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Relations between Senseis Chp. 7
Black Fairy
Title: Relations between Senseis
Pairing: (KakaIru, GaiIru, KakaGai with eventual GaiKakaIru )
Rating: M for Sex, Violence and Mature themes
Warnings: Attempted Suicide, Violence, Polyamorous Relationship
Summary: There is a lot more to Maito Gai then meets the eye and unfortunately it takes some bad things happening before Kakashi and Iruka realize it. (Summary not so great but story is better)
Author's Note: Hello everyone. I got a great review and it got me going to get this next piece up. I figured I would put up the next chapter after five reviews. So if it only takes an hour for me to get them or a week that is when the next chapter is coming. I had to split it from this one because it was too long for my tastes otherwise.

Begin Here

Kakashi’s request confused and frightened Iruka, not understanding at all what his lover was thinking. He ran his hand over where Kakashi had touched him, stewing for a minute before finally getting to his feet and padding softly down the wood halls.

Rapping his knuckles softly on Gai’s door, Iruka did his best to compose himself before sliding the door open slowly.

“Gai?” Iruka asked before stepping into the room. “He wants to speak with us,” he whispered, looking very much the part of the beta male at that moment with his head down and his shoulders slumped. If he’d had a tail it would have been firmly between his legs.

“Will you come?” he asked nervously, looking up at Gai pleadingly briefly before dropping his gaze again.

“Do you really have to ask?” Gai sighed standing. Putting his hand on Iruka’s shoulder he tilted Iruka’s head up. “It will work out. I promise somehow.” Giving Iruka a confident smile, Gai straightened his posture up. Clad in a green pair of pants, and a white muscle shirt, Gai walked down the hallway confidently.

Once he reached the bedroom door, he gave a knock and strolled in. His bravado abruptly evaporated when he saw Kakashi sitting on the bed with Gai’s book in hand, apparently absorbed. Gai had the urge to beat a hasty retreat but swallowed it. He leaned against the wall and patiently waited for Kakashi to pay attention.

Slinking around the corner, Iruka stood a safe distance away from Gai, making himself look very small as he wrapped his arms around himself and toeing his bare feet at the ground.

“Kashi?” he asked after what had felt like hours but probably wasn’t even thirty seconds of standing in silence. When his lover didn’t respond, Iruka fell silent again, squeezing his arms tighter to keep from shaking.

After another long moment Kakashi dragged his eyes off of the book in his hands. Both eyes regarded the two men in front of him. Iruka looked like he was going to go into shock and Gai looked resigned.

“Iruka, on the bed.” Patting the space next to him. Kakashi went back to his reading again, continuing to ignore Gai even though the man was practically pulsing nervous energy. Wrapping an arm around Iruka, Kakashi continued to read.

Soaking up the comfort of Kakashi’s touch, Iruka gave Gai a very confused look, not having the faintest idea what was going on. Resting a hand on Kakashi’s thigh, Iruka looked over his lover’s shoulder, gasping softly when he recognized the characters in the book. His eyes snapped up to Gai and back down to the book significantly.

“Where did you get that?” he asked softly, not wanting to disrupt Kakashi too much if the man wasn’t about to disown him.

“On the way in. Apparently it is in limited release right now.” Kakashi tweaked Iruka’s ear and didn’t say anything else for a time before adding, “This author doesn’t allow for these books to be distributed in Konoha.”

Gai meanwhile was alternatively embarrassed, annoyed, worried and just generally confused. He knew Kakashi was strange and would probably be unpredictable in this type of situation but this was just surreal.

Finally thinking up the only scenario that fit in with this situation, Gai determined that Kakashi was showing him who Iruka belonged too. Knowing that he was getting off lightly if that was the case, Gai turned towards the door, the thought firmly entrenched only to be stopped by a kunai flying past his face just inches in front of his nose.

“Sit.” The growl that accompanied that order had Gai hesitating only slightly before sitting on the floor.

Flinching when Kakashi threw the kunai, Iruka whimpered softly, cuddling in closer to Kakashi and laying his head on Kakashi’s shoulder. This wouldn’t normally be his reaction to Kakashi’s behavior but he’d never done anything to put himself in this position before. He wanted to beg Kakashi to stop taking it out on Gai but considering neither of them were bleeding they’d gotten off remarkably lightly.

“Baby, please say something,” he breathed against Kakashi’s neck.

