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Relations between Senseis Chp. 8
Title: Relations between Senseis
Pairing: (KakaIru, GaiIru, KakaGai with eventual GaiKakaIru )
Rating: M for Sex, Violence and Mature themes
Warnings: Attempted Suicide, Violence, Polyamorous Relationship
Summary: There is a lot more to Maito Gai then meets the eye and unfortunately it takes some bad things happening before Kakashi and Iruka realize it. (Summary not so great but story is better)
Author's Note: Happy Birthday to ME! I got five reviews so here you go. If I can get five more I will work on getting the rest out.

Begin Here

After a restorative though inadvertent nap, Gai got up and decided to fix lunch. He was surprised to find Kakashi already there stirring pots and whistling lightly. Staring at Kakashi for a moment, Gai went and grabbed the silverware but was waved away.

“Go wake ‘Ruka.” Kakashi flicked a noodle at him.

“I would rather stir the pot I don’t think he would be happy to see me.” Gai grimaced lightly and just dodged out of the way of another noodle.

“Go fix it then but it’s lunch time.” Kakashi raised an eyebrow at Gai imperiously.

Knowing that the eyebrow was the equivalent of a marching order, Gai went up stairs and stopped at the door of Iruka and Kakashi’s bedroom.

Feeling a bit anxious, Gai knocked lightly before opening the door.

“Iruka. Iruka sensei it’s lunch time.” Gai called quietly.

Iruka stretched and looked toward the door, sighing softly at Gai’s appearance as he blinked the sleep out of his eyes. The man looked so sheepish but Iruka wondered if he really knew what he was upset about.

“Just...Iruka, Gai,” Iruka yawned, rolling his shoulders and propping himself up on his elbows. “What are we having?” he asked, his expression showing he’d much rather continue with his nap if he could.

“Ask Kakashi but I am guessing from the noodles that were flicked at me that it was ramen.” Gai remarked walking over and sitting on the bed at Iruka’s feet. “I know it’s just Iruka but it is a force of habit. Regular use makes for an addiction that can be hard to break.”

Hearing that it was ramen made Iruka perk up some and he pushed himself vertical a little more and studied the raven haired man.

“Do you know what the problem is?” Iruka asked, not really giving Gai any frame of reference to guess from. “You have already ruled out the fact that someone could make you happy. First you were completely fixated on Kakashi. Now you’d like to be with both of us, and have already decided that too isn’t worth fighting for or even trying. But above and beyond all that you’ve barely even given someone else a try. I think a large part of you enjoys being lonely, enjoys being a loner and a martyr for the village. But if you keep that up we’re going to lose you one way or another so I wish you’d stop fighting the people around you who want to help you and see you happy? Why is it so hard?” he asked, looking Gai square in the eyes.

“And why do you always have to run away? It’s extremely frustrating.” Iruka growled, flopping back to the mattress and stretching right from his toes again.

“The ‘haven’t given anyone a chance’ argument isn’t a valid one because I have on three separate occasions and let me tell you I’d rather take a battle axe to the sternum then go through that level of hell.” Gai scratched his head and watched Iruka stretch with interest before smacking himself back on track conversationally. “When I say I tried I fought hard but it didn’t work for two of those relationships I’ll take the blame on their ending. As for the not fighting part, I would fight if I thought there was a chance. My whole way of the ninja has seemingly revolves around being the long shot and doing the impossible.”

Deciding that switching topics would be best, Gai attacked that last part of Iruka’s statement. “On other topics I will have you know I don’t run away. I strategically retreat.” Feel his lip twitch in his attempt to be completely serious Gai smiled.

Nodding, Iruka draped an arm over his eyes, thinking about going back to sleep after all. “You’re hurting yourself by strategically retreating from your emotions, Gai. I don’t think there’s much more I can do about it right now. I’ll tell the Hokage that you probably need to be monitored a bit more but you don’t have to do sessions anymore, at least not with me. Maybe she can line someone else up for you in a little while. If you’re comfortable with it you should probably stay here though.”

It was a bit of a shallow attempt to get Gai to work harder with him but really Iruka meant what he said. He hoped that Gai would see this as his own little challenge and would rise to meet it but it was also a risk. If Gai didn’t want help, didn’t want his help, he’d jump at the opportunity to get away from both of them.

“I am not going to lie, I miss missions but...” Gai tried to figure out a way to get across what he wanted to say that wouldn’t sound stupid. “I’m going to have to just say it. I want you to still help me when you have time and I want to stay here with you and Kakashi.”

Looking at his feet, Gai let his nervous energy show through his legs. “I can live with going to therapy with you; I don’t think there would be anyone else I could talk to. They would all either laugh at me or be too afraid of me.”

