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Relations between Senseis Chapter 5
Title: Relations between Senseis
Pairing: (KakaIru, GaiIru, KakaGai with eventual GaiKakaIru )
Rating: M for Sex, Violence and Mature themes
Warnings: Attempted Suicide, Violence, Polyamorous Relationship
Summary: There is a lot more to Maito Gai then meets the eye and unfortunately it takes some bad things happening before Kakashi and Iruka realize it. (Summary not so great but story is better)
Author's Note: Sorry folks this was going to be out on Friday but I had to send my computer in and forgot to load this chapter before I did it. Cue the mad scramble to get this in on Sunday like I promised. Also does anyone want to beta this. I look through it of course and I think it is okay but an extra pair of eyes wouldn’t hurt.

Begin Here

Iruka smiled serenely as Gai finally emerged the next morning, comically glancing at his watch and smiling cheekily.

“Morning sleepyhead,” he chirped pleasantly, though he was moving noticeably slower that morning thanks to the intense pounding Kakashi had given him the night before. The discomfort felt good the morning after, at least for a while.

“Your breakfast is ready,” Iruka murmured, gesturing to the table as he added more sugar to his coffee. “Kakashi is gone, probably for a couple of days so you’re stuck with just me I’m afraid,” he said with an easy smile.

Grunting Gai tried to open his mouth and speak but found himself failing. He hated sleeping pills but the one from last night had been horribly effective. So much so that Gai was aware that he needed a hair cut. His bangs were in his eyes. Then Gai realized that his eyes were only half open. For a time he struggled to correct that but gave up when he could only get one eye completely open when the other one was closed.

“Thank you for breakfast.” Gai rasped scratching his stomach and picking at the meal. “Kakashi san will be back before you know it.” Sipping at the tea, Gai struggled to focus. God he had hated drugs.

“You okay?” Iruka asked, smoothing a hand over Gai’s hair and brushed his bangs off his face a little. Something about the man’s hair was tactilely very addictive. “You look a little groggy this morning. Oh...we didn’t keep you up, did we?” he asked, slightly embarrassed. He knew he could get pretty loud on occasions and he couldn’t remember if last night was one of those times. “I’m really sorry. Sometimes when I’m grieving the release I need is a physical one. Here I said we were going to be good,” he sighed, his fingers still playing with Gai’s black locks.

Grumbling lightly the affirmative, Gai looked at Iruka and sighed. “You were fine until the howling started.” Gai ate his food and allowed Iruka to continue to play with his hair. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of that so he let it go. “Everyone has different releases and you get yours through sex. You aren’t hurting yourself so it is line with the shinobi code.” Scratching at his jaw lightly, Gai rested his head on the table and regarded Iruka solemnly. “What now?”

Giving a soft, affectionate smile, Iruka dragged the back of his finger over Gai’s cheek. “We go talk. Did you think I was just going to disown you because you have feelings for Kakashi?” Iruka asked, his fingers returning to Gai’s silky hair. “Let me tell you, you’re not the first to tell me that. There were even people who told me their intentions were to steal him away. I’m certainly not upset with you.”

“Well considering you have your hands in my hair, I am assuming that upset isn’t the word.” Gai grunted, his gaze studying Iruka quietly. “It will be easier for you both when I am out of the way. You can howl at the moon to your hearts content.” Shifting up and away from Iruka’s hands, Gai stretched so that his back popped before beginning to clear the table.

Once he was done he returned to the dining room. At this point Gai realized he was still in his sleeping pants. “I should probably get dressed. I didn’t realize,” Making a general gesture at his attire. “What are the plans for today?”

Taking Gai by the arm and gently guiding him into one of the sitting rooms, Iruka motioned for him to sit on one of the floor cushions before taking a spot himself.

“Forget getting changed for a minute,” Iruka murmured, waiting for Gai to make himself comfortable. “There’s something I want you to understand, Gai. You are not a burden to Kakashi or I, okay? We wanted you to come here, to be with us when things were going rough for you. I really want you to stop thinking of yourself as a nuisance and realize that we enjoy having you here with us, both of us do, because you’re important to us and we care about you.” Iruka’s expression was pure earnestness, his eyes begging Gai to understand that regardless of what he thought, he wasn’t a problem waiting to be fixed so they could get rid of him.