The silver haired man didn’t respond, just continued flipping the pages at a slightly accelerated rate. There was a thick silence between the three of them as he reached the end of the book and closed it with a loud snap.

He regarded the two people he cared deeply for silently for a long moment, his gaze cool and calculating.

“What you did was hurtful,” Kakashi murmured, giving Iruka in particular a hard look. “You two are my precious people and if you ever do that to me again...” Kakashi didn’t know what he would do in that situation so he just left it open ended, letting their own imaginations fill in the remainder.

“If you two want to fuck, I’d better be sitting in a front row seat, do you understand?” He glared slightly at Gai, making sure the man knew that this was no joke. He didn’t condone what had happened at all but in his opinion it could have been much worse.

“Kashi?” Iruka asked, his chocolate brows furrowing. He wasn’t sure what to make of this new development but the fact that Kakashi wasn’t tossing him out of their home on his ass was more than he could have hoped for. “It won’t happen again, babe,” he whispered, nuzzling Kakashi’s chin sheepishly. “But what...” he asked, his tone showing that he didn’t get it.

Gai was going to pretend that he didn’t feel a bit like he had been stabbed repeatedly. His emotions were jumbled at best from Kakashi then Iruka and he needed a walk, bad. Standing up he tried to leave again only a shuriken that ruffled his bangs kept him in place. Turning around Gai regarded Kakashi with a flinty look.

“I am tired of having my emotions played with.” Gai felt like chucking the shuriken back at Kakashi but refrained because at the moment he knew he’d miss.

“Sit,” Tapping his foot on the end of the bed pointedly; Kakashi waited to be obeyed but Gai remained standing.

There was something Kakashi had to know and Gai’s stubborn insistence on standing made Kakashi pointedly ask, “So was sleeping with Iruka another contest something else for us to compete at?”

Gai was in shock, absolute shock he couldn’t believe Kakashi would think, just the thought of playing with someone like that...Shifting his chin to his chest Gai tried to remember to breath and not let Kakashi get to him but that had hurt.

“I’m not you, rival. I don’t play with people’s emotions or attempt to be intentionally cruel just because I can.” Gai continued to direct his gaze to the floor, angry at himself for loving the bastard. He was practically shaking with emotion.

“Yet you slept with Iruka anyway.” Kakashi spoke up helpfully a fake smile showing in his eye.

“Having sex with Iruka had nothing to do with you, surprisingly enough.” Gai could barely contain his anger of all the nerve and the gall, his insides were screaming. Hot tears were gathering and he was trying to pull it together but being emotionless had never been his strong suit.

“Now if you don’t mind I would like to leave. I think you two can talk fine without me here.”

Rolling his eye heavenward, Kakashi bit his thumb and smeared the blood on the wall. This time a ward kept Gai from leaving.

“Why don’t you sit and we talk and then maybe you can runaway, later.” Kakashi drawled.

“Gai,” Iruka soothed, patting the bed for Gai to come and sit with them. “I know that must have been hurtful but considering what happened, I think he had a right to ask about our motivations.” He gave Gai a sympathetic look, trying to show that he understood both sides. “He was just trying to gauge your reaction.”

Motioning Gai over again, Iruka looked at Kakashi and pulled the book from his hands, holding it so he could see the cover. “Maybe he would understand if you were honest with him,” he murmured, handing the book to Gai as he sat.

For a moment Gai could only look at the book in his hands. He didn’t want to be honest. Hell if he were honest....

Kakashi looked at the book, looked at Iruka, looked at Gai and thought, hard.

“No I don’t think this situation needs to be more complicated. We can just all consider this a mistake and never speak about it again.” Gai tried to give one of his trademark smiles but it fell flat.

“I am sorry that I betrayed your trust and I will refrain from making any untoward motions in Iruka sensei’s direction.” Quietly, Gai placed the book on the bed and contemplated the final death scene for his character. He could cry about it later but at the moment he just didn’t want to think.

Giving Kakashi’s hand a squeeze, Iruka slid forward along the mattress, reaching out to try to grab Gai’s hand as he paced by them. “Gai, stop. Look at me,” Iruka commanded gently, giving Kakashi a worried look. Gai had come along well in their work but he could feel through the seal his friend relapsing right in front of him.