Sighing, Iruka gave Gai a very evaluating look. “Are you prepared to do the work and to be honest with me? There’s no point if you’re not,” Iruka murmured sternly. If you’re not you need to find someone else. And you NEED to stop assuming you know how people will treat you. Everyone has had rough experiences with the people who live here but really, most of us are decent. You’re limiting yourself but assuming that. But if you want to keep working with me then I’m happy to. Just no more of this half-assed therapy, okay?” he asked, lifting an eyebrow much the way Kakashi had before at him.

“I am now convinced that the eyebrow technique can be learned.” Gai murmured before standing and putting his hand over his heart. “I promise that I will give my all in therapy like I would train on my honor as a Konoha ninja and taijutsu master.” Giving Iruka a deep bow, Gai smiled radiantly at Iruka. “Now my beloved Iruka sensei it is time to not keep my eternal rival though equally beloved waiting or he may eat all of it without us.”

Clicking his heels, Gai turned and walked towards the door. Turning slightly he wanted to make sure Iruka was coming.

“Iruka,” the brunet tsked again, though a smile spread across his sexy full lips. “But if you think you’re beating me to the ramen...” he murmured, disappearing from the room in a swirl of leaves and reappearing at the table where a bowl of one of his favorite foods was waiting for him. He snickered into his meal and grabbed his boyfriend’s hand for a quick squeeze as he picked up his chopsticks to dig in.

Grumbling all the way down the stairs, Gai appeared in the dining room smiling brightly.
“Itakimasu!” Gai yelled playfully, reminiscent of one of his friends before he began to eat, “Wonderfully done my fair rival.”

Smiling behind his mask, Kakashi watched the two other men for a minute before taking a bite of his own meal. “So what were you two fighting about?” he asked smoothly, smirking lightly to himself. “I thought we were all good after last night.”

Sighing in exasperation, Iruka rolled his eyes. “It’s never that simple, Kashi,” he admonished with a shake of his head.

“It can be,” Kakashi retorted. “Nothing is as complicated as most people think it is. Can we do something fun tonight? Play a game or watch a movie or something?”

Chuckling Iruka nodded and looked to Gai. “Is there something you’d enjoy particularly?”

“From your mouth to whatever higher authorities ears on that comment about things being less complicated.” Gai thought drinking some water and contemplating what he actually enjoyed doing that he would classify as fun.

“I am good with whatever group activity you two come up with.” Gai shrugged happily popping a piece of chicken in his mouth and moaning lightly when it almost melted in his mouth.

“I mean there is also some type of movie marathon on tonight as well.” Gai commented thoughtfully. “Or we could play a drinking game.”

Slapping a hand down on the table loudly, Kakashi nodded in approval. “That’s it. I’ll pick up the sake.” When Iruka groaned playfully, Kakashi beamed behind his mask, slurping his noodles in his own inconspicuous way.

“That’s the spirit rival.” Gai cheerfully agreed. “Is Iruka sensei scared that he won’t be able to handle his liquor well enough to play the game?”

“We can play Queens or Cups or smack bottle caps into a shot glass.” Gai listed all the drinking games he knew. “We could always play Drink or Dare.”

“Come on Iruka, Kakashi what is your favorite drinking game?”

“Beer pong,” Iruka answered right away with a firm nod, having found himself very successful at that game in the past.

Kakashi just scratched his head as he thought about it, trying to sort through the long list of drinking games in his head.

Iruka however was grinning ear to ear. “Come on. You have a clear favorite...” When Kakashi just shrugged, Iruka laughed. “Roxanne. You love that game! Have you ever played it, Gai?” Iruka asked, remembering both fun night and hard mornings in regards to the game. “You play the song Roxanne and usually it’s two teams. One drinks on Roxanne, the other drinks every time red is sang. I think you can use the for three teams though. You never really realize just how repetitive the song is until you’ve played it a few times.”

In his head, Iruka could already see where tonight was likely headed but he didn’t mind. If they all loosened up a little it could be a lot of fun.

“Roxanne?” Gai tilted his head and thought about it. “Okay I have never heard the song but I am sure I will do my best to win this contest of the iron stomach.” Nodding Gai resolved that he was going to hope for the best because while he wasn’t a lightweight he was known to be a bit of a flirty drunk.

“It’s fun,” Iruka nodded, slurping up a long string of noodles. “Fun but dangerous. One shouldn’t play much more than one round of it. Mmmm, this is yummy, Kashi,” he praised as he lifted another chopsticks full of noodles to his mouth, humming happily as he slurped them up.

For Gai the rest of the day seemed to fly by. Kakashi had left and returned with what Gai was sure constituted half of the liquor store. This had made Gai a bit nervous but he had steeled himself for what was too come. After dinner found Gai nervously running around the property until he went in after Iruka called him.

