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Relations between Senseis Chapter 11
Title: Relations between Senseis
Pairing: (KakaIru, GaiIru, KakaGai with eventual GaiKakaIru )
Rating: M for Sex, Violence and Mature themes
Warnings: Attempted Suicide, Violence, Polyamorous Relationship
Summary: There is a lot more to Maito Gai then meets the eye and unfortunately it takes some bad things happening before Kakashi and Iruka realize it. (Summary not so great but story is better)
Author's Note: Sorry I have been sick and editing this while sick has caused me to make some typos here and there. I apologize for it taking so long but reviews do make me put in the effort to try to get things in sooner. In the words of multiple authors so I can't say which one started it, 'Reviews are like food for writers, so feed the writer!'. Also some of you have been anxiously waiting for something and you are going to get it now. Thank you for the reviews.
Begin Here

When 4am came Gai sat up and rolled out of the bed. On the floor he began to stretch out his muscles. The slight pain he felt let him know exactly how much damage had been done.

Rolling over and facing where Gai was stretching, Kakashi grunted softly and yawned. “Come back to bed,” he murmured, stretching out his arm and letting his fingers drag over Gai’s silky black hair. “You should take some more time to recuperate. Maybe skip your workout today,” he suggested, sliding closer to Iruka and patting the bed on the other side of him. “I want to talk to you about something.”

Looking at Kakashi, Gai thought for a moment as he finished stretching. It was his intention to finish stretching and then possibly look into getting a massage. Realizing that if Kakashi wanted to talk right now there was little Gai could do to get away or desuade him.

Sitting up, Gai lay down on the mattress and waited for Kakashi to speak. Laying on his back was comfortable for the time being though Gai knew it wouldn’t be comfortable for long. Shifting a bit more Gai finally shifted to his side to get on his stomach. His head turned as he waited for Kakashi to start the conversation.

Sighing, Kakashi ran a hand along Gai’s arm, looking at his friend intently. His fingers brushed a lock of Gai’s hair off his forehead and trailed down the side of the man’s face. “You know, we weren’t suppose to live this long, either of us. Ninja like us have a best before date, regardless of our skill level. I know I’m past mine, have been for a few years now. I think you’re pretty close to yours, if you haven’t passed it already. We were supposed to die before we ever got close to this point though, before we realize that we need more than what the missions can offer.” Kakashi gently massaged the back of Gai’s neck, not quite sure how to put the rest.

“I think you need something more in your life now. You need someone. I’m not going to presume to tell you whom, but you need to break out of your shell a little and have someone special in your life or you’re going to lose yourself, like I came dangerously close to doing. Do you understand what I’m saying,” Kakashi asked, pulling Gai closer to him, the space between them intimate and heated.

“I will have you know I am still in my youth comparatively old man.” Gai teased thinking. “What about someones?” The thought was out there before Gai had given much thought to its implications. Then Gai realized that he would be damned if he let the consequences get in the way.

An image of Naruto and Sasuke flashed through his mind; the tragedy of it in the making. Even though he knew that it would be a tragedy from when Sasuke first left the village. They had been too young then to have thoughts of anything but the loss of a brother. Gai had been there and he knew from watching Kakashi that it would grow into love like any weed. Though weeds still grew flowers, sometimes. Gai hoped he could call love something other than a weed at some point. Now seemed to be the time to see.

Pursing his lips even thinner, Kakashi glanced over his shoulder at Iruka. He was pretty sure that the brunet wasn’t asleep anymore but that meant that he didn’t want to jump into the conversation just then. Kakashi could understand why, Iruka was too busy worrying about Genma and Naruto to make any cogent decisions right now.

“That isn’t something I can decide by myself,” Kakashi murmured softly, pulling Gai tight against him, the tension and uncertainty spiking his adrenaline and making him hard. “But I suspect it’s something Iruka would want too. We might just have to wait until things settle down a bit before bringing it up.”

Cupping the back of Gai’s head, Kakashi guided their faces together, his thin lips pulling at Gai’s gently as his arms held the man firmly against him. His tongue licked at the seam of Gai’s mouth, rubbing against the other man’s languidly. It was the kind of kiss he never thought he’d share with Gai but he didn’t find it distasteful at all. In fact the kiss was incredibly hot.