“Gai, I’m so sorry for doing this to you, to both of you. It’s my fault. You were so vulnerable, I thought it would help you but it’s only making things worse for you now.” When Gai tried to slip past him again, Iruka grabbed his arm and pulled him down to the bed.

“Don’t start going backwards, Gai,” he murmured, cupping the man’s jaw. “We care about you, both of us,” Iruka gave a pointed look over his shoulder at Kakashi. “Tell me what you’re thinking. I can feel that you’re feeling very negative.” He rested his hand on Gai’s stomach, reminding him that the seal was still active before glancing at Kakashi for help. Something had to happen to keep Gai from pulling away but the only thing he could think of he wouldn’t dare initiate after what he’d done to Kakashi.

“Don’t touch me.” Gai pushed Iruka away.

When Kakashi moved Gai only had a moment to get out of the way. Shifting just so, Kakashi’s fist slid past his face. Gai leaped onto the bed to avoid the next move and found himself trapped by the real Kakashi when the clone dispersed.

“Let me go.” Gai yelled trying to fight free of Kakashi who had latched himself onto Gai’s back and was currently prevent Gai from using his arms. Though it took both his own arms wrapped around Gai and his legs wrapped securely to keep Gai’s arms down.

“No. I will not lose another precious person do you hear me Gai?” Kakashi’s voice was quiet yet strangely intent. “Don’t make me visit the memorial stone for you.”

Slowly Gai’s rage and despair quieted some. He had never heard, Kakashi speak that way about him before. Grunting lightly, Gai tried to extract himself and found that it wasn’t happening without causing Kakashi injury.

“We both know that’s what you’re thinking, Gai. We can feel it. It’s also why the jutsu worked on you, because you are suicidal, or at least thinking about it a lot.” Letting his feet rest again on the floor, Kakashi slid one of his arms up higher, making his grip more of a hug. “You can be so stupid,” Kakashi admonished tactlessly as he rested his forehead on Gai’s shoulder. “Do you think I’d ever forgive myself for not doing something? Do you think Iruka and I could ever live a happy life if you hurt yourself? That I, now both of us, would even be the same people?”

Kakashi firmly turned Gai around to face him, his hands heavy on the man’s muscular shoulders in case the Gai still intended to bolt.

“Now you’re making this harder on us so get it through your head that we love you and go give my boyfriend a kiss before you make him start to cry again.” Clapping the side of Gai’s neck, he gave the man a forgiving smile through his mask before looking at Iruka, though it was clear that the time to get to Iruka before he started crying again had passed.

“I’m sorry Iruka sensei.” Gai mumbled walking over and giving Iruka a quick one armed hug before leading him over to Kakashi. Giving Iruka a quick kiss on the temple per Kakashi’s instructions.

Then seeing as he couldn’t leave the suite, Gai walked into the bathroom. Closing the door and locking it for some privacy, Gai ran the water and cried. Kakashi had never in all the years that Gai had known him showed him anything but disdain or boredom or sly amusement. To get genuine affection from Kakashi was both a mood lifter. The only downside was that Kakashi would only ever think of him as a friend.

Splashing water on his face, Gai took deep breaths before leaving the bathroom. Putting a small smile on his face, Gai left the bathroom.

“Can I go now? I want to sleep. Today has been a trial and I know you both must be exhausted.” Being as accommodating as possible Gai tried to excuse himself but the wards weren’t allowing him to leave.

Pulling back the covers, Kakashi got in the bed and scooted towards the middle before patting the space behind him. Gai blinked at Kakashi slowly.

“What?” Gai didn’t want to misunderstand.

“Consider it a sleepover and get in.” Kakashi pulled Iruka in on his other side.

Hesitantly Gai approached the bed and gingerly sat down. Practically hanging on the edge of the mattress, Gai lay rigidly until Kakashi gave him a look and then he scooted over. For a long time, Gai didn’t sleep just laying there next to the man he had adored for years and the man’s lover. Wondering and thinking before finally he drifted off.

Iruka squirmed in his sleep, lifting a leg over Kakashi’s and pressing against him tighter. Cracking open an eye he was surprised to find he was rock hard and he wasn’t alone. He could feel against his leg that Kakashi was also sporting a needy hardness.

Lifting his head, Iruka saw that Kakashi was awake, the arm that was wrapped around Gai was gently brushing up and down the raven’s arm with his thumb and Iruka smirked and teased his hand up Kakashi’s hardness, smirking at his lover through the moon lit room.