It was just his luck Gai would get Red as his word to drink on because he had never played before. Gai was giggling like a mad man by the time the song was halfway over. He had changed into green board shorts and a tank top which he lost before the song even began.
Slapping his cup down, Iruka sang the high pitched lyrics as he quickly refilled, cursing himself for not getting more than one drink ready to go before they started.

“Put on the red light! Roxa-Put on the reeeed light! Oh!” He quickly took a couple more sips to catch up, holding his head when the song slowly faded out.

“Now we get to see how bad we did,” he murmured, gesturing to Kakashi who had been keeping tally of who missed.

“Ru, you missed three, Gai you missed two. Drink double or face worse punishment.” Groaning loudly, Iruka drank from his cup for six long seconds, looking at his lover to make sure the man was satisfied.

“Only one round of that Kakashi. It’s deadly,” he murmured, giving his head a little shake. “You’re just trying to get me too drunk so I can’t play beer pong,” he accused, to which Kakashi shrugged.

“Okay, Gai. Four seconds...go!” Kakashi ordered.

Whimpering Gai stared at his cup before downing the last of his for four seconds. Gai vowed that this would be the first and last time he drank to a song such as Roxanne. Burping lightly Gai excused himself before putting his head on the table.

“I say we save Beer pong for last if only because we are ninja and the only thrill we would get out of it is if we bounced the ball off of objects.” Hiccuping lightly, Gai stood having swayed a bit. “I say let’s play Kings Cup.”

Nodding Gai performed a jutsu that smoked horribly for a moment before he had a deck of cards in hand.

“I’m lucky with this,” Iruka warned eager to see how long he could go before he had to drink.

With the cards shuffled, Kakashi started, flipping over the girl’s drink card, to which he looked around the table for direction.

“Don’t say it, Kashi,” Iruka growled when his lover’s eye flicked toward him. “I will kick your ass, I swear to Kami!”

Gai roared with laughter. Getting up he did a little jig before settling down again. Iruka grumpily drank and Gai smiled at Kakashi before taking a card for himself. Picking up the date card he glanced between Kakashi and Iruka before taking out a coin.

“Heads it’s Kakashi and tails Iruka.” Flicking the coin he watched smack the table and roll until it stopped on heads. “Well this will get interesting.”

“Aha!” Iruka declared, grinning broadly. “Now I know things are looking up in my favor,” he declared, rubbing his hands together before flipping his own card. “Aha!” he cheered when he flipped the you drink card, meaning both men would have to drink again.

“Ru thinks he has some untold skill at these games,” Kakashi informed Gai, loving how determined Iruka appeared in his conviction.

“We shall see.” Gai quickly learned as the game progressed that Iruka was lucky in terms of getting the cards that were unlucky for Gai. When Kakashi got the first never have I ever card, Gai had practically peed his pants laughing as Iruka had been down to one finger before Kakashi started smacking on Gai’s area of expertise and Gai found himself downing another cup of alcohol and grumbling about cheats. Then he had started chuckling when he remembered that Kakashi had to drink with him still and was likely as tipsy as Gai was.

“Thank you Card deities.” Showing the make a rule card, Gai thought about what he should have them do for the rest of the game. “You are not allowed to say any words that begin with ‘G’.” Satisfied that this would give them trouble, Gai looked at Iruka. “Alright Iruka bring it on.” Waiting patiently for Iruka to gather himself and grab a card. When Iruka pulled a never have I ever, Gai resigned himself to drinking again.

“Never have I ever...” Iruka started, looking incredibly evil as his eyes flicked from one man to the other. “Failed to get it up at a crucial moment,” Iruka lips pulled up at the corners, knowing there was once or twice when Kakashi had been too drunk to perform. It didn’t happen often but it had happened.

“Wow how unyouthful.” Gai tutted before realizing that Kakashi was down to three fingers and giving him a look. Coughing and blushing lightly, Gai looked at Iruka even though he mumbled in a low tone to Kakashi, “I am sure there were extenuating circumstances; an injury of some sort or something.”

Snickering, Iruka nodded his head. “Something to that effect; Kakashi was very very inebriated. He was pretty much passed out already but I wanted to keep partying. You did make a concerted effort…” he offered, though Kakashi just glared at him harder.

Chuckling, Iruka took a small sip of his drink and sat back as he thought. “I’ve never...written anything that has been published,” he murmured, not quite meeting Gai’s gaze.

Kakashi was holding at three fingers but was now watching Gai carefully.

Gai dropped the finger. Then giving Iruka a look, Gai leaned over and batted his eyelashes. “Now Iru-----ka, you wouldn’t be coming after me would you?” Pouting widely, Gai then let his lip quiver until no one could deny it’s appeal. Not really caring how it was perceived, Gai who was completely drunk, slumped his shoulders. The look he moved towards of dejected doll. His three fingers still resolutely raised.

