what would come later.

Kakashi was a bit taken aback by Gai's admittance, as he himself could never be so open about such things, not even in such a position as this one. But he had to admit, it suited Gai well. Kakashi half smiled as he raised his eyebrow slowly, as if to imply that it likely wasn't just the bond, yet he remained silent.

Kakashi shifted slightly, as Gai pulled him into the kiss, Kakashi was a little surprised by the passion of Gai's kiss this time. Gai's wandering hands, he realized, felt nice. As Gai began to push his tongue in, and teasingly draw it back out again, Kakashi moved his hand from Gai's shoulder up to his neck, moving his hand around to the back of Gai's neck, he shifted it up slightly, his fingers buried in Gai's hair, as he pulled him a little closer.

Parting his lips further to allow Gai better access he put his free hand on Gai's thigh, and lightly trailed his fingers up the other man's thigh teasingly, before slowly, slowly, dragging them back again, to rest his hand lightly on Gai's knee.

Moaning his encouragement of Kakashi’s wandering hands, Gai let his mouth wander a bit away from target. Nibbling along Kakashi’s jaw, Gai made his way to Kakashi’s ear. Licking gently around the shell, Gai pulled back slightly a blew gently into it before whispering.

“I like it when you touch my head like that or my thighs.”

Continuing slightly downward, Gai explored the bit of Kakashi’s neck he could reach before sliding around more towards the front of Kakashi’s neck. Sucking on Kakashi’s adam’s apple lightly, Gai worked his way back to Kakashi’s mouth again biting his lip before swiping his tongue over the bottom lip to gain access again.

Kakashi sighed softly when Gai blew in his ear, thoroughly enjoying the attentions to his neck, and ear, Kakashi wished Gai would have stayed at it longer, but was surprisingly glad when the man returned to his mouth.

Returning the kiss fervently Kakashi slowly ran his hand down Gai's thigh, wishing that rather than the pants he was wearing, the other man was wearing his usual bodysuit. He was sure Gai would appreciate these touches all the more if he were wearing the body suit.

Halting his hand a few inches from the crook of Gai's leg he let his hand rest there, as he moved his hand down Gai's neck slowly, gripping it lightly, he opened his mouth slightly wider to allow Gai better access to his mouth, before he flicked his tongue out into the other man's mouth, in an exploratory fashion.

Feeling Kakashi’s tongue venturing forth, Gai sucked into his mouth massaging it lightly before letting his hands yank lightly on Kakashi’s shirt to pull it from his pants. Once he had reached his objective, Gai lightly ran his fingers across sinewed flesh. Letting Kakashi take the kiss where he willed Gai concentrated on mapping the terrain his hands had uncovered. Opening his eyes a little Gai watched Kakashi’s face before closing them. Moaning in encourage, Gai kept himself in check for the moment.

Kakashi shifted forward, leaning into Gai's touch, he sighed softly, obviously enjoying the exploratory feel of Gai's hands on him, though he wouldn't bother to admit it to Gai, it had been far too long for his liking since he'd felt the touch of another, and Gai's hands seemed to touch him just right.

Kakashi moved his hand slowly, teasingly, up to the crook of Gai's leg, before slowly running it up onto the curve of his abdomen, slipping his fingers teasingly under the band of the other mans pants. Drawing his fingers out of Gai's hair he dragged them lightly down the back of the other man's neck, before drawing his hand around cup Gai's cheek, while still kissing the man almost hungrily.

Feeling Kakashi’s fingers working their way down the front of his pants Gai figured now was as good a time as any to lose some clothes. Then when Kakashi seemed to get bolder the thought firmly took a backseat. Feeling like Kakashi was going to suck an orgasm out of his mouth, Gai let his fingers shift around to the front of Kakashi’s shirt flicking his nipples.

Rubbing the pad of his finger over one Gai made sure to send just a slip of chakra through to the stiff nub. Pulling out of the kiss and panting lightly Gai spoke.