Returning the smirk, Kakashi rocked his hips up into Iruka’s hand once before nodding towards the sleeping nin. He could feel Gai’s firm cock against his hip but he’d woken up when he’d felt Gai’s arousal pulsing through the seal. Obviously Iruka had felt it too. Pulling Iruka’s head back to his shoulder, Kakashi smiled softly to himself behind his mask and tried to ignore his aching erection and go back to sleep.

Gai had woken up slowly. He was face down in a pillow that smelled like Kakashi and he was horny as hell. Glancing at the door, he noticed that the wards were down. Slowly Gai extracted himself from the bed. Using stealth that he normally didn’t possess, Gai went downstairs and started breakfast. He did put an ice cube down his pants first to take care of his erection. Certain things Gai didn’t want to be communicated if possible.

In a small way last night had been healing and Gai liked that. After preparing what he could of breakfast considering he was still banned from sharp objects, Gai set out the food and put a stasis jutsu on it before going to get into his workout clothes. He figured Kakashi and Iruka would be in bed a while longer yet.

As Gai slipped out of the room, Kakashi rolled over and started kissing Iruka’s throat, pressing his aching cock into his lover’s abs. When Iruka awoke with a small moan and a giggle, Kakashi groaned and rolled right on top of him, mock molesting the tan body.

“Fuck, he was turned on all night. How could he sleep at all?” Kakashi grumbled, man handling Iruka onto his side again and grinding himself furiously against the firm, round cheeks while his hand fondled the tan cock.

“He doesn’t have anyone like we have each other. Can you blame him? He probably felt like he was a part of something for a night.” Pulling Kakashi’s hand up from his cock, Iruka kissed the tips of the pale fingers and sighed. “He’s so alone baby. It breaks my heart. I think I’d be worse though if I didn’t have you.” When Kakashi hummed and started kissing the back of his neck, Iruka grinned and flipped over so he could look Kakashi in the eye.

“Why don’t I give you a little something to help you get started today,” Iruka murmured, sliding down under the covers and taking Kakashi in his mouth, pulling out the odd trick that he’d picked up from Gai until Kakashi was spilling in his mouth.

“Mmm, we’ll have to make some time for other activities this afternoon,” Iruka murmured, indicating to Kakashi that he’d survive with his erection before dragging himself out of bed.

Gai was pretty sure that the couple had had enough time to enjoy together when he got back to the house from his workout. Sweat was pouring off his body and he had unzipped the spandex jump suit so that the top half hung down. He had tied the sleeves together in order to keep them out of the way while he moved around.

Gai thanked whichever one of Kakashi’s ancestors who had thought that a big property was a good idea. While lapping the property wasn’t as good of a workout as the village, Gai still felt accomplished running around. That combined with his plyometric workouts helped Gai’s workouts stay effective.

Going into the kitchen, Gai made himself a protein shake before sitting at the dining room table. Eating an apple and drinking his shake, Gai contemplated what he was going to do with his writing. The second book would need to be in soon. As he was thinking, Iruka came in. Nodding to him, Gai continued to eat.

“Sorry I am sweaty but I was hungry.” Shrugging Gai continued to eat.

Smirking at the ripped, glistening body, Iruka shrugged. “Don’t be,” he purred, finding the breakfast that Gai had made for them and releasing the jutsu around it. “Mmm, this smells great. If I want a break from cooking like this we might just have to keep you,” he joked, though the thought had crossed his mind.

“Morning,” Kakashi mumbled as he stepped into the room, pausing in his tracks for a moment when he caught sight of Gai’s body, not covered completely in green for a change. After spending the night with Gai’s erection digging into his side, he couldn’t help but look at the man in a different light.

“Sleep okay?” he asked finally, partially being a smart ass and partially at a loss for anything else to comment on.

Grunting Gai, looked at Kakashi blandly. “Someone kept touching me last night.” Finishing his shake, he stretched before looking at Iruka. “Do I get a free day today or am stuck in therapy all morning.”

When Iruka gave him a look, Gai sighed, “Therapy why is it always therapy.” Grumbling Gai went to take a shower and make himself comfortable. He knew the conversation was going to be something else. For all Gai liked to hear himself talk on occasion. Therapy made him want to knock himself out.

