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Relations Between Senseis Chapter 9.
Title: Relations between Senseis
Pairing: (KakaIru, GaiIru, KakaGai with eventual GaiKakaIru )
Rating: M for Sex, Violence and Mature themes
Warnings: Attempted Suicide, Violence, Polyamorous Relationship
Summary: There is a lot more to Maito Gai then meets the eye and unfortunately it takes some bad things happening before Kakashi and Iruka realize it. (Summary not so great but story is better)
Author’s Note: I am editing the next chapter so two reviews and I will post it. Sorry I haven’t posted in months but I forgot about this story. This is why the occasional review out of the blue gets an update because I can get really busy.

Begin Here

Before Gai really had time to process Iruka’s words he was asleep. Having conditioned himself to wake at 4 am no matter what the situation, Gai found his eyes open. Looking around Gai mentally berated himself, he had only had three hours of sleep but he was wide awake. Staring at the ceiling thoughtfully, he let his mind examine the events of the night before in detail. Feeling Iruka begin to stir, Gai lightly stroked his hair. A sleepy murmur was the only response he got before Iruka was snoring again. Smiling softly, Gai looked over at Kakashi.

Slightly surprised to find Kakashi sleeping without his mask, Gai took the time to commit Kakashi’s face to memory. Studying the way the scar running vertically down Kakashi’s eye made his face oddly more appealing among other little nuances of the Copy nin’s appearance. In sleep Kakashi had the face of an Adonis. Luckily the scars and imperfections kept Kakashi from being too perfect. Kakashi’s nose was slightly crooked. His lips were a hair too thin and his teeth were a tad too sharp. Feeling his lip twitch at the violent nip Kakashi had given him at one point during a kiss. The man’s canines were razor sharp. Gai also took note of the slightest indention in Kakashi’s chin.

Finishing his perusal of Kakashi’s face, Gai went back to ceiling watching. Gai tried to make himself sleep again but couldn’t quite seem to get there. So he let himself float.

Waking, Iruka cuddled against Kakashi’s shoulder, sighing softly in contentment as fingers pulled through his hair. He’d always loved being physically close with someone and little was better than resting against Kakashi. Sighing contentedly, Iruka let his eyes flutter open noting that it wasn’t Kakashi who was playing with his hair.

Not for the first time since he’d found out about Gai’s feelings, Iruka wondered if it would be better in general if he stepped back, tried to let Gai and Kakashi sort out what was going on between them. It broke his heart to think about leaving Kakashi, about leaving their home but he’d always been a bit of a martyr. And it would be better for the village if Gai and Kakashi could be together and happy.

Rolling over, Iruka smiled at Gai, not letting his thoughts get him down.

“How are you this morning?” he breathed, not wanting to wake Kakashi up but worried about how Gai was handling all of this.

“Sleepy.” Gai rumbled scratching his nose. Retrieving his hand from where it had been petting Iruka. “I hate having a very good mental alarm clock.” Grumbling lightly, Gai nuzzled down till he was eye level with Iruka. “How are you this morning?”

Smiling, Iruka nodded, pushing away the slightly sick feeling in his stomach. “I might be a little sore but I think it was worth it,” he joked, brushing a lock of hair off Gai’s face. “I’d like to talk today, about what the two of you said last night,” he murmured softly. “If we get through enough we might not have to have any more sessions, unless you’d like to keep working with me. I’m looking forward to getting back to teaching but you don’t have to leave here any time soon. It’s been nice to have you,” he said with a grin that was tired in a way that couldn’t be distinguished from being physically tired.

“I might even take a short mission; get out of town for a couple of days before I go back. I never get to take mission work anymore,” he murmured to himself, thinking how it would be a good way to give Gai and Kakashi a chance to spend some time together. “We’ll see if the Hokage lets me. You must have a lot going through your head right now though,” he whispered, running a thumb over one of Gai’s eyebrows. “Or is it still too early for that?”