“How about we lose some clothes and hit the bed?”

Kakashi felt a slight shiver go through his body as Gai brushed his fingertips over his nipples, as Gai pulled back Kakashi felt himself smiling lazily, though he was breathing heavily, he nodded in agreement to Gai's question. Though he himself wasn't usually one to take his clothes off for sex (often times he wouldn't so much as lower his mask), he felt as if it were slightly more acceptable, as this was Gai.

Quickly drawing his shirt up, and over his head Kakashi tossed it to the floor, before slipping out from underneath Gai's leg, and climbing to his feet. Winking at Gai before he pulled his undershirt over his head Kakashi began walking to the bedroom, glancing back at Gai over his shoulder he grinned, “Come on then.”

For a moment he was pretty sure he forgot to breath. Gai blinked at Kakashi stupidly before hopping up. When the material of his pants touched his erection Gai shivered lightly before reaching down and pulling his shirt off. Tossing it over the sofa, Gai followed Kakashi and hoped there were no emergencies in his near future.

The way Gai’s heart was pounding in his chest and the flush that was showing even through his darker complexion was a dead giveaway that he had been engaged in some amorous activities. Shifting his pants down Gai hopped out of them and kicked them in the general direction of the hamper.

In his underwear, Gai studied Kakashi before hopping onto the bed. Pulling out the necessary supplies for when the time came, Gai couldn’t help reaching out and running his hands up Kakashi’s stomach. Knowing that he was going to make love to Kakashi and let the other man do the same to him was an unbelievable turn on and Gai couldn’t wait.

Kakashi grinned up at Gai, before reaching up and wrapping a hand around the back of Gai's neck, drawing the man down he kissed him lightly, almost hesitantly, as if entering the bedroom had put a damper on kissing for him.

Pulling back slowly Kakashi propped himself up on one elbow and looked at the other man curiously for a moment, before asking a most peculiar question, “Do we uh, do this face to face?”

“I would prefer it but it is ultimately up to you.” Gai responded letting his fingers continue to wander over Kakashi’s flesh. Leaning forward while he waited for a response, Gai nibbled on Kakashi’s shoulder. Sucking lightly here and there before blowing lightly on where he had been. Pulling back, Gai noted with some satisfaction he had left a faint trail of hickeys. Contemplating the wisdom of making one on Kakashi’s adam’s apple, Gai flicked a nipple thoughtfully.

Kakashi's face flushed slightly under the attentions he was receiving, “I'm not used to it.” Kakashi said softly after a moment, glancing away, slightly embarrassed. Toying with Gai's hair, Kakashi turned to look at Gai again, as if he were considering it.

Slowly dragging his hand down across Gai's shoulder, and then down his chest Kakashi gave a slight shrug, “I'm more comfortable... not.” he said as he glanced up at Gai, to see if this upset the man in anyway, as he'd almost expected it to.

“Okay.” Gai sighed slightly disappointed but he gave Kakashi a warm smile. Leaning forward again, Gai pulled Kakashi to him and began to give him short and warm kisses on the lips before deepening them.

Then pulling away Gai would lightly, shift his attentions elsewhere, sliding his tongue lightly to one pectoral muscle and swirling his tongue around the nipple while, flicking the other with his finger.

Kakashi shivered slightly under Gai's attentions, clutching the other man's shoulder tightly and letting out a soft moan, very clearly enjoying the feelings. He hadn't missed Gai's disappointment, and though it made him feel a little awkward to know that he had already let Gai down about something, Kakashi was thoroughly enjoying what Gai was doing right now.

Shifting slightly on the bed Kakashi pushed Gai back slightly, his breathing slightly ragged Kakashi could feel the flush on his face this time, clearing his throat he rubbed Gai's shoulder lightly, “Uh, Gai.” he started slightly awkward, “I-I'm not used to” Kakashi paused, obviously a little embarrassed, “foreplay.” Kakashi half whispered the word as he looked away, his face flushing more.