Even now though he had been in therapy for weeks he still didn’t like examining his feelings on anything if he could help it. If he was lucky Iruka and Kakashi would head back to their bedroom. Gai knew his luck was crappy though so he hopped in the shower and washed off. Realizing he hadn’t brought any clothes into the bath in his distracted state, Gai ambled by Kakashi in the hallway while he was dripping wet and scurried into his room.

Kakashi turned right back around and went back into the dining room.

“Weren’t you going to get something?” Iruka raised an eyebrow at Kakashi thoughtfully.

Kakashi’s mouth worked but the only sound that came out was shower.

“Ahh Gai walked past you in nothing but a towel.” Patting Kakashi’s hand, Iruka smiled into his tea cup. “It’s quite a view.”

After breakfast and getting cleaned up, Iruka met Gai in the garden, gesturing to the man to lay down with his head in Iruka’s lap.

“How are you feeling this morning?” Iruka asked gently, pulling his fingers through Gai’s black hair, still damp from his shower. “That was quite a night last night,” he murmured, knowing Gai must be lost in the emotions that last night had probably evoked.

“Weird.” Gai sighed. “No laughing.” Pointing at Iruka and glaring before grinning, “Weird choice of words all things considering. It was surreal because in all the years that I have known him that was the most emotion and sincerity he has ever shown me.” Thinking for a bit, Gai tried to put into words what he was feeling but failing that he shrugged. “I don’t know.”

Looking at the sky, Gai contemplated life for a bit and how weird it was. “How do you think it all went?”

Chuckling softly, Iruka leaned back against his usual rock. “I think it went amazingly well. I’ve been trying to tell you all along that you really are an important part of Kakashi’s life. Seems like now you sort of have to believe it,” Iruka added tapping the end of Gai’s nose.

“How did it feel to be in bed with us? Uncomfortable? Torturous? Exciting?” Iruka asked, trying to keep Gai engaged.

Scratching his chin Gai thought about how he had felt. “Comfortable.” Nodding in self confirmation, “I felt comfortable, warm and happy.”

Gai’s mind raced for a bit as analyzed the situation they had been in. “It’s hard to believe still. I feel as though I dreamed it all.”

Smiling placidly, Iruka was glad that they’d given Gai this but the nagging question of where it would go from here kept bothering him. He had a strong desire to ask Kakashi about it, see if they couldn’t do something to keep Gai from falling back into his lonely state.

“Now why didn’t you tell him last night? Tell him about the book and your feelings? It wasn’t a bad time for it.”

“I don’t know. I can only take so much I guess.” Shrugging Gai sighed. “Besides he never said anything about it. So I refrained from saying anything because I don’t know if he caught on or what. I mean you didn’t even get to read the final copy, just up to a point.” Tapping his fingers on his stomach, Gai thought about if there was anything else lurking in his mind that he needed to tell Iruka. “I guess ultimately I am a precious person to him and have that confirmed. I don’t want to lose that status. It would more than likely kill me before I could even make an attempt. Love sucks.” Gai pout petulantly feeling like his last sentence was justifiable.

Humming softly in acknowledgment, Iruka continued to play with Gai’s hair. “It can be, but it’s worth it when it’s right. In an ideal world what would you want to happen, Gai,?” Iruka asked, trying to glean if the idea in his head was what Gai even wanted for himself.

“I don’t know.” Gai shrugged. “I mean I just.” Frustrated Gai abruptly stood up and started pacing.

Iruka had realized that he had gotten use to Gai’s sudden movements when he needed think. It had taken Iruka some time to figure out what some of the higher ups must have realized. Gai was constantly moving and posing, not so much for effect but because he thought better in motion. He was more honest when he was still but in motion he had an animal like cunning that Iruka was finding himself occasionally weary of. Iruka figured that distracting Gai from the question by reworking his approach Iruka spoke again.

“Gai why are you call the Green Beast?”

As Gai prowled further away Iruka wondered if Gai even heard him but when Gai made an abrupt about face, Iruka realized that Gai was regarding him with curiosity.

“What does that have to do with anything?” Gai wanted to know, his thought process temporarily halted by Iruka’s sudden question.

“Just answer the question.” Iruka waved his hand nonchalantly.


Blinking slowly in shock, Iruka had never actually gotten a straight no before from Gai. Thinking back Iruka realized that he wasn’t sure Gai had so the word no within his hearing. It wasn’t a word that the normally polite and well mannered man even seemed to know how to say.