“What did you have published?” Kakashi asked while Iruka wasn’t sure if he felt guilty for saying it or glad that he was forcing Gai into discussing it.

Tenting his fingers, Kakashi sat back, clearly not going to continue until Gai spilled.

Heaving a put upon sigh, Gai waved his hand lightly in a dismissive gesture. “It is just some books really; my own version of self help if you will.” Luckily Gai had enough of his facilities still intact not to readily step into the trap of romance novels being his self help therapy.

“More than one?” Kakashi asked, cocking his head to the side. “Tell me about them. What was your last one about,” he asked completely forgetting about the game they were in the middle of. “How long has that been going on?” he asked with a raised brow.

“Ahhh for a while I guess. I’m not exactly prolific.” Once again attempting to wave a hand to get them back on the subject of the game; Iruka’s snorting laugh couldn’t have occurred at a worse time.

“Okay maybe I publish two or three times a year.” Once again Gai tried to do a hand gesture but Iruka gave him an expectant look and Kakashi was no better. “I have been writing just daydreams mostly of the more romantic and heartfelt nature.”

“You’re...a romance author?” Kakashi asked, his amusement growing along with his interest. “What kind of romance? The steamy kind?” he asked, leaning across the table towards Gai for more information. “You know how I feel about steamy books,” he added with a wide grin behind his mask.

“I don’t write porn.” Gai sighed and as Iruka gave him a pointed look.

“Never have I ever written porn.” Iruka spoke calmly giving Gai a look.

“The one book shouldn’t count. I like to think of it more as erotica.” Realizing that no one was buying it, Gai put down another finger and pouted. Then he recalled Kakashi’s incredulity over his being a romance author. “I will have you know I can romance your ass off.” Gai declared shaking a finger at Kakashi.

Smirking at how much Gai was trying not to sink to Kakashi’s level, Iruka decided to try to push him a little further.

“Why don’t you run and get the one you’re working on?” Iruka suggested, sipping his drink innocently. “I bet we could have fun reading it together.” Iruka knew that Kakashi would recognize the characters from the other book immediately but he also thought they’d drank enough that it could get things rolling.

“Oh no that’s okay I am sure that Kakashi wouldn’t be interested.” Gai was seriously hoping he could bluff his way out of this. “Besides I already sent it off so there isn’t one that is a work in progress currently here.” He could almost sigh in relief when he felt the tale tell mini chakra burst that heralded the return of his initial draft from the editor. Luckily Gai had already finished speaking so he hadn’t technically been lying about it.

“Oh I’m very interested,” Kakashi purred, resting back against his elbows and crossing his legs. “Come on. Iruka and I read to one another all the time. Or are you chicken?” he taunted, trying to play to Gai’s competitive side.

“Yeah, Gai, why don’t you jump on the opportunity to have an enthusiast give your work a read?” he asked, hoping to get through to the man that this would be a good thing for him. “We won’t judge you, no matter what,” he promised, giving his friend an encouraging nod.

Looking slowly between the two men, for a moment Gai paused. “I suppose I still have some notes lying around.” Standing slowly, Gai shuffled off to collect his work, his neck pinking in embarrassment.

Thinking hard, Gai managed to find one of the more innocent drafts of some of the works. It was particularly naughty per say but it did have a bit of a kink factor to it.

Shuffling back into the room with the sheets of paper that contained this particular scene. His voice a little husky, Gai took a fortifying drink before he began reading. Hopefully Kakashi was too drunk to recognize the names.

Clapping his hands as Gai returned, Iruka shuffled closer to Kakashi before holding out his hand for the script. Patting the spot on the floor cushions on the other side of him, Iruka waited impatiently for Gai to lay down with them before he started to read.

“Jiro’s breath spilled over his lips as he pressed himself to Kazou’s front, only the sexy, tan body between him and Akira. It was only through Kazou’s shuddering gasps and soft moans that Jiro could almost imagine feeling his long time crushes hands on him, closer than he ever thought to be.

Jiro groaned softly as he licked at Kazou’s full lips, eager to get more of this surreal situation. He pulled back and watched Akira possessively plunder his lover’s mouth before his rival leveled him with a gaze he couldn’t describe. Before he knew what to do or say, thin, firm lips were against his, pulling tentatively and commandingly against his shocked mouth.”

Letting out a breath, Iruka looked up over the script at Gai while rocking his hips back into Kakashi’s hardening cock. “Whew. This is very good Gai,” Iruka praised, his cheeks showing his telltale flush of arousal.