Frowning deeply Gai thought about what Iruka said. Crossing his arms over his chest, Gai tapped his fingers lightly against his chest. “I don’t really think I want to contemplate that now. I believe you but it would be easier if I ignored it. I don’t think I am making sense so I guess I could say I appreciate your concern for me and all that you have done.”

“I’m afraid I haven’t done much just yet,” Iruka mumbled more to himself than to Gai. “I’m not sure I understand why you don’t want to think about what I just said. We care about you, Gai, a lot. That’s why we wanted to have you here. You’re important to us, especially to Kakashi. I shudder to think what he would have been like if the jutsu had actually made you kill yourself. I don’t know if you know this because he’s so popular but Kakashi doesn’t have many close friends, certainly very few that he actually trusts. You might look at what the two of you have as just a rivalry but he sees you as much more than that.”

“There are thin lines around everything. Rivalry, friendship, love and hate. He wouldn’t be my rival if he was just anyone else.” Gai scratched his head before falling onto his back. “Why do I have to think about this now? Why exactly do you care? Kakashi maybe but why you?”

It wasn’t a bad question and for a moment Iruka had to think about exactly how to answer it. “Well first and foremost I’d care even if I didn’t know you because you are so important to Kakashi. Secondly, I admire and respect most of you jounin. You do the things that even we chuunin couldn’t stand even once and the only thing I can say to you when you get back is thank you for your hard work, knowing the things you’ve seen were probably enough to traumatize me for life. But you do what you have to do, what needs to get done, and when you come home, aside from a few interesting quirks, you’re all able to function like normal human beings. That takes so much strength.”

Iruka found the urge to crawl over to Gai and hug him, to curl up beside him with his head on the muscular shoulder both overwhelming and shocking. He was an affectionate guy but for some reason he didn’t think that this had anything to do with Gai’s comfort.

“Thirdly, I think you’re wonderful. You’re the juxtaposition to all the dark and gloom that most of the upper ranks are mired in. Even if that’s just your outward personality. You’re caring and sensitive and an integral part of the village. I wish I did know you better than I do. I think we’d get along very well if I did.”

Gai was pretty sure his mouth would have been hanging open if he had been laying down allowing gravity to keep it closed. “At times I think Kakashi only cares about me because I am one of the only ones around during the time of Minato sensei that knew Kakashi and is still alive. I am flattered by your comments on jounin but jounin are the tools and chuunin are the glue that binds the village together. Without you holding together the foundations of the village there wouldn’t be anything to come back to. I don’t know exactly how to respond to the thirdly bit but through therapy you are getting to know me somewhat. If there is something you wish to know in the friendly capacity just ask.”

“Thank you, Gai. I will,” Iruka said simply, deciding not to argue a lot of the finer points with Gai of all of those points but picking one that stuck out to him.

“Why do you have such a hard time believing that Kakashi likes you for you?” he asked, hoping to loop back in the self esteem issues he’d picked up on yesterday.

“Because he told me.” Gai sighed. “It was one of the only times I ever took him out by myself when we were younger. He said that because I looked the way I did people were more attracted to him. I was a great way to get him laid if only because if I was the other option then he would be a shoo in.” Putting his arm over his eyes, Gai took a deep shuddering breath. Even after all this time it still hurt. “He looked at me and smiled before he said that who would like an ugly mug like you anyway.” The pain of that statement had sent Gai into a spiral and even now the seal pulsed darkly.

In an instant Iruka was beside Gai, a hand resting gently on his stomach. He had such a hard time believing that his Kakashi had been so cold, only he knew how Kakashi had been when he was younger, arrogant and self involved to an extreme.

“Gai...” Iruka soothed gently, his other hand moving to cup the man’s jaw when he tried to turn his face away, his heart breaking for the poor thing. “Sweetheart, you’re not ugly. Not at all.” He knew that few of his words would make a difference. When he’d thought he was the ugliest thing in the village there was nothing anyone could say to the contrary to make him change his mind. And he hadn’t had his crush tell him he was ugly right to his face.

“Kakashi wasn’t always the man he was today, Gai. He used to be a really arrogant asshole to be frank. He isn’t like that anymore. Hasn’t been since before he and I got together. Awww, Gai. That must have been horrible,” Iruka simpered, fully intending on kicking Kakashi’s ass when he got back for never apologizing to the man.