“Do you not like it or are you just uncomfortable because you aren’t use to it?” Gai asked mouthing at Kakashi’s abdominal muscles lightly while looking up at him. His hands were busy running down Kakashi’s thigh. Grazing his teeth over the muscle, Gai waited for an answer, trying to decide what he would do for either answer. The way things were now Gai wasn’t sure if he wanted to make love to Kakashi if the other would be truly uncomfortable. Gai felt that for rough and dirty sex doggystyle was fine but normally he preferred side positions if he partners preferred to face away.

Kakashi laughed nervously, once again pushing lightly on Gai's shoulder, “I'm not used to it.” he said softly, giving a slight shrug, “It's okay, I mean it feels good.” Kakashi said as he shifted his hand to Gai's arm, stroking his bicep lightly with his fingertips.

Kakashi, not used to any soft sort of treatment prior to sex, or even during, found that he was becoming increasingly awkward, though he was enjoying it, he didn't understand it. Nor did he see the point behind it.

Kakashi hadn't realized until this very moment just how affectionate Gai was-- in every-way.

Realizing he would have to get used to this sort of thing Kakashi felt a little despondent, but quickly pushed the feeling aside as he shifted down to lay on his back on the bed, shifting slightly to get into a more comfortable position Kakashi smiled awkwardly at Gai.

Stopping his attentions Gai tilted his head. “I see. So no one ever took the time to help you appreciate the climb towards sexual fulfillment.” Grumbling Gai ruffled his hair with his hands. “Look if you want me to stop at any point and I mean any point say stop and I will. I am affectionate and like kissing, touching and petting the whole thing so I need to know where your limits are.”

“Now shall we just move on with the main event then or will you allow me to continue to learn your body?” Leaning on his elbow, Gai studied Kakashi and tried to figure out what was going on in that gray head.

Kakashi nodded slightly, and seemed to be contemplating Gai's words for a moment before he gave a slight shrug, “You can.” Kakashi said, trying not to sound begrudging, though he was. Gai made it sound like, Kakashi thought, foreplay was a normal thing that everyone did.

But he'd never been with anyone who had.

Kakashi realized, as he watched Gai thoughtfully, that this would be his first 'real' relationship. Must be time to grow up he mused, smiling lazily.

He didn't have any limits, Kakashi thought as he continued to watch Gai, he would be, and was, uncomfortable for a while. But he was sure he'd get over it eventually, with Gai's help.

“Okay good.” Gai gave Kakashi a toothy grin before kissing him on the forehead. Rolling over slightly so he was partially on top of Kakashi, Gai rained kisses down the bridge of Kakashi’s nose before beginning to rebuild the connection they had previously with their mouths. As his tongue worked to bring back that level of intimacy that had been lost, Gai’s hands drifted slowly down until he was lightly cupping Kakashi’s crotch.

Tracing the outline, Gai let his fingers massage the bulge slightly. At times with firm pressure at others with a ghosting touch. The other hand was lightly massaging Kakashi’s head as Gai’s mouth continued it’s work in at least temporarily driving Kakashi out of his mind.

Kakashi began to return the kiss slowly at first, still a little nervous. When Gai cupped him however, his kiss turned fervent. Wrapping an arm around Gai's waist Kakashi used his other hand to stroke the other mans side, drawing his fingertips inward across the other mans taut stomach, a little further with each stroke.

He enjoyed Gai's touch, and his body responded gratefully to the other mans touch, allowing Gai to feel how much Kakashi was enjoying his attentions. Usually Kakashi would have stopped his partner from such exploratory touches, but when Gai did it...
it almost seemed too good. Kakashi had to let him continue.

