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Relations between Senseis Chapter 12
Title: Relations between Senseis
Pairing: (KakaIru, GaiIru, KakaGai with eventual GaiKakaIru )
Rating: M for Sex, Violence and Mature themes
Warnings: Attempted Suicide, Violence, Polyamorous Relationship
Summary: There is a lot more to Maito Gai then meets the eye and unfortunately it takes some bad things happening before Kakashi and Iruka realize it. (Summary not so great but story is better)
Author's Note: Thanks to everyone for the reviews and kind words. I appreciate them. It is likely I will do a separate epilogue looking forward a few years. It will likely be more humorous and comedy than anything else. Sorry this is unbetaed for the time being still.

Begin Here

Iruka leaned back against the rock in the garden, careful to keep any tears from actually creeping into his eyes. He felt sick with worry about Naruto and Genma, though he supposed right now no news was good news.

And it stung that Kakashi had nearly consented to inviting Gai into the relationship without speaking to him. It wasn’t that Iruka didn’t want Gai to be with them, but he was still mourning the loss of the blissful existence that he and Kakashi had.

He was naked except for the blanket wrapped around his arms and as Kakashi appeared on the deck of the house, Iruka shrugged the blanket up around his shoulders higher.

“Hey, I’m okay. Just needed some air,” he murmured with a weak smile.

“Do you want me to go?” Kakashi asked, wishing he could see inside his lover’s head just then.

Iruka shook his head but then shrugged and got to his feet. “Let’s go back to bed for a bit. It’s so early,” Iruka yawned, rejoining Kakashi and letting his lover lead him back to their room. “You have fun?” Iruka asked, his smile still weak and exhausted.

Kakashi just grunted and helped his lover back into bed beside Gai. “I love you, you know that, right?” he murmured as Iruka’s long lashes started to flutter closed tiredly. When Iruka grunted softly in affirmation, Kakashi wrapped his arms around the smaller body. “Good, don’t forget it.”

The next time Gai woke up he could tell that it was just past noon. Looking next to him Gai saw Kakashi and Iruka cuddled up still soundly asleep. Smiling faintly at the adorable sight, Gai slowly extracted himself from the bed. Staggering only slightly as he made his way to his room. Grabbing some clothes and a quick shower, Gai managed to make his way down the stairs.

Preparing the two men a light lunch, Gai left it under a jutsu in the kitchen before making a protein shake. Then after some thought, Gai made a second shake before writing a note to Kakashi and Iruka. Knowing that the two would need some time to talk about things, Gai decided to make himself scarce.

Knowing that Raidou would likely haven’t left the hospital, Gai slowly made his way over. Dressed in a black spandex body suit that he covered with a white and green yukata with black shinobi sandals. Once in the hospital it didn’t take long to find Raidou who was pacing the floor in the waiting room.

“I come baring food.” Gai greeted Raidou, putting the food on a nearby table. “Is everything okay? Did Genma wake up?”

“No.” Raidou’s voice was soft.
Walking over Gai simply put his hand on Raidou’s shoulder. Gai felt a bit like a failure. He hadn’t gotten back in time after all. Feeling like he needed to make up for failing his friend, Gai coaxed Raidou into eating some and drinking his protein shake. Knowing that there wasn’t a lot for him to do at this point, Gai left Raidou alone to grieve as he wanted. The doctors were finally allowing Raidou back into the room.

Gai watched Raidou go shaking his head and trying to convince himself that there was nothing more he could do. Walking to Naruto’s room, Gai had to get special permissions but once he was allowed in, Gai sat on the bed.

“You know no one will blame you if you die. What you had to do was unbearable but everyone would like you to live.” Gai reached out and took Naruto’s hand. “I know a bit about how you must be feeling. Things will turn out how they will. You may be too young now to realize it but give it a chance.”

Looking around the room Gai spotted the different flowers that were in the room. “A lot of people would miss you if you were gone. You would be surprised how many. You just never notice it until you almost die. Personal experience is talking now.” Gai grinned ruefully.

Blue eyes that should have been bright blue but appeared clouded and dull opened, blinking weakly at the dark haired man. “I know...I should be strong, but I don’t want to anymore. It was easy to be strong when I was still trying to get him back,” Naruto murmured, squeezing weakly at Gai’s hand.