“Oh Gai, is that what you’ve been thinking of yourself for all these years?” he asked, thinking it was no wonder Gai hadn’t found someone with his self esteem so low. “How long ago was that, sweetheart?” Iruka’s hands were petting gently, smoothing along Gai’s hair and face and rubbing slow circles on the seal on his stomach in attempts to sooth the man and show him that Iruka had no qualms about getting close.

Feeling slightly uncomfortable with the way he was reacting to Iruka’s touch, Gai shifted slightly frowning. “I guess it was about fourteen years ago give or take. I figured at the point why try to look good when the only person you want to notice you only thinks of you as a foil for their looks. So I played the part, green spandex and strange hair cut. It made me different and in a lot of ways it helped me out.”

Laying there on the floor Gai took deep breaths and thought for a bit, “I stopped thinking I’m ugly though sometimes I still believe it. I guess it is just me being unique. My family isn’t native here so...What can you do really?” Leaning up on his elbows he shook his head at Iruka.

“I know Kakashi hasn’t been that spiteful boy for a long time, I can just still see him saying it with that look on his face. Some times it is the look that stays with you.” Shaking his head, Gai cracked a smile and looked at Iruka. Realizing how close their faces were Gai laid down again.

Sighing, Iruka tenderly rubbed the pads of his fingers against Gai’s scalp. “I know. It’s terrible and I can’t believe he never took it back. But that was a long time ago and you do know that it’s not true, right?” Iruka asked, sliding along the floor so he was half laying down, resting himself on his elbow. “You...are not ugly,” he said firmly, pausing to make sure his words were getting through to Gai. “In fact,” Iruka said, a little smile hinting at his lips and in his eyes. “I think you’re pretty damn gorgeous. You definitely have the hottest body of all the men in the village.” He brushed at Gai’s bangs, his fingers trailing gently along Gai’s features as he studied them with new appreciation.

“Well that is my rival he probably doesn’t ever think of me when I am not forcing my presence on him.” Gai chuckled. “I appreciate your flattery but you don’t have to boost my ego. For how hard I work I hope my body’s good at least.” Adding a teasing note to his voice, Gai nudged Iruka and grinned lightly.

“I did get a very funny offer though.” Gai couldn’t help chuckling as he thought of the offer that he had received in Suna. “Apparently if I was interested in doing porn I should consider moving to Suna. I apparently would do well.” Patting his stomach so that it made a sound like a drum, Gai thought aloud, “Now what would my porn name be? Spandex bandit, stretch....the body...” Wriggling his eyebrows at Iruka Gai started laughing helplessly.

Chuckling too, Iruka continued to stroke Gai’s hair, pondering on the idea of Gai in porn. Just how spectacular was Gai’s body, all his body, if he was getting offers like that.

“Gai, come here. We’re going to do a little exercise.” When Gai seemed to perk up, Iruka chuckled and flicked the end of his nose. “Not that kind of exercise. Come on.”

Nodding to Gai to sit up like he did. “You told me once that I was...sex on legs I think is how you put it,” he said, his lips quirking at the corners as he crossed his legs and sat up straight. “Now...why is that? There’s nothing all that special about my looks really. My hair is brown and I usually wear it pulled up like this,” Iruka started, his tone very logical. “I’m not tall, I’m not built, not like most of the men in this village. In fact I’m horribly out of shape compared to most. I have a giant scar right across my face,” he gestured to his face where his scar ran across the bridge of his nose. “So what is it about me that’s so appealing?” Iruka asked, cocking his head to the side.

Saying the first thing that came to mind Gai looked confused, “You look yummy and homey.” Gai realized that may have sounded bad tried to figure out how to make himself better understood. “I mean you can be around anybody and still figure out how to get along. You aren’t afraid to stand up to anyone. Being super in shape is sort of the norm for our job and you have a little less definition which makes you different. You are a ninja so you aren’t a push over but you still look like someone who would look good in certain items of an intimate persuasion.” Nodding sagely Gai continued.