So hot that Kakashi very nearly missed Iruka disappearing from the bed behind him. Cursing internally, Kakashi sighed and rested his head against Gai’s collarbones. “He’s fine, just in the garden. He’s very private about his emotions. Ironic considering he’s a counselor.”

Lifting his head and running his hands along Gai’s ridiculously toned body, Kakashi groaned softly. He was upset too, he just felt like dealing with his anxiety in a different way. “I wanna fuck, Gai,” he breathed, running his tongue up Gai’s throat.

“Are you sure Iruka’s okay?” Gai felt his voice quiver a little bit. He didn’t want to do anything to annoy Iruka or cause him any distress. Gai knew that sometimes you needed your space and sometimes you needed someone to understand that space wasn’t always what you needed.

The conflicting information from his head and his body was making Gai a little light headed. He knew with his head that it would be better to wait but his body was demanding some satisfaction. Weary though he was his erection was still pulsing with life. Pushed up next to him was his wet dream come to life.

“He’s upset about Genma and Naruto, not you. If he wanted company he would have stayed,” Kakashi murmured, pulling Gai’s underwear down his hips. A tiny piece of the back of his mind felt guilty for trying to get his cock inside Gai when Iruka was clearly so upset but he’d learned that sometimes it was better to let his lover calm down before approaching him. Besides, he decided like he got a round alone with Gai at the very least too.

Kakashi’s sharp canines pulled at the skin of Gai’s throat as he began maneuvering himself between his friend’s long, muscular legs. His hand fumbled in the bedside stand for lube as he ground their naked cocks together. “I want you, Gai,” he groused out, his hands massaging Gai’s firm cheeks. “You ready for me, Gai,” he taunted, knowing that Gai had wanted to be physical with him for a long time.

“Don’t get cocky Kakashi.” Gai groaned lightly as he realized that currently he wasn’t in a position to make even an overture at possibly topping. “Total body control is a dangerous thing.” Warning Kakashi seemed only fair. He had warned Iruka of the same thing but no one tended to listen until after the fact.

Deciding that Kakashi talking would give him too much time to think Gai pulled Kakashi to him by the back of his neck. Pulling Kakashi on top of him Gai shivered lightly. Nibbling along Kakashi’s throat, Gai spread his legs and waited patiently for Kakashi to prepare him.

Slicking up his fingers, Kakashi tossed back the covers and began gently prodding at Gai’s hole, eager to get inside the perfectly trained body. Only as his finger breached Gai’s ass, he was shocked at how tight it felt, and how the muscles clamped down around the digit like a vice.

“Relax,” Kakashi ordered, running a hand along Gai’s length and trying to push his finger in deeper. When the muscles clamped down around it again, Kakashi looked up at Gai with a surprised scowl. “Gai, have you ever been fucked before?” he asked, not having considered that the man’s body wouldn’t be used to being slicked up and prepared like Iruka’s was.

“Kakashi my body has been through trauma and I am tense.” Gai didn’t have any interest in admitting that no one had ever been inside him before. After a moment of getting in touch with his lower muscles and the two rings of muscles inside his anus, Gai flexed them briefly before he felt himself opening up. Breathing slowly and deeply Gai watched Kakashi’s face as he let his hands wander over Kakashi’s body.

As Gai started to relax, Kakashi slowly fondled his cock as he spread the lube inside Gai’s body. Tense or not, the man was very tight and Kakashi was dying to get inside of him. “Push out,” he breathed, waiting for the muscles to relax a bit more before carefully sliding in a second finger along with the first.

Leaning down he nibbled at Gai’s lips to suppress a groan. “Try to relax,” Kakashi murmured again, jacking the slightly taller man off and wondering if he was going to be patient enough to stretch him properly. Sinking his hand into Gai’s hair, Kakashi pulled back gently, his lips sucking at the long, muscular neck. “Fuck, you’re so tight,” he groaned, hardly believing that this was happening. “I want you, Gai,” he purred, smiling against Gai’s throat when the man shivered at the words. “That make you feel good, hearing that I want you?”

“Yeah. You knew it would.” Gai whispered arching his back lightly before using his legs to pull Kakashi closer. “Do it Kakashi. You know you want to. I can take it.”