“We didn’t actually say much.” Gai shrugged. “I owned up to the fact that I had been in love with him for years and he apologized.” Shifting a bit Gai rolled up into a sitting position, stretching his arms above his head. “I enjoy talking to you and we don’t have to have sessions for that. I am not sure I want to stay here because I feel like in some ways I throw off the balance you two have established here.” Looking at his hands Gai thought for a bit.

“I think after I am cleared you would probably enjoy the freedom of a mission to think. If I may make a small request though would you mind training with me for a few weeks before you go. It may just be my protective instincts kicking in but you haven’t been on a serious mission in a while and I just want to make sure you still have that edge. You have plenty of reasons to make it home I just …” Gai cut off feeling more than a little uncomfortable admitting this “Worry,” Blushing lightly, Gai coughed and looking back at the ceiling.

“That isn’t a bad idea.” Kakashi yawned snuggling his nose into the back of Iruka’s neck. He had been listening to the conversation as he dozed. “Sometimes one waiting at home isn’t all that’s required to get you home.”

“You know, you’re both lucky that I’m not easily offended. I might not be a jounin but that doesn’t mean I’m some weakling. My reflexes are trained to catch trouble in a group of thirty children before it happens and I work out more than tai chi,” he chided, trying not to get flustered. “I’m not just a teacher, I’m a teacher of ninja. Let’s try not to forget it or I’ll have to teach you both a lesson!” He reached back and slapped Kakashi’s ass playfully, trying not to let his lover get too frisky with him when Gai was in the bed. He could still see that sad, longing in the back of the man’s eyes when Kakashi touched him and it broke Iruka’s heart.

“Besides, I don’t take the same kind of missions you do, remember? But I can show you that I can take care of myself if that’s going to make you both feel better,” he murmured, ruffling Gai’s hair affectionately.

“It wasn’t an implication on your skill level or lack there of. It is more field awareness is different from village or even class awareness.” Gai explained. “I respect your skills as a sensei.” Pointing at himself he continued. “On some occasions if I am on medical leave I get to be a substitute. I know the difference and respect it. These are dangerous times and even D missions have been proving deadly.”

“What he said.” Kakashi yawned. “Why did I get smacked and he got a hair ruffle.” Kakashi pouted.

“Because you are being a lech during a serious conversation?” Gai responded innocently. He continued on quickly when Kakashi looked ready to change his focus.

“It would be more like reassuring that you are just as deadly as you don’t give the appearance of being.”

Rolling his eyes, Iruka chuckled. “Okay, if that will make you two happy I will. But just so you know I do find it insulting.”

When Iruka started to pout, Kakashi groaned and started nibbling on his lovers neck, smirking at Gai over the tan shoulder. “He’s so sexy when he pouts, it’s not fair,” Kakashi murmured, running his hands along Iruka’s hips. “He wasn’t being condescending, just concerned,” he murmured, chuckling when Iruka tried to smack his ass again.

“Gai and I were trying to have a conversation, Kashi! I swear you’re horny all the time,” Iruka chided, giving Gai an apologetic look.

“No no no continue don’t mind me.” Gai was more interested in watching the proceedings then he cared to mention. Then Gai processed the beginning of what Iruka had said.

“Why would you find it insulting? It happens to me all the time with certain members of my acquaintance.” Gai was curious though he was interested in where Kakashi’s hand was that had Iruka the color of a tomato. Looking back at Iruka, Gai smiled mischievously. “Though this would be a good test of your ability to concentrate on an objective under extenuating circumstances.”

Iruka growled low in his chest, ready to kick both of their asses for treating him like a chuunin even when he was in bed. Kakashi however had him totally turned on and somewhat forgiving. “I find it...insulting that you don’t think I...know my own skill level enough to... Ah! God ‘Kashi... nnnngh,” Iruka moaned, biting his cheek to keep from moaning more. “Look, I know it doesn’t seem this way but I still lead some B or C missions a year. Would you let someone question your readiness to be in the field? Ever?” Iruka asked, trying to suppress and shiver and groan as Kakashi teased him.