“The scar just makes you more approachable. Without it most people would look at you and have problems speaking. It is a conversation piece and a mark of your unique appeal. I think you are perfect as you are.” Finishing up Gai tilted his head at Iruka. “Did I mess up my explanation again or need to explain better?”

Chuckling softly, Iruka shook his head. “That was all very flattering Gai. But why does any of that make me sexy?” When the black haired nin gave him a confused look and Iruka smiled wider. “Close your eyes for me. Now, I want you to imagine what I would look like if I had no confidence in my looks. Maybe a few extra pounds or maybe obsessive in my quest to have a prefect body.” Iruka found it strange that all of the things that generally accompanied poor self esteem, Gai didn’t display.

“Now think about yourself if you had confidence in your looks. I think it would probably be something like this...”

Pulling a quick henge, Iruka leaned back against the couch, his eyelids narrowed over Gai’s black eyes. The raven hair was slightly touseled and Iruka’s posture in Gai’s long, firm body was open and inviting clad in only the same sleeping pants Gai was wearing right then.

Popping open an eye Gai studied himself briefly before closing his eyes again. “Hhhhmm I guess perception is a major part of how people look?” Taking a stab at the reason for the game, Gai continued to sit in darkness. When he realized he had walked into a land mine in his mind filled with Kakashi and Iruka images.

“Oh Hell.” Gai mentally growled, where the hell had those come from. Imagines of the two bodies twined together made Gai stand up and do a quick round of side steps. Jumping up and down Gai hopped around the room to distract himself from the images before he flopped back on the floor cushions.

“What’s next oh vernible sensei?” Gai inquired.

“Iruka, Gai,” he muttered, popping back into himself with a slightly exasperated look. “Please please please, just call me Iruka. I just wanted you to have a better idea of what the people around you see, or rather could see if you didn’t count yourself out so easily. You’re hot, Gai. Very hot. I’d like to see you believe that now and then. Strut a little,” he added with a smile. “Sometimes if you really want something you should just...go for it.”

“You make it sound like you want me to make a play for Kakashi or something.” Gai shook his head. “That would be...awkward.” Gai laughed slightly shaking his head. Jogging in place briefly Gai inquired. “If there is nothing else, I think I will go do some kantas outside and then shower if that is okay.” At Iruka’s nod, Gai went on his way figuring he might as well do his work out in his current attire rather than have to rewash an outfit.

The time flew by and before Gai realized it an hour had passed. Hopping back into the sitting room, he found Iruka sitting with what looked a manuscript in hand. Gai didn’t think much about it.

“Do you want me to fix dinner?” When his question did not gain a response, Gai went closer. He realized a note was on the floor. Bending to pick it up, Gai blinked at his editors handwriting before looking at Iruka with a bewildered gaze.

Iruka looked up at Gai over his burning cheeks, embarrassed at having been caught in the wrong but still stunned by his discovery.

“I’m...I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to invade your privacy like this but when your editor dropped it off I was so surprised that you wrote actual novels...” Iruka blinked as images of what he’d been reading kept replaying before his eyes.

“I only meant to read a couple of lines but...” Iruka looked up at the script that was still open to the page he’d been on where Jiro and Akira attacked Kazou and laved his cinnamon body with attention from head to toe. Iruka’s cock was rock hard and he fidgeted uncomfortably, not sure what to do at this juncture when he was so clearly aroused about a story that was clearly about he, Kakashi and Gai since he knew what he was looking for. Biting his lip, Iruka looked up at Gai from under his mile long lashes with his deadly innocent but inviting gaze, beckoning the man to him while still doing nothing at all.

“I’m very sorry, Gai,” he breathed.

“As you should be.” Gai tried to be angry but really he felt himself being intrigued and a heavy dose of arousal was moving in. His legs started moving against his will as he sat beside Iruka and leaned over to see what page he was on.

“So what do you think? I can see you haven’t finished it but an initial impression is alway a good indicator of the success.” Regarding Iruka with a gentle smile, Gai waited slowly for Iruka to say or do anything.

Iruka’s lusty brown eyes fell closed as Gai sat beside him, the sexy musk of the man’s athletic body making his hair stand on end. ‘God, I want him so bad!’ Iruka’s mind supplied, causing a small noise to pull from his throat. “It’s good...It’s very good. It’s...very sexy,” Iruka murmured, his hand shooting up to his face as his blushed pushed right across his scar.

