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Relations between Senseis Chp. 6
Black Fairy
Title: Relations between Senseis
Pairing: (KakaIru, GaiIru, KakaGai with eventual GaiKakaIru )
Rating: M for Sex, Violence and Mature themes
Warnings: Attempted Suicide, Violence, Polyamorous Relationship
Summary: There is a lot more to Maito Gai then meets the eye and unfortunately it takes some bad things happening before Kakashi and Iruka realize it. (Summary not so great but story is better)
Author's Note: Sorry it took forever for me to figure out how to section this without making it too long. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.

In his thirty years on earth Gai had figured out quite a few things, however he was still a bit at a loss on happy endings. There were rarely any in real life and there sure as heck couldn’t be a happy ending to whatever he and Iruka were doing. Staring at the manuscript that had started it all Gai was more than a little freaked out by the prospect of jinxing whatever was going to happen in his own life.

Finally in a stroke of genuis, Gai split the manuscript and sent it in to his editor via transfer scroll. The way the first volume ended was hot enough that it would still keep his editor happy. The first volume ended with Jiro and Kazou in a very compromising position. It was the ultimate cliff hanger and in a way Gai hoped he lived long enough to finish it all out.

Gai knew at some point he and Iruka were going to have to talk about it. What had been happening while Kakashi was away risking his life. Looking back on it Gai wanted to feel ashamed but he couldn’t. The experience had made him reevaluate certain things and though he wasn’t a hundred percent he was doing pretty good in therapy now. At least he thought so.

Iruka watched Gai’s back as they moved through the tai chi. He noticed that Gai seemed to dislike the exercise less after their little affair. It had only been the day before but Iruka still found himself distracted by the shower they’d shared after Gai had sucked him off.


Leading Gai into the spacious guest bathroom, Iruka let his shirt fall away from his body before stepping close and nuzzling Gai’s collarbones as his fingers pushed at the elastic of Gai’s pants. His hands smoothed up Gai’s perfect stomach and back down, running once along Gai’s extremely long cock when the pants fluttered to the floor.

Slipping his own pants off, Iruka started the water before pulling Gai back against him and pulling them into the spray. Running his hands along Gai’s chest, Iruka hummed softly, taking the time to admire Gai’s astounding physique as the water slid over his skin.

Ducking his head under the spray briefly Gai slicked his hair back from his face before picking up the body wash. Rubbing some into his hands he playfully put a dab of foam on Iruka’s before gliding his hands up and down Iruka’s front. Running soap slicked fingers over sturdy shoulders and a taut frame. Gai couldn’t help but admire the way Iruka’s body was not to overly built but lean and compact. An unexpected treat in Gai’s eyes, as he let his hands explore playfully where Iruka let him.

Lifting himself on his toes, Iruka’s lips pulled at Gai’s as he let his weight fall against the tiled wall. It was especially surprising to Iruka just how aroused Gai had him. The man’s hands felt so good, almost as good as Kakashi’s and better than anyone else’s he’d been with, but he couldn’t say why.

Flicking his tongue against Gai’s, Iruka slowly trailed his fingers along Gai’s body, pausing to squeeze and knead the man’s rock hard ass before moving on. “So hot,” he whispered seductively, wrapping a hand around Gai’s length and sliding his sudsy grip along the firm flesh while he let Gai touch him everywhere.

Whistling lightly between his teeth Gai allowed Iruka to get him by the balls and Gai had to admit, Iruka was a very handy man to know. The way his cock was stroked with just the right amount of pressure was almost unreal. Almost with no real thought, Gai’s own hands stroked down and went to Iruka’s own slowly awakening length. Tickling along the tip, Gai gave a lazy stroke before allowing his sudsy hands to slid around Iruka’s ass. Tapping lightly on Iruka’s taint as his hands slipped and slid over the firm globes.

Gai whimpered lightly when Iruka found a particular sensitive spot on his anatomy right around the crown of the mushroom head on his cock. “Oh....” Biting his lip, Gai got firmer grip on Iruka. When his hands shifted, Gais’s fingers once again slid lightly across, Iruka’s hole before dipping further forward and tapping on his perineum.

The teasing had Iruka’s hard cock twitching and his hips straining towards Gai for more stimulation. Every time Gai’s long fingers brushed back against his entrance, a soft, needy noise pulled from his throat.