“Maybe if I’d told him... maybe he wouldn’t have...” A tear streaked down Naruto’s scarred cheek and he sniffled softly. “Don’t leave it too late. If you love someone, tell them,” he murmured to Gai.

“I am realizing that more and more each day.” Gai sighed before laying down beside Naruto on the bed and quietly wiping his tears away. “There is someone else for you. I know it. But for now if you can’t be strong for him anymore be strong for those in the village who would give their own lives rather than see you die.”

Rubbing lightly up and down Naruto’s arm made Gai continued. “What am I going to do with you? Tsunade is going to kill one of us. It will either be you for coming out of the coma she put you in or now that I think about it she may kill me for you waking up on your own and not getting her.”

Naruto couldn’t help it, he laughed a bit and then with a sob put his face into Gai’s chest and let the tears flow. Finally when he was cried out he sighed. “Fuzzy brow sensei you know she will kill us both.”

“Too true, too true.” Gai sighed before reaching for the call bell. “You decent for other company now?” When Naruto nodded wiping the evidence of tears from his face, Gai sat up and realized the call bell wasn’t necessary. There had been an ANBU who had quietly been observing and must have summoned the Hokage.
“Brace yourself.” Gai chuckled and rubbed his head before flopping in one of the bedside chairs.

“Brat!” Tsunade spit out as she stormed into the room. “Don’t you ever scare me like that again!” She immediately moved to the side of the bed and started checking Naruto’s vitals. Pulling down the blankets, Tsunade gently palpated Naruto’s abdomen, checking for internal damage.

“Well, it seems that the fox has almost completely healed you. What I don’t know is how you came out of a medically induced coma?” she asked with a smile, ruffling Naruto’s blond hair. “You might have to teach some of your fellow jounin that one.”

“Fuzzy brow sensei, she is smiling at me and being nice to me after I almost got myself killed. Is it a genjustsu?” Naruto stage whispered. The sharp smack to the back of Naruto’s head made Gai chuckle and for a moment Naruto smiled softly though his eyes were still dull. “Good old Tsunade baa chan.”

“I’ll see if I can’t get some ramen and sneak it in later.” Gai whispered into Naruto’s ear before giving the man a squeeze on the arm and making his way out of the hospital.

“I shouldn’t have slept with him this morning,” Kakashi murmured, running his fingers through Iruka’s hair. They were still in bed and Kakashi suspected that they probably wouldn’t end up doing much today other than wait for word on their friends. “I needed the release and I knew you weren’t up for it. I think we need to talk about what’s been going on here.”

Not rolling over, Iruka nodded. He knew what the right call was but he suddenly anxious about the decision. Change, when you have something so good, was scary.

When Iruka didn’t speak, Kakashi sighed and wrapped his arms around the brunet. “What’s wrong? You already know that I love you more than anything. It was you who was pushing us in this direction from the beginning. Hell, you’re the one who slept with him first.” Kakashi worried he might have gone too far so he pressed his lips to Iruka’s neck. “So what’s the problem? Is it just too much to think about right now?”

Sighing, Iruka nodded. “It was. But it was what I thought would be right. I don’t want him to be lonely like that anymore. He’d be a good fit with us,” Iruka murmured, reaching a hand back and sinking it into Kakashi’s hair. “It would be nothing short of rejection if we turned him away now. I couldn’t do that to him.”

“Ru, that’s not the reason to do...”

“No, I know,” Iruka interjected, his heart aching as he thought about Gai when he’d been so sad before. “I know. That’s not what this is about. I’m assuming you’re alright with it and I am too. Oh, he’s back. We should get up for a bit. Maybe he has news.”

Kakashi wanted to object, to be sure before Iruka got out of bed but he knew that Iruka didn’t say something unless he meant it. “Alright, you want to talk to him right away today?” he asked, climbing out of the bed and pulling on a pair of underwear and pants, nodding back when Iruka nodded in agreement.

Gai was a little put out that he wouldn’t be able to get a massage until later that night but then he had said he would bring Naruto ramen when he came back. Shifting through the wards, Gai strolled into the kitchen and tilted his head when he noticed that the food hadn’t been touched. Shrugging Gai released the jutsu and sprawled in the chair. He meticulously began to nibble on some fruit as he thought about Genma. Raidou didn’t look like he had gotten any sleep and Gai knew that he would crack soon.