“I was inspired.” Gai blushed coughing lightly. “The artistic temperament requires three things.” Falling into his old standby way of talking when he was uncomfortable, Gai listed. “The spring time of youth, the brightness of the sun and the darkness of the moon; even though now that I think of it that may have sounded better when I wrote it in the context of a book.” Shrugging Gai smiled at Iruka.

“I am glad you enjoyed it Iruka. Kakashi what did you think since you are the resident erotica connoisseur?”

“I think,” Kakashi started, draping an arm around Iruka, his thumb teasing his lover’s abs and waist as he looked from the manuscript to the raven haired author. “It sounds familiar,” he murmured, not having forgot about the book he’d read the night before. “You’re quite famous with this stuff, aren’t you?” Kakashi asked, not really needing an answer. “So what exactly was your inspiration,” Kakashi asked, looking at the man from over his mask in a way that only Kakashi could make devastatingly sexy.

“If he ever patented that look he wouldn’t need to be a ninja.” Gai thought before he sighed. “I do alright with my writing. I just write what inspiration is around me at the time.” Sitting up, Gai gulped some of his drink down before watching the way Iruka squirmed back against what Gai could tell was Kakashi’s hard cock. Feeling a little hot under the collar Gai fanned himself. “I think I drank more than I should, I am a little hot.” Laughing nervously he looked at Iruka’s face and felt his whole body twitch with interest.

A pink tongue flicked over dark, cinnamon lips and Iruka’s heavily lashed lids rested low over his coffee eyes. “Well I’ll say,” he murmured, chuckling softly when Kakashi rolled his hips and cupped him through his pants, clearly just the right amount of drunk that he was very very frisky. He thought about asking about Gai’s inspiration again but the way that Kakashi was rolling against him let him know that now was the right time to initiate.

“Come here,” he murmured, reaching out an arm so that it just touched Gai’s hip as he waited for the man to get closer. “Almost...feels familiar...” Iruka groaned as Kakashi rubbed him through his pants. His breathing quick, Iruka pulled Gai against him, rolling his hips so the back of Kakashi’s hand pressed against Gai’s hard cock. He was a little stunned when the hand turned between him, cupping and rubbing Gai as Kakashi started to bite at his ear and suck the back of his neck. When Kakashi was this excited there was little that would stop him from getting exactly what he wanted.

Feeling weary but definitely interested, Gai let his mouth wander over Iruka’s lips. Nibbling just so on Iruka’s lips, Gai applied himself to running his hands over Iruka and Kakashi’s bodies, groping here and there. Hissing lightly when he was squeezed through his pants.

Kakashi wasn’t stupid; he’d known what Iruka had been angling for since before they’d started drinking though he wasn’t quite sure what was going on beyond that. Iruka had never shown any interest in Gai before and he doubted it was all to do with the therapy. There was something else going on and he was just going to roll with things until it became clear.

Slipping his other hand onto Iruka’s groin, Kakashi watched fascinated as his lover threw his head back and moaned in pleasure. Inching his head forward, Kakashi guided Iruka’s mouth to his, plundering it thoroughly before turning his attention to Gai. He’d never thought he’d be in this position but he stretched his neck forward and tentatively took Gai’s mouth.

No matter what else happened in Gai’s life he knew this would be on the highlight reel of best experiences ever. Feeling Kakashi’s hesitation when he kissed him, Gai was careful not to push outright but to slowly build. Gai was careful to keep chakra-ed fingers tip flicking lightly over Iruka’s nipples while he began a carefully crafted tour of Kakashi’s mouth. Gentle swipes of his tongue gave him a road map of Kakashi’s mouth as delicately ran his tongue over the roof of Kakashi’s mouth, almost razor sharp teeth. Letting their tongues duel for a moment, Gai opened his eyes during the kiss before slowly pulling away.

Licking his lips Gai looked at Iruka and gave him a calm smile that held some mischief. Sharing a brief look with Kakashi, Gai leaned in and traced Kakashi’s bared lips with his tongue before withdrawing to focus on Iruka thrumming body.

Iruka for his part was caught between voyeuristic pleasure at seeing the two men kiss and full blown lust. He had never thought that watching two men kiss while being sandwiched between them would be an aphrodisiac but Iruka was happy to be wrong. His mind tried to remind him of tomorrow but Iruka just pushed the thought away. The now was too fantastic to ignore, especially when Gai had managed to get Iruka out of his shirt without his notice. Iruka did notice when a chakra enhanced tongue flicked one of his nipples playfully.

“Oh god!” Iruka gasped, rolling his hips frantically into Kakashi’s hand, not surprised at all when his lover started undoing his pants. Kakashi loved to get him naked, even if the silver haired man was fully clothed. It was a bit of a power trip but one that Iruka was glad to submit to every time.