Wrapping both his hands around Gai’s cock, Iruka used them both to work the long shaft as he tried to pull Gai closer against him, trying to get the man to press him harder against the wall, wanting to feel what that powerful body could do to him. “Gai...” he whimpered needily before nibbling at one of Gai’s nipples.
There were two things that Gai realized when Iruka said his name like that one, he was going to fuck Iruka and two he was going to fuck Iruka to the point where neither would remember their names. Calling on the self control that he had developed from doing taijutsu all his life, Gai calmed himself and focused on the moment. Listening to Iruka’s breathing, Gai leaned out of the shower and grabbed the oil he sometimes used on his hair off the sink.

He knew that in the place of lube it was going to do a very good job. Pulling Iruka’s hair Gai licked his way into Iruka’s mouth, his tongue intertwining with Iruka’s while he flipped the oil into his palm. Dropping the oil, Gai called some chakra to his finger tips, bit Iruka’s lip while sliding one finger right into Iruka’s twitching hole. Swirling the finger lightly, Gai plundered Iruka’s mouth while on the tip of his finger he concentrated the chakra. When he found the little nib of Iruka, prostate he pushed a small amount of his chakra into the surrounding tissue while his finger rubbed.

“You are so tight.” Gai growled into Iruka’s ear as his he pushed a second finger in.

As Gai began fingering him and pulling on his hair, Iruka yelped in surprise and pleasure, his ass gripping down around Gai’s fingers like it was elasticized.

“Oh god! Oh shit, don’t....stpnnnngh. nnnnawww,” he moaned, meaning to tell Gai to stop but lost in the sensation. Gai’s chakra infused fingertips on his prostate was way too good to make stop. Hearing Gai’s voice rough and dominant like that had a fountain of precum rolling down Iruka’s dark cock. He liked it when Kakashi spoke to him like that but because it seemed so out of character for Gai, it was even hotter.

Adding a third finger for the extra give, Gai knew wasn’t going to be long now. Grinding his erection against Iruka’s made Gai hiss in anticipation before he couldn’t take it anymore. He knew what he wanted and he had the fingers in Iruka’s ass to prove it. Removing his fingers Gai concentrated for a moment on sending chakra into his erection before he settled his hands on Iruka’s hips.

“I hope you are ready for a ride.” Gai’s voice sounded dangerously dark to his own ears as he lifted Iruka up and slowly impaled him on his cock. Pleasantly surprised to find that his muscles didn’t so much as twinge from lifting Iruka like that he leaned the other man back some before beginning to slam into Iruka. The chakra he had around the head of his erection mixed with the chakra that Gai had already left in the area surrounding Iruka’s prostate to cause a slight suction effect whenever Gai slid into Iruka’s body.

It wasn’t until his lover’s best friend was sliding into his body that Iruka realized just what was happening. He tried to squirm but as that chakra filled cock speared him, Iruka felt his cock give a massive twitch and his cum spray against Gai’s stomach.

Cursing and clinging to Gai’s body for dear life, Iruka’s ass clamped down on the long cock, milking it inside his body.

“Gai...” Iruka whimpered weakly as the guilt started hitting him even harder. When the head of Gai’s cock moved inside of him again, Iruka whined, this time with pleasure, unable to decide if he should make Gai stop or if he’d already gone way past the line to try to save any face at this point anyway.

Not content to just let Iruka get away with coming so soon in their interlude, Gai hooked one of Iruka, legs over his shoulder. Bending his head just so, Gai sucked a line from one of Iruka’s nipples to his belly button. Laving the little indention, Gai shifted Iruka up. Licking the head of Iruka’s erection lightly while his hips ground and circled inside Iruka.

When Gai was sure he had captured the attention of Iruka’s erection again he shifted Iruka again. Walking Iruka to the wall, Gai captured Iruka’s lips again as he began to thrust hard and deep. The muscles in his back shaking from the desire to go all out and gain his release. Mentally Gai thanked his training for giving him complete muscle control as he built the tempo up again.

Hanging on around Gai’s neck as firmly as he could, Iruka sobbed softly in bliss, his toes curling and his tongue licking along Gai’s jaw and ear.