Making a note to take Raidou dinner and if necessary knock him out Gai contemplated the other thing that had been on his mind. The book and the two men who had inspired it. Gai wasn’t sure if continuing would be the right thing. Depending on the circumstances he may have to discontinue it. That particular thought made Gai frown deeply, his leg bouncing up and down as he thought.

Iruka smiled as he walked out into the main room but didn’t say anything, sitting at the table and pulling a juicy piece of mango towards him, sliding the orange flesh between his full lips.

“Hey. Were you at the hospital?” Kakashi asked as he came into the room, giving Iruka’s shoulders a squeeze before taking his own seat. “Any news?” he asked, still a bit uncomfortable with the silence Iruka was wrapping himself in.

“Genma is still out. The medics aren’t saying much.” Gai sighed studying the table thoughtfully. “Naruto is awake but not really present yet. He won’t ever be the same.” Thinking about how Naruto would live his life now gave Gai an uncomfortable feeling. He didn’t know why but Gai knew that he was going to be randomly appearing to drag Naruto out and about again.

Kakashi smiled behind his mask when Iruka visibly perked up at the news.

“Naruto’s awake? That’s great! He seems better?” Iruka chirped, looking nearly like a totally different person with the smile that spread across his face. “I’m so relieved. Is he allowed visitors?” Iruka yammered on, not even waiting for an answer before asking the next question.

“Ru...should we discuss...” Kakashi asked, nodding towards Gai, hoping his lover would get the point.

“Ah...” Iruka murmured, nodding and biting his lower lip. “Well, the first thing I think we should address is that a relationship with three people is nearly impossible to maintain. Do you know how hard it is to keep someone from getting jealous? It’s not what I want to happen but if we agree to do this are we also prepared for it all to fall apart?” Iruka asked, looking between the two men. “We all care about one another, that’s obvious, and I’m worried about what will happen to us if this doesn’t work. Still...that doesn’t mean I don’t want to. Gai, what are you thinking? Is a polyamourous relationship even something you want?”

“Wait slow down for a moment.” Gai rubbed his forehead and tried to figure out where best to start. “One Naruto is awake but you have to get special permission because his mental state is a little...” Gai made a hand gesture to convey Naruto being somewhat off. Then schooling himself and taking a deep breath Gai turned over his thoughts on what else Iruka had said.

“I’m not a jealous person. I don’t really have it in my make up.” Gai paused thoughtfully. “I am competitive by nature but I never worry about what someone else has or does because I am myself. Wearing green spandex on a regular basis tends to give one a certain acceptance of different or alternative life choices.”

Scratching his chin thoughtfully, Gai rolled over in his mind his thoughts one more time before continuing. “I like you both, hell I have been in love with one of you for years and the other blindsided me with how much I have come to adore them. I like seeing you two together and I have said before and say it again I think you two fit together. I would walk away from it all if I thought I was negatively impacting what you two have. That is not me being a martyr that is me knowing my own mind enough that I wouldn’t want to be the cause of anyone else being miserable.”
Then Gai figure he may as well lay out the other reason he was comfortable with a polyamorous relationship. “As you both know my family wasn’t from Konoha and I didn’t actually come to the village until I was older but I had two fathers and my mother. They were in a relationship and I knew it. I never knew which man was my father because they were both there. I have had a good example of how relationships with multiple people can work. It isn’t easy but I believe anything worth having is worth fighting for.”

Surprised by the news, Kakashi humming in affirmation. “You keep that little tidbit pretty close to the chest, don’t you,” he murmured, smiling at Gai through his mask. “I think you would be a good fit with us. Rather, we’d be a good fit together. I know Iruka and haven’t been together for that long but I think we can handle the change. Is this what you want though? Both of you, are you sure that this is what you want?”

Iruka rubbed his full lips together, still looking unsure of what he really wanted. Still, he nodded his tan chin, reaching one hand out towards Gai and the other out towards Kakashi. “Yeah, I’m sure,” he murmured, taking both men’s hands and squeezing them reassuringly. “Gai...I know you have deep feelings for Kakashi. Are you sure that you want a relationship with me too? Or am I just part of the deal?”