Feeling the response coming from Kakashi made Gai a little light headed. As he reached his hand into Kakashi underwear grasping Kakashi’s member for the first time, Gai moved away from Kakashi’s mouth. The maneuver served the dual purpose of allowing Gai to hear Kakashi say stop rather than waiting for other cues. It also gave him the chance to explore Kakashi’s neck with more thorough kisses. Since his uniform covered his neck and shoulders Gai reasoned that he wouldn’t mind if there were a few bite marks or hickeys.

Sucking lightly on Kakashi’s adam’s apple in time with the slow pulls of his hand, Gai ground himself lightly against Kakashi’s thigh. Blowing a stream of air over the saliva he had left on Kakashi’s neck Gai nuzzled the other man, murmuring appreciation and praise when Kakashi touched him.

Kakashi inhaled sharply when Gai touched him fully for the first time, not that he hadn't been expecting the touch. Raising his hips slightly Kakashi let out a moan, his member hardening further in Gai's grip.

Turning his head slightly, Kakashi tilted his chin up, to allow Gai better access to his throat. Finding himself smiling slightly despite his slight discomfort, Kakashi ran his hand up Gai's back to bury his fingers into the other mans hair.

Shifting again so he could pull Kakashi’s and his underwear off, Gai placed opened mouthed kisses on Kakashi’s chest as he worked his way down. Once he had debriefed Kakashi and himself, Gai worked his way back up. Playing with Kakashi’s balls lightly, Gai went back to kissing Kakashi again.

Using his free hand, Gai managed to get lube on the back of his hands so that properly prepare Kakashi when it got to that point. Dialing down the heat for a bit, Gai tried to give Kakashi time to protest and get use to the touching. Though his own arousal was threatening to explode at any given provocation Gai refused to allow his self control to ruin his first sexual encounter with Kakashi.

Kakashi moaned appreciatively, as Gai continued to touch him, he was becoming increasingly more aroused as Gai continued to touch, and play with him. Pulling his leg up against Gai's side Kakashi arched his body up to meet Gai's, obviously very pleased with the things the other man was doing.

Kakashi let out a moan, as he lightly gripped Gai's arm, returning Gai's kiss almost gently for a moment, Kakashi slowly pulled back, “Uh,” he started, sounding a little nervous, “we can stay in this position.” he offered, before kissing Gai lightly, as if trying to keep the man from speaking.

Taking his cue, Gai slowly began to trace Kakashi’s taint with one lubed finger. Shifting up so he was fully between Kakashi’s legs, Gai managed to balance on his knees and maintain the kiss as he slowly began to prepare Kakashi taking care to make it feel as good as possible. Sending a steadying stream of chakra to his fingertip, Gai began to slowly work it inside.

For once Gai thanked the fact that he had long fingers as he shifted his one finger in, twirling it lightly as he searched for Kakashi’s prostate. Distracting Kakashi by biting on his lip Gai ground his erection down onto Kakashi’s to increase the pleasure as he went looking for Kakashi’s prostate.

Kakashi's grip on Gai's arm tightened slightly as the other man pushed his finger inside. Returning the pressure Gai was applying to his erection Kakashi kissed the man forcefully, as if encouraging him to go faster.

The way Gai used his chakra in bed amazed Kakashi. Never before had he had a partner pay such close attention to the details of sex, and he had to admit, he was thoroughly enjoying this.

Enjoying the positive response he was receiving, Gai slipped in two well lubed fingers making sure to stretch Kakashi wide in order to minimize the pain. Finally locating the ridge of flesh that marked the prostate, Gai began to set a steady rhythm of thrusting across Kakashi’s prostate while sucking his tongue.

Feeling the tremors going up and down his spine Gai knew he wouldn’t be able to ignore the fact that he needed inside Kakashi like now. Pouring lube over his erection and smearing it carefully Gai shifted so that he was no longer kissing Kakashi but resting on his knees.

Smearing more lube on his fingers, Gai entered Kakashi with three fingers stretching and widening Kakashi’s opening. For a moment, Gai just stared at Kakashi taking him in.