“Fuck, you feel so good. You feel so good. Ohh, Gai. Give it to me, fuck me into the wall,” he breathed hoarsely, nipping firmly at Gai’s skin. Iruka’s hands pushed through Gai’s wet hair, pulling it back off his face and he let out a groan as he licked his way up Gai’s throat to his mouth.

Never one to not oblige his lovers, Gai set up a grueling pace that had Iruka slide up and down the wet tiles. Running his hands up Iruka’s sides again, Gai sent a small chakra charge, to mix in Iruka’s stomach knowing that it would put him on edge. Reaching his other hand around Gai pressed Chakra infused finger tips into the space just behind Iruka’s balls. Knowing that his restraint was breaking, Gai turned into the beast he was often called, his chakra infused finger tips, trancing pleasure points and hitting erogenous zones. As his vision temporarily whited out, Gai roared his orgasm. The sound echoing back from the bathroom tiles.

As Iruka trembled and shook through another small orgasm as Gai filled him with his seed, Iruka panted roughly and let his legs fall away from being wrapped around Gai’s waist.

Horrible guilt was already starting to eat at him but he didn’t want to give Gai the impression that he was upset so he smiled, weakly but warmly at him, letting the man know that he was glad Gai had enjoyed it. “That was...really amazing,” Iruka murmured, stumbling slightly as he tried to brace himself against the wall and help Gai scrub down.

“I know this was strange...but it will be okay,” he told more himself than Gai. “We’ll be okay and I’ll be able to sort out Kakashi. Don’t worry about a thing, okay?” Stepping out of the shower, Iruka wrapped himself in a towel and held one up for Gai. He really wanted to slip away so he could sort his whole head out but he knew that after that Gai would probably need the company so he wouldn’t feel the way he did when he snuck off to the whore house.

“I think I need a nap.” Gai sighed feeling a headache coming on. Once sexual excitement had passed his honor had come in and smacked him with his own stupidity. Guilt was currently warring through his head. He was going to own that he was probably largely responsible for the extent of what had happened.

He, the master of self control, had completely lost it. Waving away Iruka’s concern Gai had wobbled off to his room and passed out on his bed for a while thinking.

The thought of losing Kakashi had Iruka temporarily fretting but he was sure he could make his lover understand that nothing that had happened between he and Gai had changed the fact that Iruka loved the man more than life. That night was Iruka’s turn to sit in the gardens for hours, wondering if when his lover came back that he’d still be able to consider them his gardens.

//End flashback//

“Inhale slowly as you move the energy in front of you,” Iruka murmured, though he was glancing distractedly at the sky. Kakashi had been supposed to be back today but he hadn’t made it. It probably just mean he was late but he wondered...he always wondered when Kakashi was late.

“Sensei you have repeated those same instructions twice.” Gai sighed falling out of his pose. “Look you are distracted. Frankly I have noticed that my chakra doesn’t have that lovely parasite and instability since we...” Gai trailed off and coughed.

“Kakashi will be back soon. He can’t die yet.” Gai took a deep breath and decided that facing the issue head on would be more helpful. “Realistically what do you think will happen when we tell Kakashi what will happen?”

Shaking his head, Iruka stared off into the distance solemnly. “I don’t know. I really don’t. It might depend on how things went while he’s away. Just make sure you let me handle it. He needs to hear it from me, not from you. Do you understand?” Iruka asked, knowing there was a strong possibility that Kakashi would try to really hurt Gai if the jounin told him about their indiscretion.

“Don’t even mention him dying again. He’s just late,” Iruka reiterated exactly what had been going through his head since Kakashi had left. He just couldn’t take thinking about losing Kakashi when they’d finally become so happy and settled.

“I’m sorry. I guess I’m still somewhere else. I promise for our session tomorrow I’ll be more focused,” Iruka murmured softly. “Do you think the jutsu is gone for good now?” he asked as he perched himself on a rock.

“Iruka look I don’t want anything to happen between you two and if it looks like things are going to go bad say I forced you or something. We can even blame it on the jutsu. Though I am not sorry about what happened. I mean the circumstances could have been different and that would have been preferable.” Giving up on trying to speak for the time being Gai thought for a moment.

“The jutsu is no longer present in my chakra. I don’t hear the voices or whispers. Nor do I feel wild fluctuations in my chakra. I just feel here and present. It’s almost like once I address my anxieties it started losing the power over me.”