“Iruka, my adorable ever doubting sensei.” Gai began, “I admired you before which you are well aware of, I have gradually come to respect you and well obviously lust after you. I’m not fickle,” waving at Kakashi, “Obviously and I don’t say what I don’t mean. I like you, enjoy spending time with you, I enjoy your sense of humor, I even enjoy watching you in a temper and being all caring at the same time. I enjoy you and to be honest was a little thrown off when I found out you were going to be my therapist because well...” Coughing and blushing, Gai stopped talking and rubbed his head. “You were a little too much like someone I could fall in love with.” The last was said in a bit of a rush.

Watching the blush spread across Iruka’s cheeks had Kakashi grinning broadly. Tiny little shots of jealousy shot threw him but he quickly batted them away. He hoped that Gai and Iruka would love one another. It was the only way that this was going to work.

“Good. That’s good,” Kakashi murmured, getting to his feet and pulling down his mask. Pressing his lips to Gai’s before leaning over to kiss Iruka. “Mmm, now let’s eat and go back to the hosptial and see if we can help our friends at all, okay?” he murmured, gesturing for the two men to come to him for an embrace.

Shaking his head, Gai managed to hobble over and wrap his arm around Kakashi before kissing Iruka on the lips and wrapping him up as well. “You two may want to leave without me I am in full hobble mode at the moment,” Gai sighed. “I hopefully will be more spry after my massage later on tonight.” Giving the two men in his arms an extra squeeze Gai managed to shuffle back over to his seat and gingerly sit down. “Though taking Raidou lunch would probably be a good idea, he probably won’t remember unless he passes out.”

Frowning, Iruka moved behind Gai and rubbed his shoulders. “Why don’t you let Kakashi and I give you a good rubdown. Kakashi is very good at it aaaand if you trust me, Genma taught me all about acupuncture. I’m good at it but I know that’s the sort of thing most people want to go to a professional for,” Iruka murmured in Gai’s ear as he worked his thumbs against Gai’s muscles. “Aside from food do you think Raidou wants anything else? What about Naruto?”

“I could definitely go for both. Lactic acid is just sitting in my muscles I can feel it.” Gai practically moaned at the shoulder rub. He couldn’t help it but a good shoulder rub tended to make Gai react like a really happy puppy.

“Raidou would probably need a mild distraction like a book or something. Naruto is of course Ramen and more than likely some type of puzzle or scroll to keep him occupied for the time being. He isn’t going to be interested in much and if possible keeping him out of his own head would be a good idea.” When Iruka hit a particular tough knot Gai felt felt his leg twitch. The reaction was completely involuntary but Gai couldn’t quite make the reaction stop.

“Mmm, looks like you could use that rubdown right now, Gai,” Iruka murmured, glancing at Kakashi hopefully.

“Yeah yeah. You go. Look after Raidou and Naruto, I’ll look after Gai,” Kakashi murmured, smiling and waving Iruka off. “Hurry back though. The only thing better than one set of hands working you over is two.”

Grinning broadly, Iruka pecked them both and dashed back into the bedroom, changing into a uniform and heading off towards the hospital.

“Whew, I’m glad even just for Iruka that Naruto pulled through. He would never have been the same person if he hadn’t. Come on. I think you’ve earned a little relaxation after saving our friends,” Kakashi murmured, gesturing for Gai to follow him into the bedroom. “At least from me. If Naruto is really doing better I suspect Iruka will thank you in his own way when he gets back,” he added with a wide smirk.

“Oh boy.” Gai blushed slightly, before following after Kakashi slowly. “I just want to say I hope you know I am temporarily suspended from bottoming privileges until I can touch my toes again, at the very least.”


Making Raidou promise him that he was going to eat the food Iruka had brought for him, the brunet kissed the scarred man on the forehead. Repeating the action on the sandy haired man in the bed, Iruka slipped out of the room.

With the hot, styrofoam container in his hands, Iruka had a hard time not skipping down the halls to Naruto’s room. When he opened the door, he could feel himself start to tear up. Dashing over the the blond, Iruka wrapped him up in an a tight, one armed hug.