“Are you being a little slut tonight?” Kakashi murmured softly in Iruka’s ear, smirking when his lover panted and groaned like an animal. Regardless of what was going on, this was going to be ridiculously sexy, like Iruka, and apparently Gai, when they were drunk.

Still confused by their first kiss, Kakashi lifted Gai’s chin again, plundering the man’s mouth forcefully as he tried to demand answers for what he was feeling with his tongue as his hand slid into Iruka’s undone pants and started slipping them off his hips.

Not being able to help himself Gai allowed Kakashi his dominance for the time being. Sucking on Kakashi’s tongue, Gai let his hand drift down to Iruka’s balls. While Kakashi was stroking Iruka’s shaft, Gai tapped his finger tips lightly across Iruka’s perineum before massaging the ovules lightly. Thanking all the saints above that he had good body control, Gai shifted away from Kakashi enough to sink his teeth into Kakashi’s bottom lip with a slightly aggressive growl. Then with a swipe of his tongue to the offended bottom lip, Gai whimpered. Iruka had taken Gai’s erection quite firmly in hand through his pants.

Already over stimulated, Iruka whimpered as someone’s lubed finger slid deep into his body and he squirmed on the digit as Gai’s chakra laced fingertips brushed along his balls. He felt like he was already about to burst when a band of chakra slipped around his cock, acting like a cock ring so the fun wouldn’t be over too soon.

“You know I love it when you’re a dirty little slut for me,” Kakashi growled softly, yanking back on Iruka’s hair and catching Gai’s eyes before the man could object. “Look at him, he loves it,” he assured Gai, the way Iruka was moaning and trembling with his stolen orgasm seemed to be proof of that in spades.

“Do you want more?” Kakashi asked, a sexy dominate look landing in his eyes as he slid another slicked finger into Iruka’s tight body. “Do you want Gai to shove his cock down your slutty throat?”

Blinking slowly, Gai was pretty sure that absolute body control or not he was going to come soon. No matter how hard he tried to the contrary. Listening to Kakashi talk dirty made Gai shudder.

“Please.” Iruka’s whimper almost unmanned Gai as he shifted up into position for Iruka to follow orders. Shifting his shorts down enough for Iruka to get at his aching cock, Gai watched Iruka.

“No hands.” Gai tsked when Iruka tried to grab him. Using his pelvic muscles Gai made his cock dance so Iruka had a hard time grabbing it with his mouth. Making it into a little game, Gai would flex every so often his cock lightly batting Iruka’s face. Occasionally, Iruka would triumphantly capture his cock and Gai wouldn’t be able to do anything but groan. Through heavy lidded eyes Gai watched Kakashi prepare Iruka for the taking.

As Kakashi pushed him up onto his hands and knees, Iruka groaned at the sheer dirty eroticism of the moment as Gai’s cock slapped against his lips and cheeks teasingly. As he caught Gai in his mouth again, he rolled his body back onto Kakashi’s pounding fingers, shivering as they rubbed against his prostate.

“That’s a good boy,” Kakashi praised, his own cock dripping with anticipation as he removed his fingers from the hot body and slathered himself with lube from the tube he’d had in his pocket.

He let out a long hiss as he slowly sank into the clenching heat, astonished how sharing Iruka with someone made it all the more exciting for him. “Fuuuuck, that’s good,” he groaned, bucking his hips hard and driving Iruka down on his and Gai’s cocks at the same time.

“MMmmhhh,” Gai agreed wholeheartedly as Iruka seemed intent not to let his cock go again anytime soon. The sting of teeth caused Gai to yelp and pull Iruka’s hair sharply. As Iruka moaned happily around his cock, Gai tugged Iruka’s hair again as he slid chakraed finger tips to molest Iruka’s nipples before thrumming over the different erogenous zones he knew in the torso.

Groaning in excitement, Iruka squeezed his ass and throat around both cocks at the same time, delighting and repeating the action when both men moaned in unison.

Pulling on Gai’s hips with an arm, Iruka tried to bend him towards Kakashi, encouraging the two to keep kissing, knowing Gai would want as much contact with Kakashi tonight as he could get. If he could facilitate things developing between them a little he would.

Panting as his hips slapped firmly against Iruka’s ass, Kakashi sank a hand into Gai’s black hair and rested the other over his friend’s hand in Iruka’s hair, encouraging his lover to suck harder. “Mmm, yeah that’s it. Fuck his face,” Kakashi groused, pulling Gai’s face towards him and aggressively kissed the man again, trying to decipher why he enjoyed it so much. Even with him he’d thought he’d want to kill any man who touched Iruka but he found with Gai he liked it...a lot. “Fuck,” he groaned into Gai’s mouth, his cock threatening to explode already as he sucked at Gai’s tongue.