“Now Iruka sensei you are appearing to already be affected.” Gai leaned forward until he was just inches from Iruka’s face. “I just said it happens to me regularly.” Reaching over he flicked on of Iruka’s nipples before shifting back. “Now then where to start?” Tapping his chin, Gai watched Kakashi putting the moves on Iruka. Before he figured he may as well let Iruka in on a little secret, “I wear green spandex daily, the council questions my readiness all the time. Still doesn’t stop them from sending me on recovery missions though.”

Iruka started to pout again but Kakashi just groaned and redoubled his attack on his lover. “But, that’s different! You’d tear a strip off any ninja that tried to tell you that. Or he would at least.” Iruka was glad to have at least gotten that out because he was having a very hard time concentrating now.

“Careful you don’t make him mad,” Kakashi warned, sliding his hand along Iruka’s cock, knowing not only would he not be getting any if Iruka really got his hackles up but they’d probably both be nursing a serious bruise of some kind. It wasn’t that Kakashi couldn’t stop any punch that Iruka threw but he always figured that if the brunet was mad enough to throw one it was probably better just to take it.

Feeling the urge to roll his eyes at the obviousness of Kakashi’s statement Gai, instead chose to look at the ceiling thoughtfully. “I think I have said it to Kakashi once or twice.” Musing thoughtfully, Gai chuckled remembering exactly what had happened when he had.

Deciding that he wanted a closer look at the undercover workings of what was going on Gai went under the covers to watch Kakashi as he lazily palmed Iruka’s erection. Feeling a bit dirty for having followed through on his inclination Gai did what he thought was a nice thing.

“Now while you to have your morning constitutional I will prepare breakfast.” Smiling widely, Gai started to rise.

Iruka groaned and tried to tackle Gai back to the bed, demanding that he save him while Kakashi piled on top of both of them, chuckling and yawning at the same time.

“I know you’re used to being up this early, Gai,” he grumbled, nibbling on Iruka’s shoulder, “but don’t you think you could just relax, just a little, for a couple more hours?”

They all started to laugh when an abrupt tapping at the window drew all of their attentions. Scrambling from the bed, Iruka dashed to the window to let the big hawk in with a frown.

Gai knew that hawk. It was a rather intelligent summons that he knew was only sent under certain circumstances. Gettng up Gai opened the bedroom door and the Hawk followed him. Reaching his bedroom, Gai closed the door and sat on the bed.

“What may I help you with?” Gai inquired politely.

“You are being sent on a mission to bring something to Konoha as quickly as possible. I hope you are ready for service.” The hawk’s immediate response coupled with an assessing look, made Gai get a queer feeling in his stomach.

Nodding Gai let the hawk finish giving him the details and then he let her out. He had to leave within the hour. Walking into Kakashi and Iruka’s bedroom, Gai smiled sadly.

“It looks as though my time for lazing around is at an end for the time being. Kakashi make sure Iruka is ready before he marches out into the world of missions again.” Smiling at Iruka to show he meant no offense, Gai tried to decide if he should give some other form of farewell but he wasn’t sure.

Brows furrowed, Iruka, who had put on some pants, moved forward and gave Gai a warm hug. “Be careful, okay? You and I still have work to do, okay?” Iruka reminded the raven in the sternest voice he could muster when he was so worried. It was clearly a very important mission if Tsunade had rescinded Gai’s sabbatical.

“He’ll be alright, babe,” Kakashi supplied, though he clapped Gai on the shoulder and gave him a supportive nod. “We’ll see you when you get back. Send word if you can, especially if you’re going to be long.” It was the first time Kakashi could remember asking someone, other than Iruka, to send word back on a mission, but he didn’t mention that to Gai.

Nodding, Gai gave one big smile before going to prepare himself.
Chapter 10