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Marriage of Hard Work and Genius Chapter 1

Title: Marriage of Hard Work and Genius

Summary: WIP- They say that there is a first time for everything. Gai had never refused a mission before and Kakashi never expected to get married. Now a mission has Gai and Kakashi bound by blood in marriage and secrets that both wished to keep hidden are coming out. To stay sane and married the two will have to work smart as well as hard.

Author Notes: A few years ago I was working with a rp partner, L, to try to fill a prompt at the kink meme. Looking back I realized I really liked this but it needed some work even though it was finished. I did some editing and removed some themes and characters to make it smooth.

Warnings:[Spoiler]Gay Marriage, Mpreg, Some Supernatural Elements

Word Count: This part is about 2500 or so total the fic is around 45000 unbetaed

Gai had never refused a direct order in his life but the words I refuse and I quit were on his lips. A fine bead of sweat had broken on his brow and he was consigning himself to having to find a different occupation, even a different village if this kept up. Trying to swallow his emotions against what he knew would be a tirade to end all tirades Gai glanced at Kakashi to see how he was handling this. Surely he couldn’t be the only one horrified by the prospect.

Rivals was the only way Gai would ever be able to think of Kakashi if he wanted his sanity to remain intact. More than once Gai had found himself wondering what it would be like to make Kakashi his. Gai had quickly conditioned himself to go train himself to near collapse when thoughts like that occurred. He was a taijutsu master because of it but Gai would happily never have to admit his feelings in this lifetime.

Hearing the Hokage just assume that he would take this mission like he had taken any number of others had Gai’s temper boiling. It was a little known fact that Gai had a temper. He expressed differently, though. Being overly emotional and dramatic served the dual purpose driving away the person who was irritating him and making himself feel better by embarrassing someone else. Hitting upon the fact that it would probably be a good idea for him to be deadly serious in this one instance. Gai sighed, took a deep breath looked his Hokage straight in the face and said,

“I’ll refuse.” Having never refused a mission in his life he was well aware that he was about to get the mother of all set downs at best or the granddaddy of all demands to do the mission. Worse scenario he quit being a ninja and taught taijutsu to civilians.

Kakashi was more than a little surprised when he heard the conditions of the mission, surely there'd been a mistake? Perhaps this was a joke? Marrying two shinobi for the purpose of a treaty was unheard of.

But no, he knew the Hokage wouldn't be quite that immature. But still, the request bothered him, and he wondered why on earth he and Gai, in particular, had been chosen for this mission. Perhaps the client had requested them, and usually that would seem a plausible situation, as they were usually paired together upon request of the clients, on account of their records; both men were outstanding.

But this... this was just too strange.

Gai wasn't speaking, wasn't moving. Kakashi found this surprising, as he himself stood languidly with his hands in his pockets, keeping up a nonchalant air. As if he weren't bothered by the thought of marrying another man. Wasn't bothered by the thought of setting up home with him.

How would they know, Kakashi wondered as he caught Gai looking at him, from his peripheral vision, that he and Gai weren't just lying? Weren't just saying they'd consummated the marriage? Were having a healthy sex life?

They wouldn't.

After what seemed a lifetime with Gai standing beside him (a strangely silent lifetime), Gai spoke. He was refusing the mission?

Kakashi lazily turned his head to look at Gai, showing no emotion whatsoever, no anger, no annoyance, no relief. Turning back toward the Hokage Kakashi seemed bored, “I'll do it.” he said at length, and he bet Tsunade was really confused, he knew he probably would be.

Glancing toward Gai again Kakashi added, “But what about my dogs?” he assumed he'd be able to bring them (hopefully at least Pakkun), but if he couldn't he wanted to make a particular request for Kiba, who he knew to be a fantastic pet owner, to take them while he was working (he would pay him of course).

“Now all you have to do is find someone else.” Gai couldn’t help feeling some sense of relief. Apparently it wasn’t to be because the Hokage’s next words spelled out in stunning clarity what would happen if he refused as one of her ninja. Knowing it would come down to it. Gai took of his forehead protector and began taking off the emblem.

“I quit.” Gai felt strangely deflated. If it had been anyone else he would have taken the mission and been done with it.

Having been brought up the way he had that marriage was strictly until death do you part and marital loyalty was sacred. Gai just couldn’t see his life being anything but miserable if he married Kakashi. According to the parameters of the mission he and Kakashi would have to be blood married and Gai knew there was no ‘real’ divorce from that. You could fill out paperwork until you were blue in the face but you couldn’t forsake your blood.

Kakashi quickly turned toward Gai, obviously surprised, had Gai, the man he'd never known to give up on anything before in his life (not even on him), really quit? Glancing toward Tsunade, he could tell by the look on her face that she expected him to deal with this. He'd better handle it carefully, he decided.

“You don't wanna talk this over?” Kakashi asked flatly, obviously disappointed in Gai's behavior. He knew he should put some effort into sounding like he cared, which he actually did, but lately things were getting harder and harder to care about.

Kakashi realized after a moment that Gai was one of the few people he did still care about, what with Sasuke and Naruto to the wind, Kakashi was sure that Gai and Sakura were the only two people in the village he even bothered to talk to (or think about talking to).

“I mean Gai,” Kakashi said as he drew a hand out of his pocket and motioned between them, “This is just for the mission. After that,” shrugging slightly, as if he were just talking about borrowing some sugar, Kakashi continued, “Things can go back to normal.” he knew that wouldn't be entirely true.

He was sure they'd still be friends, but things would be changed between them. Uncomfortably so.

“My dear former rival you have no idea what marriage by blood entails.” Gai shook his head regarding the Hokage with a dead expression. “Are you even aware of what that particular vow requires?” At her uncomfortable shifting Gai looked heavenward. “If I took this mission there would be no walking away Hatake there would be only death.”