“Naruto...” Iruka murmured, his throat tight with emotion. “You...scared me so much...”

“Hi Iruka sensei.” Naruto’s voice was quiet and subdued. “I didn’t mean to.” Returning Iruka’s hug briefly Naruto began to study his hands. “How have you been?” Then with a slight tilt of his head and a small Naruto sniffed. “Is that ramen?”

Nodding and trying not to let the duller than usual response bother him, Iruka pulled the table that was slid over the bed up to Naruto and set the styrofoam down on it. “With extra Naruto, just for you,” he added, grinning broadly and settling down on the bed. “How are you feeling now?” Iruka asked, pushing a lock of hair off of Naruto’s forehead. “We heard...about Sasuke. I’m so sorry, Naruto. I know how much you wanted him to come home. Maybe now at least he has some peace,” Iruka murmured, resting a hand over Naruto’s and squeezing gently.

“Thanks sensei.” Naruto smiled at the ramen excitedly but quickly lost his enthusiasm for it at the mention of Sasuke. Tensing Naruto looked at Iruka. “He may have peace but what do I have, survivors guilt.” Shaking his head, Naruto leaned back in the bed and stared at the ceiling ramen completely forgotten. “Why did he make me kill him. Is that what Sasuke felt like killing his brother.” Staring at the ceiling Naruto became lost in thought.

Blinking his long, dark lashes, Iruka managed to stifle his gasp at the news. He wasn’t quite sure why he hadn’t put it together, it made sense considering Sasuke had attacked them and Naruto had been the most alive of the group.

“Oh...Naruto, I’m so sorry,” he breathed again, leaning in and pulling Naruto back against him. “You can’t blame yourself. You can’t, Naruto. He attacked you. And who knows, maybe he did want you to kill him and yes, that seems crazy but you can’t blame yourself. You were trying to protect your team. And I’m sure you did everything you could not to hurt him too. Please, please try to remember that.” Iruka craddled Naruto to him, refusing to let go even though he was sure Naruto wanted him to. “It’s not your fault, Naruto. It’s not. No matter what, remember it’s not your fault and that we love you.”

Iruka remember what Kakashi had been like when Sasuke had first left. They hadn’t been dating then but they were friends. He didn’t want Naruto to shut down like that.

“I know.” Naruto whispered, “But it isn’t going to hurt any less or make it any less real.” Finally untangling himself from Iruka’s arms Naruto smiled sadly. “Now I have to find another short term goal in life to shoot for. Know any good, loyal friends I can borrow?” Naruto put his head down and began to laugh. “I hate this. I really hate this.”

Running his hand through Naruto’s hair, Iruka sighed sadly. “I know. I wish I could fix this for you. I wish that more than anything. I know you’re not, but you’ve been he closest thing I’ve ever had to a little brother or a son, and it’s torture to see family hurting like this. It will get easier though, in time.”

Drying his eyes, Iruka chuckled weakly and squeezed Naruto’s shoulder. “At least eat your ramen. That always helps at least a little, he offered, for once unsure of what to say.

Nodding slowly Naruto pulled the ramen up and slowly tried to eat. His heart a bit soothed by the fact that someone else had told him that they cared and given him a care package to prove it. Naruto didn’t finish the entire bowl but he did get a bit of it down. Then he snuggled back up to Iruka and got some sleep.

Iruka stayed for a while, just stroking Naruto’s hair before finally leaving him to sleep. It was heartbreaking to see the blond so hurt but Iruka knew it was only something time would heal.

When he walked back inside his bedroom, he wasn’t surprise to see Kakashi still working away at Gai, the latter of the men moaning in delight as strong hands worked knots out of one of his legs. Grinning, Iruka slicked up his hands with lotion and crept onto the bed, picking up Gai’s other foot and started working his digits into the tight muscles.

Gai couldn’t contain the groan and full body spasm of joy that accompanied the addition of another set of hands working on his legs. Sighing peacefully and happily murmuring away Gai relaxed completely, he was a boneless mass at this point. Almost anyway, one part of his anatomy was rock hard and determined. As Iruka and Kakashi hit all the different little spots on his body, Gai tried to talk his erection down.

Kakashi smiled at Iruka as Gai groaned in pleasure, both of them working their hands up to Gai’s hips and kneading the tension out of the muscles.