“I’m really glad, Gai,” Iruka said with a sad smile, wrapping his arms around his upper arms tightly as if for warmth on the warm summer day.

“I’d never do that to you, you know,” he said softly, looking at Gai to make sure he understood. “Kakashi would kill you, literally, if you said you’d raped me. Don’t even think about that anymore, okay?” he demanded, his voice incredibly firm.

“Yes but he would still have you and the memory of me would fade and there would still be a chance for you two to be happy.” Gai murmured softly placing a gentle hand on Iruka’s shoulder.

“As much as I love Kakashi I have come to care about you too. Your happiness and his surpass my own need to be happy because if you aren’t then how can I be.” Gai felt slightly awkward admitting it. “Besides Kakashi is a strange man at the best of times and a contrary one at the worst so we don’t even know how he will act.”

“It will be okay,” Iruka murmured, not looking entirely convinced but clearly not willing to admit otherwise.

Over the next couple of days Iruka was eternally grateful that Gai didn’t keep bringing it up again. It made the gnawing anxiety he always got when Kakashi was late coming home stay trapped in his stomach. Every time the chakra around the house would shift or flicker he’d perk up, pause whatever he was doing to see if he could feel his lover.

It was excruciating but it was the life. It was the cost of having a relationship when you were a shinobi.

“Gai, why did it have to be Kakashi?” Iruka asked, not bothering to take notes anymore when they were talking. “You’ve been so fixated on him for so long and he had hurt you so badly. Why did it have to be Kakashi?” Iruka asked again, settling himself against his rock casually.

“Maybe I am a masochist?” Gai shrugged before laughing, “You know how you get when someone doubts your worth. I wanted to prove that I could be someone important. Then of course when I started watching Kakashi change and morph. He became someone I knew I would be happy with.” Shrugging Gai thought some more. “It was in his eye too. He no longer looked at me so coldly but with more of a glint like every time I popped up to issue a challenge there would be this barely there flicker of emotion before his trademark bored expression came on.”

Humming softly in acknowledgment, Iruka braided a chuck of his hair absentmindly. “Do you ever think that has hurt you? Not maybe giving other people a decent chance?”

Iruka didn’t get a chance to hear the answer because with a tiny wave of chakra rippled through the house. Iruka paused for a long moment before jumping to his feet and dashing to the front door.

Sighing, Kakashi dropped his gear on the porch and pulled off his bloody stab vest just in time to have the door slide open and his lover leap into his arms.

“I missed you too, baby,” he murmured, soaking in the comfort of Iruka’s body wrapped tightly around his.

Knowing what that flash of chakra meant, Gai decided to make himself scarce. Going into his room, he grabbed the transfer scroll and his still uncompleted second half of his manuscript. The book had come out yesterday in some of the villages around Konoha in limited release and there wasn’t a book left in circulation at the moment. Gai’s editor was through the moon but Gai himself had more pressing worries.

Writing about the triumphant return of Akira, in the manuscript from his sojourn took Gai several attempts. Gai listened with a distracted ear for any disturbance in the house but at the moment there didn’t appear to be any killing intent and so Gai continued to write leaving the couple to get reacquainted.

When Gai finally wearied of writing he started to go through his modified workout regimen. Since he couldn’t run well enough without leaving the property he worked on raising his heart rate though other means. He wasn’t sure how much time passed but Gai knew he was sore and tired when he was done. Gathering his work, Gai snuck into his room and put everything down. Sneaking down the hallway, Gai hopped into the shower. It was a little too quiet in the house and Gai knew the other shoe would drop soon.

Iruka took his time looking after Kakashi, running him a bath, kissing the pale face tenderly while they waited for the tub to fill, and slowly ran the cloth over his entire body while Kakashi sat back in the water. Now that he could see and touch Kakashi again, Iruka really began to worry about what Kakashi was going to say, worry if they’d even stay together.

“You’re trembling,” Kakashi broke the silence, grabbing the hand with the washcloth and noting the very slight, anxious tremors that shook it. “You’re terrified,” he intuited, reaching a wet hand up and brushing a lock of Iruka’s hair off his face, surprised when Iruka’s chin dropped right to his chest. “Terrified of me. What’s going on, Ru?” he asked, finding this strange new development with his lover.