Looking at the Hokage Gai realized that she had understood what he meant and appeared slightly stunned by it. She quickly had schooled her face before dismissing them both to think it over and refusing to take Gai’s forehead protector until they had time to talk and think about it. Saluting smartly, Gai walked out of the office and quickly found his way to a bar. Ordering more Sake then he had drunken in his entire life Gai set himself out to get royally drunk if only to give himself time to think.

Kakashi scowled, though one wouldn't be able to tell unless they knew him well, exiting the office at Tsunade's request Kakashi watched as Gai walked away, wondering if perhaps the other man would be able to accept the mission on his own, which Kakashi doubted. But he didn't want to see Gai quit, he knew how much the job meant to Gai.

Kakashi hesitated for a moment before trailing listlessly after Gai, flipping Icha Icha open and pretending to read it, he was a little surprised to see Gai enter a bar. Though Kakashi himself didn't drink, he knew most of the others did, and entered hesitantly, hoping to see one of the other jounin to occupy himself with, so that it wouldn't appear as if he were doing just what he was doing; following Gai.

Walking over to where Gai sat Kakashi sat on the stool beside him, propping an elbow on the bar top he rested his chin in his hand as he slid Icha Icha into his back pouch with his other hand. “You know, Gai.” Kakashi drawled as he watched the man drinking, “I could live with it.” he knew that his choice of words would probably set Gai off, but he was perfectly prepared to deal with that.

Snorting into what he was sure was his fifth shot of Sake, Gai waved for another round. “I am sure you could.” Gai decided to ignore Kakashi for the moment content to focus more on the rest of the world. Flirting with the waitress and the bartender at length before downing two more shots and resting his head on the bar top.

Kakashi was still there and Gai was sure that if Kakashi made another comment no matter how asinine Gai would be tempted to drown himself in liquor and give himself over to whatever happened afterwards. If he went through with the madness he would be stuck with Kakashi for the rest of his life.

Gai thought about Kakashi as his spouse and felt the need to bang his head on the table top. Domestically Gai knew he would possibly survive as long as the dogs stayed outside but in bed...Trying not to shudder Gai could imagine Kakashi being rigid there as he could be about other things. Being versatile in bed and a romantic by nature Gai couldn’t picture Kakashi fitting into any of his fantasies and hopes for a bed mate.

Honestly, Gai had imagined a quick fuck with Kakashi to get it out of his head, shatter his romantic ideals about any relationship with him and make Gai never think of him again as anything more than a rival.

Realistically Gai was pretty certain that he would be driven spare within a day of marriage. He also realized that death do us part would be quick. Gai would take the most dangerous mission that he could find and not come back if things went as horribly wrong as he thought they would. Then Gai recalled he could just quit but that felt like failure.

The Hokage had won a gamble. Sighing Gai came to the realization that by giving him time to think about it he was more likely to change his mind but Gai was feeling stubborn.

Kakashi smiled slowly, obviously amused as he watched Gai ignore him, and act as if he weren't there at all. It was strange to see a side of Gai that the other man usually didn't allow him to see. Kakashi decided to do as Gai was doing, and just shut the man out for a few moments.

The mission was risky. Risky as hell, he knew that. But Konoha needed them to do this, and Kakashi had always put Konoha before himself, just as Gai had. Maybe that was the link between the two that the client saw, and wanted to use to his advantage.

Kakashi continued to stare at Gai lazily, it was a little strange. He'd never even thought about marriage, or relationships, the most he'd ever had with anyone had been a few stolen moments before they had to return to work, he's never talked to them about it, and they gave him the same courtesy, but now here he was willing to marry Gai, without so much as a second thought, and why?

Because his country needed him to do it.

Maybe Gai had a point, Kakashi thought as he frowned, “You're really going to quit?” Kakashi asked sounding slightly perturbed, more as a way to stop himself from questioning his orders then anything else.

“Prepare for another War Kakashi, the Hokage has won a gamble she knew she would lose otherwise.” Gai sighed downing another drink before sliding one to Kakashi. “I would like to propose a toast to marriage but I think it will be more of a managed disaster. My only request is that whichever one of us has to take the other one initially for the consummation..” Pausing because he realized exactly how bad this all was going to be, “My request is that it is not thought of as doing it for Konoha but for life.”

Downing the drink Gai put his hands on the bar and contemplated what to do with himself for his last night as a single man.

Kakashi laughed nervously casting a glance around them, obviously not as comfortable with this line of conversation as Gai was. “Sure,” he muttered as he picked the small sake cup up and eyed the contents distrustful. He hadn't had a drink in years (not since he'd turned twenty one and gone out with Kurenai).

Hesitantly pulling his mask down Kakashi quickly drank the contents of the cup, not particularly enjoying the way it felt going down, setting the cup on the bar top as he readjusted his mask he turned his attention back to an antsy Gai, “So, I'll see you in Tsunade's office tomorrow?”

Standing up slowly Kakashi reached into his back pouch and pulled out his wallet, carefully placing enough money on the counter to cover Gai's sake he slipped the wallet back into his back pouch before putting his hands in his pockets, “You're sure about this, right?” Kakashi asked slowly, surprised to realize that he was actually asking the other man that question.

“No Kakashi I will never be alright with this.” Gai sighed, looking at his future husband with a shake of his head. “This is for our country and its future. The lucky of us will die first and the unlucky will live to see it. Morbidity at its best.” With a wan smile, Gai waved Kakashi off. “Do what you would like to that could be considered cheating now. Tomorrow you won’t be able to.”

End Notes: So I figure that since this is done other than some re-editing it should be published completely in a month or two. Maybe sooner if people like it. Review and let me know what you think.

Chapter 2
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