The kiss was wild, hot and out of control and Gai loved it. While he was kissing Kakashi, Gai reached around and tugged on Iruka’s erection. Feeling himself starting to fall apart, Gai retracted the cock ring. Shifting back, Gai watched the two of them fuck and felt his toes curl abruptly. A tremor went through his system and Gai knew that it wouldn’t be long before he came.

With the cock ring gone there was nothing to hold Iruka back and he came hard over Gai’s hand, making Kakashi hiss in delight as the muscles of his chuunin’s ass gripped and pulled at him. He slammed even harder into Iruka, pushing the man onto Gai’s cock, causing them all to explode nearly at once as Iruka’s wanton body rocked backwards and forwards on their cocks for more.

As Iruka collapsed to the floor, his body having gotten a much harder working out than anyone else’s, he hummed in delight as Kakashi started sucking soft marks along his hairline on the back of his neck and murmuring soft phrases of love and admiration to him. Iruka just patted the ground right next to him, motioning the two men to curl up right beside his naked body.
Too sexually sated to try to protest, Gai laid flat on his back. Shifting his shorts back into there proper position. Staring at the ceiling Gai calmed down and thought for a bit about life. It was funny, he had never dreamed that some thing like this would ever happen. It was like someone had walked the plot line straight out of an erotica book.

For a second Gai had a really hard time rationalizing the whole thing. Deciding for the time being that logic could go fly a kite for all he cared, Gai hopped up. To his credit he only wavered slightly before bounding away and returning with a wet cloth that he passed to Iruka.

Sprawling again, Gai tapped on his stomach and thought. He didn’t want to be the first one to break the silence. When he finally got the courage to glance over at the two he found himself being quietly studied.

“What?” Gai’s voice came out slightly huskier than it normally sounded but still recognizable.

Kakashi was running his hand through a very worn out looking Iruka’s hair, both men’s eyes trained on him, though long lashes were batting over Iruka’s kind, coffee orbs.

“So the book...” Kakashi started, rubbing his hand over Iruka’s back. “You’re Jiro, Iruka is Kazou and I’m Akira. So... is this based on fact at all?” he asked, treading lightly around the fact that Jiro had been in love with Akira, mostly because he wasn’t sure what to feel about that.

Rolling himself up with a soft groan, Iruka pressed his lips to Kakashi’s and then briefly to Gai’s forehead. “I think I’ll leave you two to talk. Don’t run away like a little girl,” Iruka murmured to Gai with a smirk as he ran his fingers through Gai’s hair. “Both of you come to bed when you’re done,” he ordered, leaving Gai and Kakashi alone on the floor together.

“It is called strategic retreat.” Gai pouted at Iruka. When Iruka just waved at him and continued to walk away. Realizing he was going to have to own it and hope Kakashi didn’t step on his feelings too badly.

Realizing his feelings of nervousness weren’t going to go away until he let it all out, Gai decided to make his confession to the ceiling. It made his life a hell of a lot easier. If only because he wouldn’t have to watch himself being rejected.

“Jiro is me and Akira is you and Kazou is Iruka.” Gai confirmed. “I should probably say based on the three of us anyway. Thinking back I started writing just so I could express myself in a different way. People liked it so I kept writing. From the beginning I think reflections of people I knew made into my writings. Does it bother you?”

For the time being Gai had no interest in going any further than that explanation wise until he had gotten a little more insight into what Kakashi was thinking. While therapy had helped him come to terms with some of his insecurities he still wasn’t ready to lay it all on the line.

Shifting a little uncomfortably, Kakashi tried to decide exactly how to respond and wishing that Iruka had stayed. “No, I thought the characters were good. Akira was very relatable to me. Guess I know why now...” he added with a weary grin.

Shifting again, Kakashi shrugged his shoulders, feeling very much like a teenager trying to have an awkward conversation. “So...is that how you feel...” he asked, looking up from his hands for a moment, “about me?” He wasn’t sure if he wanted to know the answer yet but there was no getting around the question at this point. He just didn’t know where that was going to leave them.

Never in his life had Gai twiddled his thumbs but they were getting a workout now. Knowing that he was going to have to lay it on the line no matter how he looked at it, Gai put on the cheerful mask. Hopping to his feet, Gai struck a modified romantic hero pose complete with the prerequisite rising sun genjutsu before allowing it to slowly descend into a starry night with rose petals fluttering in the wind while his hair gently waved.

“Kakashi I have been in love with you for a long time. Your happiness has been more important than my own for a while. I am happy now that I can see you settle and know that you are loved as completely as you love in return.” Breaking the genjutsu, Gai nodded his affirmed resolve that he hadn’t realized he even had until that moment. It seemed appropriate.

Hoping the answer would be enough, Gai began to organize the different alcohol bottles, while he waited for Kakashi’s response. If nothing else he figured the formatting of his response would make Kakashi a little more comfortable. Gai making poses and preforming mood genjutsus should be a familiar thing for Kakashi by now.