Taking a deep breath, Iruka tried to push himself out of his rattled state and put on a seductive smirk. “So is this a fantasy of sorts?” he asked, leaning in towards Gai a bit more, his eyes raking down the man’s sexy throat and collar bones. “Cuz there’s a pretty hot therapy scene in there between Jiro and Kazou,” his words were a breathy whisper, rolling seductively off his lips as his cock jumped and strained at his zipper.

“Well you see, uhm, well.” Gai couldn’t believe he was tongue tied about it, this was his work and Iruka was his therapist. It was just therapy. Resolved firmly in hand, Gai responded. “I guess you could call it a fantasy because I had to imagine it out all very clearly. I mean the subtle shifts in pressure on the body can result in wondrous contractions in the muscles that can be very stimulating.” Gai nodded slowly and regarded, Iruka with a heavy glance.

“I had to guess but you looked flexible enough to pull off some of the moves I thought up but for others I wasn’t sure.” Drumming his fingers lightly on the floor, Gai gave Iruka a confident smile. “At some point I am going to do some research into different positions in order to make it more real or do you think it had enough realism to it?” Leaning back on his elbows Gai gave Iruka a heavy lidded gaze as he waited for the reply.

Swallowing thickly, Iruka looked down at Gai, the pulse point in his neck throbbing as his mind underwent a furious debate. The last shreds of his rational mind were begging him to slow down and think but Iruka’s body was already moving. Crawling slowly up Gai’s long body, Iruka settled his hips over Gai’s. “We could find out...” he whispered again, his need pressing into Gai’s hip as he licked his lips and slowly let his head descend.

Gai watched Iruka lean forward to kiss him and slowly he leaned up. Their lips brushed faintly. Taking his time Gai made a thorough exploration of Iruka’s mouth. Trying to remember what he had written he leaned a little to the side so one of his arms was free. Gently he ran his fingers down Iruka’s cheek caressing his neck lightly before hitting a point in Iruka’s shoulders that he knew prompted a release of tension. Letting his finger tips skate down, Iruka’s arm he let Iruka determine the stopping point of the kiss. Settling one hand lightly on Iruka’s hip, as he nibbled lightly on Iruka’s bottom lip.

“What are you doing?” Iruka’s mind demanded as he gasped softly and melded their lips together again, his tongue tickling softly at Gai’s and his body responding more every second. “Stop this, you can’t,” his mind supplied though another side of him tried to reason that this would help Gai and it wasn’t just because he was horny.

Slipping a hand under Gai’s hips, Iruka pulled the man’s pelvis up against his, moaning into Gai’s mouth as the pressure between their bodies sent waves of pleasure down his spine. “Shit...” he breathed roughly, his mouth eating hungrily at his friend’s pulling the hands and body against him impatiently, wanting Gai to take more control.

“We shouldn’t do this.” Gai realized how ridiculous it was to say this while his hands had taken up residence quite firmly on Iruka’s ass. The fact that they were massaging and squeezing firmly wasn’t helping his case either. The fact that he had been, up until a moment ago, nibbling on tendons in Iruka’s neck that went straight to Iruka’s cock was irrelevant. Whimpering noises were quickly undoing his resolve and Gai knew that if Iruka didn’t come up with some kind of objection soon then there would be no going back for either of them.

Rolling them over so that Gai could use his hands more, he hooked both of Iruka’s legs over his shoulders. Looking Iruka in his eyes, Gai undid Iruka’s pants and pulled them down enough to free his erection. Squeezing Iruka’s balls just a little bit, Gai waited for Iruka to tell him no, tell him to stop, say anything. One hand went up Iruka’s shirt to tweak a nipple and then Gai’s head was down as he swallowed Iruka’s erection right to the root.

The tan body convulsed with pleasure and Iruka’s fingers clawed at the floor in the shock. “Nnnnnnngh nahgod yes!” Iruka squealed, one of his hands fisting tightly in Gai’s hair as his hips bucked involuntarily up. Gai’s mouth felt amazing, better and more eager than he’d ever had wrapped around him before. “Oh got, oh fffuu... nnnnnnngh.” The word no hung on the tip of his tongue but everytime Iruka tried to get it out it came out as yes or a grunt. “Gai...fuck that’s so good...” he groaned, rolling his hips into Gai’s sucking mouth faster.