Rolling his hips lightly, Gai ground himself against Kakashi’s length, his eyes heavy lidded and his mind bent on sex. “Unless of course you don’t think you can make it good.” Taunting Kakashi lightly Gai let a smile play on his lips as he spoke. Flicking Kakashi’s nipples lightly.

Smirking, Kakashi slathered a handful of lube on his cock and shifted into position. Hooking one of Gai’s legs over his arm, Kakashi rubbed the head of his cock against Gai’s opening. “I always make it good,” Kakashi murmured, bending over Gai and tightening his grip in the man’s hair. “Tell me if it hurts,” he whispered against Gai’s lips before he started slowly easing himself forward.

So tight, so hot, was all Kakashi could think, though he managed to keep his face neutral as he pushed himself into Gai’s body, trying not to hurt the man.

Gai relaxed and enjoyed the slow invasion. Watching Kakashi’s face he fought the urge not to bite Kakashi in order to get a reaction. Leaning up a bit Gai licked Kakashi’s cheek and moaned lightly in Kakashi’s ear before flexing his rectum around Kakashi once he was deeply seated inside of him.

Vaguely Gai took note of the pain and wondered if he should just pay for the full body massage and be done with it. Then throwing the thought out abruptly as Kakashi started to move inside him. Stretching lightly Gai relaxed and let it happening, feeling a lassitude settle over his movements. Letting his hands scratch lightly down Kakashi’s back before grabbing Kakashi’s ass and grinding their pelvises together. Gai enjoyed the way Kakashi felt rubbing against his prostate and he let someone else take care of him for once.

Starting slowly, Kakashi rocked himself inside of Gai, letting out a long, satisfied breath. “Fuck...you feel so good,” Kakashi whispered, cupping Gai’s face and kissing his friend slowly. The head of his cock dragged and pressed against Gai’s prostate and Kakashi groaned when Gai tightened around him.

“Tell me how it feels,” he breathed, resting their foreheads together as his hips hunched forward. “Does it feel good,” Kakashi asked, swinging his hips in a slow circle so his cock ground against Gai’s sweet spot.

“It feels like you are trying to join with me and make are bodies one.” Gai breathed slowly and just let his mouth go. “You want me to feel that slight pulse in my back and a tingling in my stomach long after you have shot your load into me. You want to make sure I don’t forget that you had me. I feel as though if you stop I won’t be able to control what I do.” Shifting his hips to grind right along with Kakashi, Gai smiled. “Faster. I want it harder, make me really feel it.” Pulling Kakashi in for a deep kiss, Gai called a bit of his chakra to his tongue and lightly ran it against Kakashi’s knowing how sensitive the other was to chakra.

Gasping softly into Gai’s mouth, Kakashi rolled his hips harder and faster, burying himself deeper into Gai’s body. Tugging back on the black hair, Kakashi set a firm pace; drinking in the shy sounds he pulled from Gai’s mouth.

“Mmm, fuck that’s hot. Who would have guessed that you were so bashful,” Kakashi purred, running his tongue back against Gai’s to get that amazing tingling sensation against his again.

“Give me your cum, Kakashi.” Gai whimpered lightly when he felt the tale tell signs of his orgasm approaching. Feeling his eyes begin to roll lightly and his chakra coils pulse wildly, Gai felt himself start to grab onto something while he relaxed his muscles to the onslaught.

“Cumming.” Gai moaned barely able to breath as the orgasm ripped through him and sent his heart racing. As his vision blurred, Gai reluctantly concluded that as much as he wanted to see Iruka and make sure he was okay, Gai wasn’t as recovered as he thought. Sleep pulled at Gai and when Kakashi’s release finally coated his insides, Gai promptly passed out.

Collapsing beside the raven, Kakashi was shocked to find that he felt extremely comfortable about what had passed between Gai and himself. He’d thought it would be more strained but it had actually felt very natural to be with the man like that.

Then there was Iruka, and thinking about him almost made Kakashi feel ill. He hadn’t admitted it before but he’d been acting a bit vindictive for what had happened when he’d been away on a mission. In the end it hadn’t been about hurting Iruka at all but he realized that might have been the outcome regardless.

Pressing his lips to Gai’s, Kakashi eased himself out of bed, padding softly down the halls to try to find his lover.

Chapter 12