“You are very attractive Kakashi.” Gai murmured before leaning forward again but this time, his cock head brushed lightly at Kakashi’s entrance instead of his fingers. Nuzzling Kakashi’s face, Gai slowly entered Kakashi. Kissing him slowly Gai tried to distract Kakashi from any pain he may have been feeling.

Kakashi was a little taken aback by Gai's comment. He'd never had anyone tell him that before, and it embarrassed him that it should be coming from Gai, but at the same time it made him feel slightly... warm. Kakashi's blushed slightly, smiling as Gai leaned forward for a kiss.

Returning the kiss happily, Kakashi relished the feeling of Gai entering him. The slight amount of pain he felt as Gai entered him didn't bother him, he was used to discomfort, and even pain, during his sexual encounters. But the fact that Gai had been so thorough with him made him a little happy.

Kakashi let out a soft moan, glad Gai's own mouth had been over his to muffle the noise, as he was a little embarrassed at how verbal he was being with Gai. He wasn't used to enjoying anyone else's touch this thoroughly. And the fact that he was left him feeling a little fuzzy.

It took mentally reciting the laws of taijutsu rituals for Gai to maintain his self control. Entering Kakashi had been a revelation in sensation, heat and pleasure. Gai wanted to say what he was feeling but the way Kakashi was keeping his mouth occupied made it hard for him to actually verbalize his feelings.

Grinding his hips down and circling back out, Gai set a slow torturous pace, wanting to make this last if at all possible. Already he could feel a weird pulsing in his stomach to go with the arousal traveling up and down his spine.

Gai knew that it would be over much too soon as it was and he was determined that Kakashi would get off first before he did. Running one finger across the head of Kakashi’s erection, Gai made sure to pump the arousal with steady strokes even as his rhythm began to shift as he sped up.

Kakashi's hips bucked upward slightly, obviously enjoying the stroking Gai was doing with his finger. As Gai began to pump his erection, Kakashi arched up against him, dropping one hand down to the bed to grip the blanket tightly, as he broke away from the kiss, tilting his head back against the bed Kakashi moaned deeply.

He was surprised to already feel a sort of pressure building, and he could tell as Gai pushed in, he wouldn't last long. Not like this, not when Gai was so careful, so caring. Kakashi's hand tightened around the other mans bicep a little harder, and he softly breathed out; “Gai.”

“Kakashi...” Gai moaned into Kakashi’s ear as his pace picked up and he heard the headboard smack into the wall. Feeling the white hot sensation that tended to mark his orgasm, Gai increased his ministrations determined that Kakashi would come first. As his fingers worked Kakashi’s length, Gai’s teeth and tongue alternatively touched and tortured Kakashi’s neck, chest and nipples. “Close?” Gai breathed not sure if he was talking about his own state or questioning Kakashi’s.

Kakashi laughed breathlessly as his grip on Gai's arm tightened a little more, “Yes,” Kakashi whispered, leaning into Gai, “God, yes.” he was beginning to feel his body tingle with the release it was preparing for. His breathing was becoming slightly labored, and Gai's thrusts were beginning to make him see stars, but, Gods, did he love it.

Kakashi arched his back, pressing his body up into Gai's, as he wrapped an arm around the other man's abdomen, slightly digging his fingernails into Gai's back as he squeezed his eyes shut harder. He could feel his orgasm before it hit. He inhaled sharply--

The orgasm ripped through his body, causing him to moan more loudly than he'd expected, his fingernails cutting into Gai's back. He would feel bad when he noticed he'd drawn blood but right now all he felt was good. Pure, white, enjoyment. It was the greatest feeling he'd felt in a long time, and when he could finally breathe again Kakashi sighed blissfully, happily.

Feeling Kakashi’s passion as he dug into his back and seeing Kakashi’s release start over his fingers caused Gai to lose all sense of control. As his release buzzed through his veins, Gai gave a roar towards the ceiling as he emptied himself into Kakashi’s gyrating body. Just managing to keep his weight off of Kakashi’s body, Gai gave Kakashi a quick kiss before rolling over.