“Enjoying yourself?” Iruka purred, removing his hands for a moment to pull off his clothes, nodding for Kakashi to do the same. “I don’t think I thanked you...for your hard work.” Smirking, Iruka bent down and licked the top of the crevice between Gai’s cheeks.

“Really.” Gai voice squeaked out. Unconsciously, his whole body flexed a welcome. “Yes I am enjoying myself very much.” Nodding his head for emphasize he tried to keep his voice level but failed completely. “So I am most curious to how you will thank me for my work.” Gai felt quite proud of the fact that he managed to contain the blush to his face.

Grinning, Iruka slid his hands all the way up Gai’s back, his naked body brushing against Gai’s skin. “Mmmm,” he purred, nipping at Gai’s shoulder. “I would think that you could pick anything your little heart desires. But I can give you some options, if you like.”

Shifting beside Gai, Iruka continued to work his strong hands into the muscles and tendons of Gai’s back. “Well naturally you’re welcome to fuck me silly, if that’s to your taste. Or I could put on a show for you. When was the last time you had a lap dance, Gai?” he asked, his tone teasing. “Or I could just continue your full body massage...with my tongue.” He let the images marinate, his cock twitching at his own suggestions.

The blush on Gai’s face quickly spread to include the rest of his anatomy and Gai was torn between two. Then he realized that he could always plead his case. “What about a combination of all three?” Gai inquired thoughtfully. “I’ve never had a lap dance but the tongue thing sounds....stimulating.” Stuck for a better word for it.

“Oooh front row seats.” Kakashi cheered. “Of course with audience participation.”

Chuckling, Iruka slid off the bed and signaled to Kakashi for the two of them to relax before disappearing into the walk in closet, giving the pair a sexy look over his shoulder as he left.

Taking down the big, black box, Iruka pulled out some sexy, lace women’s underwear, pulling them on and looking in the full length mirror to see his reflection. Kakashi had collected a lot of female clothing for him over the year, though he’d treated his lover to such shows very infrequently, not wanting the man to get any ideas about him being the girl in the relationship, even if he was the one getting fucked.

He slipped on a plaid, pleated mini-skirt and a very see-through white shirt over the black bra and tied the shirt around his ribs.

“Alright, let me make it very clear that this isn’t a regular show. Special occasion,” Iruka murmured, sliding his feet into a pair of heels and stepping out of the closet so the men could get a look at him.

Oh Gai was happy. SO RIDICULOUSLY happy that he doubted it would be believed. Trying not to keel over from interest Gai smiled and leaned back. Trying to turn himself into a replica of the image Iruka had channeled in one of their therapy sessions, Gai ruffled his hair up a bit and leaned back to enjoy the show.

Much later when Gai found himself sweat slicked and with a soreness of the pleasant kind he wondered how it would all work out. He knew that it was going to be hard going with their relationship but he felt it would be worth it in the end. Watching Iruka snoring peacefully on his back, still in the plaid skirt but otherwise naked, Gai felt himself smiling peacefully. Kakashi was drooling on Iruka’s stomach and his foot was twitching every so often.

Realizing that he had the perfect ending to his book, Gai stealthily replaced himself with a pillow before sneaking out of the bedroom. Wrapping himself in a yukata, Gai flopped on the floor in his old room and began the task of writing out what he considered his masterpiece. He was sure though that it would likely be critically panned but really who didn’t like a happily ever after? Naive though Gai knew the idea was he still held the hope and Gai knew himself to be nothing if not a romantic.

The End…
Thanks for reading and let me know if you liked it by reviewing.

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I enjoyed your story a lot more than I thought I would. I wasn't sure if I'd like the three of them together, but it turns out that with your writing that I do. Anyway I ended up doing some fanart based off your story Relations between Senseis and I thought I'd leave it here for you. Also, I think I read somewhere that you were going to do and epilogue and I thought I might be able to bribe you to add Lee and Gaara to it. I really want to read their finding out reactions. Anyway, nice job I'm looking forward to reading more of your work.

OMG I love your art work. It is so appreciated. It is such a sweet moment. Thank you so much. I am working the epilogue now and I will see if I can work Lee and Gaara into the mix for you. Once again thank you.

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