Swallowing thickly, Iruka lifted his watery, brown eyes back to Kakashi. “Only scared to lose you,” he whispered, cupping his hands around Kakashi’s and bringing all of them to his forehead. “I’ve done something very foolish. It doesn’t even seem real now and I don’t know...why...” Choking on his words, Iruka trailed off, looking at his lover pleadingly, desperate not to say out loud how he’d broken his lover’s trust.

Studying Iruka, Kakashi thought of what would make Iruka respond like this. Calm, sensible, sweet Iruka, whom would do everything in his power to not intentionally hurt anyone. Leaning back in the tub, Kakashi let his hands rest lightly on the edge of the tub. His pose was relaxed but in his mind he knew if things were going to be bad then he needed to brace himself.

Nodding curtly, Kakashi waited for Iruka to explain himself. In his mind Kakashi let the worse case scenarios go through his head and as Iruka began to speak, Kakashi filtered in every word and action. Kakashi wanted to make sure that whatever situation that he was going to be hearing about he could figure out the best course of action.

When Kakashi pulled his hand out of his, Iruka felt his eyes well up and slumped back against the wall, looking at Kakashi miserably.

“Kakashi, I slept with someone while you were gone.” Iruka held Kakashi’s gaze while he spoke but dropped it immediately after his admission. “I don’t know what came over me and I’m so...so sorry,” he murmured, a pair of heavy tears falling from his eyes as he stared at his lap. “I’ll do or have you do whatever you need to to me to make this right with us...if you think that can be.”

The silence between them was sickening and Iruka chanced a glance up at the silver haired man. “Do you want me to go for a bit...give you a chance to think?” he asked, hoping that perhaps a bit of absence on his part might make Kakashi realize how much they’d miss one another if they split. “I’ll do anything to make this up to you...” he breathed, another pair of tears falling from his eyes and streaking down his cheeks.

For a little longer Kakashi maintained his silence; his mind anything but quiet. As thoughts raced through his head, Kakashi contemplated the main thing that he needed to know.

“Who was it?” Kakashi asked firmly for the moment ignoring the question of Iruka leaving. The image of Iruka leaving him permanently was just a little too much for him to take even if he just left for a while; Kakashi knew that in his present state of mind that would be a bad idea.

Hugging his knees, Iruka shook his head. “That doesn’t really matter. It’s better you don’t know. It was my fault after all,” he murmured, hardly believing that this was happening, that Kakashi was so upset that he stood a very good chance of losing everything. “I know you have the right but trust me it’s better you don’t know,” Iruka murmured, under no delusion that Kakashi wouldn’t put it together eventually. Even now he could feel Gai’s unrest through the seal. “Please, Kashi,” Iruka murmured, batting his lashes to blink back the tears. “Tell me what I need to do.”

“You need to tell me who it was.” Kakashi spoke firmly. He realized then that it must be someone he was close to but the only person who came to mind immediately had been on a mission with him. There was really no one else that Kakashi could think...”Gai.’ Kakashi spoke then name without a hint of inflection. He didn’t need to ask the question he knew that it had to be Gai. Standing from the bath, Kakashi rinsed himself off before wrapping a towel around his waist.

Leaning down he looked at Iruka. “I want you to get Gai and I want you both to meet me in the bedroom.” Kakashi touched Iruka’s hair lightly before walking out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. Pulling on one of his masks and throwing on a pair of comfortable pants, he sat on the bed with his feet up and his arms crossed patiently. Then realizing it may take a while for Iruka to collect himself and retrieve Gai, Kakashi dug the book he had bought on the way home.

The bookstore he had stopped in had been in an uproar over the book. There were so few copies available that people had to draw lots to see who would get a book. Kakashi had been intrigued but then to find out a gay romance was the cause of the commotion had just been the icing on the cake. It hadn’t been a problem for Kakashi to get his hands on the book.

Now that he had the subject of Iruka’s infidelity weighing on his mind, Kakashi figured the book would be a good cover for his inner turmoil. Reading the book with only half an eye initially while his brain thought Kakashi found himself melting into the story. It was absolutely riveting and Kakashi could actually relate to the character Akira’s life. Only slightly aware of his surroundings, Kakashi began to really get into the novel.

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