Not really sure how Kakashi felt about post coitus cuddling Gai figure he would go for broke and snuggled up to Kakashi briefly. Even if he only got a few minutes, Gai could deal with it. He felt some stinging on his back but it was more minor annoyance than anything and quickly written off.

“Thank you. That was a lot better than I expected.” Gai murmured kissing Kakashi on the cheek.

Kakashi smiled lazily at Gai's words, his body was still coming back to him, as his mind cleared of the euphoric haze it'd set into, which he didn't honestly understand as he'd never felt that way before. Kakashi looked at Gai from his peripheral vision, “Neither did I.” he said honestly.

Shifting his weight slightly, Kakashi awkwardly slipped an arm under Gai and wrapped it around his shoulders, in an awkward half hug, and sort of awkward cuddle, but didn't move further than that to show any sort of affection.

Grinning a bit, Gai, threw an arm over Kakashi’s stomach for a moment before nuzzling him again. Then with a weary sigh he sat up and looked out of his window. Narrowing his eyes he studied his wards before performing the Shadow Clone jutsu.

“He'll be right back.” Gai motioned to the half clothed clone before laying back down and snuggling again.

Finding the Hokage trying to tamper with them, Gai only shook his head and accepted her bottle of sake in congratulations. She then gave him an update on how people seemed to be taking their marriage. Shuffling his feet a bit Gai waited until the Hokage was well on her way before making his way back into the house. The clone put the sake in the fridge before dispelling.

“It would appear that the general reaction from our peers is bewilderment. Our marriage will likely be treated as a novelty or joke for a while.” Rubbing his face with his hands. “Not that I am not use to the joke bit but I would prefer them to joke about my clothes or appearance.” The last part was said in a grumbling tone.

Kakashi, smirked slightly. The teasing wouldn't bother him, but he could tell it was going to bother Gai, and that sort of surprised him, he knew Gai was used to being teased, so what, he wondered, was the difference here?

“Ah,” Kakashi wondered as he sat up, “I don't think it really matters.” he wanted to point out that their marriage would probably always be treated as a novelty joke, but he decided against it, thinking that'd bother Gai.

“It's okay.” Kakashi said as he watched Gai carefully, “I bet they won't say anything to our faces.” he said reassuringly, he knew though, as soon as Gai was alone they would tease him about it, but Kakashi himself would never have to hear the mockery of it.

“I can’t help but take marriage seriously. If I have to go missing nin after killing one of my old cell mates I beg you not to let the dogs dig up my zen garden.” Gai gave a melodramatic sigh. He was only half joking about killing one of his old cell mates. One in particular would make his life miserable.

Hiro was one part diehard friend, one part flirting partner and another part bane of Gai’s existence. Just imagining what Hiro would do was enough to almost break Gai out in hives. On the one hand Hiro could be really supportive but if the mood struck, Gai shuddered. He would rather be in a room with Anko where the last piece of dango was perched on his crotch then deal with Hiro in a bad mood.

Kakashi chuckled as he flipped his book shut and tossed it on the night table beside the bed, “Yeah sure, Gai.” he said as he pulled the blanket roughly out from underneath the other man, slipping under the blanket Kakashi snuggled down into the pile of pillows, looking at Gai through a half lidded eye, he wondered if the other man was going to be okay with the way their comrades were undoubtedly going to act.

“Let's not think about it for a while.” Kakashi said softly, obviously tired, “I'm sure everything will be fine.” he insisted as he motioned for Gai to lay down, “Let's sleep for now.” he said enticingly, as he lifted the blanket up slightly to allow Gai to crawl underneath.

“Good idea. We’ll need our rest if we are to be completely sated.” Gai couldn’t help the grin on his face.

Kakashi blinked slowly and resolved to increase his stamina training, otherwise he might not survive his sex life.

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