“I could always ask Kakashi.” Iruka commented trying to play off his shock but realizing that Gai was shaking his head.

“You could but he doesn’t know either.” Gai turned around and started going through katas while he waited for Iruka to gather himself.

“Talk to me as you move. Why in particular are you agitated this morning. It’s important for you to try to isolate what is bothering you so you can analyze and determine if there’s anything you can or want to do about it,” Iruka instructed, hoping he hadn’t lost Gai’s attention already.

“I am not agitated. I don’t want to answer you.” Moving through his stances Gai sighed lightly when he noticed that Iruka was wearing his stubborn face.

“Look what I want I can’t have and what I could substitute for that is unlikely to happen so I won’t spend my youth hoping for it.”

Sighing when it was clear that Gai wasn’t going to be cooperative today, Iruka frowned and stood up. “Gai, you’re so...set on this one way things have to be for you and if you could see that there are even slight variations on the same idea that would make you happy you probably would feel a lot different about your circumstances.” Shaking his head sadly, Iruka plucked a blossom from one of the beds and studied it. “But if you’re not even willing to talk things out with me there’s not much point in trying to have sessions.”

Pinning Gai with a serious and exasperated look, Iruka shrugged his shoulders. “I’m trying to help you, Gai, to work with you. The mission’s desk is a mess and I miss my class but working with you was far more important to me than any of that. It’s very frustrating that you’re fighting me so hard when I’m doing this for you. I know therapy is hard but you also know it will help so...please keep in mind. Go do what you want. It’s clear you’re not going to work today anyway,” Iruka huffed, just on the edge of being angry but still keeping his temper in check thus far.

Underneath his frustration with Gai blocking him at ever single turn, Iruka was hurt and disappointed that Gai only seemed really interested in Kakashi and he was nothing special in the equation, just the reason that Gai couldn’t be with Kakashi.

Stopping his dead in his stance Gai looked at Iruka. Walking over to him, Gai put his hands on either side of Iruka’s face so he could make sure that Iruka was looking at him. Gathering himself in order to just lay it all out there, Gai looked deep into Iruka’s eyes.

“Iruka when I first came here all I wanted was Kakashi and now after getting to know you and actually being with you, I want you both.” Releasing Iruka, Gai sat back on his heels. “I’m confused I don’t know how to process that I want to be with two people at the same time. Enjoying a relationship with two people at the same time is a bit of a foreign concept here in Konoha.”

Shaking his head as if to clear his thoughts Gai sighed. “I want to do something that I don’t even think is possible to have or to want or can’t even happen.” Raking his hands through his hair, making the silky strands stand on end, Gai began pacing.

“There’s your answer, Iruka sensei. It’s out there in the open and there is no taking it back.” Looking at Iruka’s slightly surprised face, Gai smiled fondly. Then turning from Iruka, Gai transported himself into his bedroom. Lying in the bed he thought about what Iruka had said. “Maybe it would just be easier if I went to the hospital.”

Gai spoke aloud just to hear the words before sighing. “I can’t do that because then I will miss my rival and Iruka sensei.” Covering his head with the pillow Gai let out a frustrated sigh.

Huffing, Iruka padded slowly back into the house. “He always pops away when he finally says something that could be progress,” Iruka sighed, crawling onto his bed and flopping onto his back.

Iruka had never been the type to approve of poly-amorous relationships. In his opinion they never worked out because feelings could never be doled out perfectly evenly. Even if he and Kakashi could somehow magically bring Gai into their relationship there were sure to be jealousies between all of them, including himself.

There were many hurdles to cross far before that though. What would Kakashi say if he even suggested it? What would Gai really say if Kakashi agreed, because the entire relationship dissolving in time would be completely plausible.

Still, the more pertinent question is what would happen if they didn’t. The thought of losing Gai from their lives made Iruka want to bawl. Even now he could feel the elder man’s complete despair through the seal. How could he not suggest it? How could he possibly expect it to work though if Gai didn’t even trust him with his inner feelings.

Huffing, Iruka decided that the constant circling of the issues wouldn’t help so he lay down for a nap and decided should Kakashi appear today that he’d speak to Kakashi about it later if he got a chance.

Chapter 8

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Kakashi is so cool and modern. I guess he knows what's going on because of Gai's book? Can't wait for more!

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