Scratching the back of his head, Kakashi sighed. It wasn’t that often that he completely missed something so important as one of his best friends being in love with him but somehow he’d completely missed it.

“I didn’t know. Maybe if you’d said something...” he started, trailing off when he once again found himself stuck. What would he have done if Gai had told him. It was easy enough to dismiss now, he was with Iruka, Iruka whom he loved and adored and made him complete. So why was he wondering what could have been? He’d never even thought of Gai in a sexual way before tonight.

“Did that...have anything to do with how you were feeling...in the missions’ room?”

“It wouldn’t have changed anything. You and I both know that. I was your favorite punching bag and constant, nothing more. I imagine it took you years to see me as those things.” Shaking his head Gai continued, “At the point where it may have been possible for you to see me as something more you were starting to date Iruka and anyone with eyes could see that you two were meant to be.” Gai smiled at the mental image of Kakashi and Iruka arguing from any period in the past. They always looked seconds from ripping each others clothes off or tearing each other apart.

Thinking about the mission room made Gai frown deeply; it was a point that he didn’t want to revisit. The memory of what had been going through his head disgusted him and made him weary to explore that small part of himself that occasionally demanded satiation.

“Punching bag?” Kakashi asked internally, thinking back to how things had been with him and Gai in the past. It was true that there was a time where he hadn’t given a fuck about anything and probably took a lot out on Gai. In fact the more he thought about it there were times that he’d been actually mean to the man, but it seemed like so long ago.

“Gai...I’m sorry...if I was ever rough on you. It was...when I was still black ops I had an attitude. It’s not an excuse, but you should probably forget anything I said to you during that time that was offensive. That’s never been how I felt,” he murmured, wondering if that was enough heart to heart for now, not wanting to get much deeper than they were at this point.

“Should we go to bed?” Kakashi suggested, nodding towards his bedroom where Iruka had disappeared into.

“Sleep well.” Gai motioned for Kakashi to go ahead. Mentally Gai was not buying or believing his blacks ops excuse for one minute. Half of the terrible stuff Kakashi said had been after that particular era. During Kakashi’s black ops time, Gai had been the punching bag more than anything else. It definitely had helped Gai toughen up for his own stint in ANBU. While Kakashi had retired, Gai still ran the occasional operation. It was how he found himself in this mess in the first place he supposed.

Tidying up, Gai let his thoughts flow where they would. Then standing he stretched lightly. Grabbing a bottle of sake he went to drink in his room and contemplate how things could have gone worse. The thought gave Gai some relief at least.

Grumbling and rubbing his heel of his hand, Iruka padded through the house towards Gai’s room, his gait just a bit uneven as he limped down the wood walkway.

“Gai,” Iruka grumbled, sticking his head into the man’s room. “I told you to come to bed. Not tired yet?” he asked, yawning as he stretched and rested his naked body against the door frame. “What happened? Do you want to talk about it for a sec?”

“I’m in bed.” Gai gulped, slightly thrown off by Iruka naked in his doorway. “There really isn’t anything to talk about. I think it all pretty much out there at this point.” Sighing Gai rubbed his forehead as he thought about it some more before coming to a conclusion. “I don’t know if I should feel relieved it’s no longer a big secret or worried because now there is nothing I can do but see how things work out ya’ know?”

“In the end there’s nothing you can really do to influence the outcome. It might be good for you to give up control for a bit. Now are you coming to bed?” Iruka asked, giving Gai a look that clearly didn’t leave the matter up for debate. “Come on. I want a body on both sides of me tonight,” he murmured, signalling for Gai to get up and follow him.

“Control is an illusion.” Gai mumbled getting out of bed and following Iruka into his and Kakashi’s room. He had changed into a pair of briefs when he got into the bed. Now he wished he had chosen something more substantial to sleep in.

Climbing into the bed, Gai lay on his back with his head turned outward. Letting his breathing slow down until he was just on the edge of sleepiness. Knowing that it wouldn’t take long for him to fall asleep he listened to the sounds of the others breathing.

Climbing into the middle of the two men, Iruka sighed softly, the tension in the bed palpable. Clearly things hadn’t gotten very settled between Gai and Kakashi. Sliding forward, he fit himself against Gai’s back, brushing his fingers against the pale stomach while his other hand pulled Kakashi tight against his back, humming softly in contentment as he cuddled against both bodies.

“Get lots of sleep, both of you,” he murmured lazily, enjoying the feeling of being so surrounded.

Chp. 9

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Is English your native language? Forgive me, if this sounds insulting. It's not meant to be. It's just that your wording has a certain unique quality and I was curious as to what your native language is.

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