Working his throat muscles in rapid tempo to Iruka’s thrusts, Gai channeled chakra into his throat in order to increase the sensation. Using quick bursts of chakra, Gai let his tongue transfer some of his chakra into the veins of Iruka’s cock as he licked up and down. Saliva dribbling down, Iruka’s balls. Then as he sucked Iruka’s cock back into his mouth, Gai withdrew his chakra knowing it would feel like someone had been giving his erection an internal massage.

Raking his hands up Iruka’s torso letting his chakra flicker lightly over Iruka’s before he tweaked one nipple and rubbed the other. Blinking slowly at Iruka through heavy lidded eyes, Gai watched every flicker of emotion and gasping breath. Pulling off of Iruka’s erection lightly he mouthed his balls taking each one in his mouth and give a deep suck. Opening wide he put both balls in his mouth and hummed lightly. Then releasing Iruka’s balls, Gai moved back to Iruka’s cock and went back to work, laving the pulsating length before taking it deep again and working for Iruka’s orgasm.

Technique, never had Iruka witnessed the kinds of technique that Gai was showing him. His head thrashed helplessly from side to side as Gai gave him the best blow job of his life. “Kami, how are you doing that?” Iruka whimpered as his fingers dug into Gai’s shoulders as the older man expertly sucked an earth shattering orgasm out of him, right form his toes.

As his balls tightened up, Iruka’s bronze body bowed and he let out a shriek of delight. “Oh my god! Hhnnnnnngh. Hhhhhaaaa. Gai! Oh yes!!!!!” Iruka screamed, amazed at the intensity of the orgasm that rocked him right to his core. His tan cock exploded in Gai’s hot mouth, ounces of cum spilling into the willing receptacle. Slumping bonelessly against the floor, Iruka gazed along his body at Gai, his worn muscles twitching where ever Gai touched him.

“Thank you.” Gai smiled at Iruka licking Iruka’s cock clean before putting it back in his pants and fixing his appearance. “I need another shower.” Shaking his head at the sad state of affairs that were his pants. “Watching you come undone like that was just...unbelievable.”

Cracking his head lightly, Gai tried to figure out the etiquette involved in these type of encounters but found himself lacking in the experience necessary to figure out the graceful way out of it. So for the moment, Gai stayed silent but found himself rubbing his fingers lightly over Iruka’s stomach. He wasn’t quite sure why he was still touching Iruka but he definitely should probably stop. Gai realized he didn’t want to stop unless Iruka told him no, so he continued.

Humming softly, Iruka slid his fingers back into Gai’s hair, pulling them through the silky, black locks. His mind somewhat more clear, Iruka began to feel guilty for what had happened, though he still wasn’t even sure how it had come about. The only thing he knew for sure was that Gai was extremely skilled. Now he just had to decide how far to go now that he’d already crossed the line.

“Shower together?” Iruka asked, slowly rolling to a sitting position and thinking that giving Gai a great hand job in the shower for reciprocity was the least he could do. Then they could wrap it up there and he could try to figure out what he was going to tell his lover when he got home. He really wasn’t sure Kakashi would understand.

“Environmentally friendly or Gai friendly?” Gai asked thoughtfully trying to get a handle on what the hell was going to happen now. All he knew for sure was that he was going to have to enjoy it because once Kakashi came back all bets were off. If he was lucky Gai would be out of the house so that Kakashi wouldn’t bury him in the garden.

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This story is fantastic! I'm loving how you made Gai into more then just a loud muscle head, with feelings that consist of more than just youth.

I'm also enjoying the rather slow pacing (well, picking up in this chapter). People dont change overnight, and you seem to convey that really well with your writing.

Loving the story, keep up the great work, cant wait for the next chapter!

I am glad that you are enjoying it. Thank you for the review.

Just want to say I'm loving this story. Gai is one of my favourite characters, so to see him portrayed in such an interesting way is great. Also I love poly stories, being in a triad myself. It's nice to read about other relationships a bit like mine.

I am glad you are enjoying it. I am trying to get the next chapter together but it is taking a bit to get the characterizations up to snuff.

I am enjoying this unique story so very much~!

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