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Relations between Senseis: Chapter 3
Title: Relations between Senseis
Pairing: (KakaIru, GaiIru, KakaGai with eventual GaiKakaIru )
Rating: NC17 for Sex, Violence and Mature themes
Warnings: Attempted Suicide, Violence, Polyamorous Relationship
Summary: There is a lot more to Maito Gai then meets the eye and unfortunately it takes some bad things happening before Kakashi and Iruka realize it. (Summary not so great but story is better)
Author’s Note: This was written with the assistance of the lovely Hiashi who helped me pull this together. This was written in response to a prompt from one of the kink memes. Of course now that I have written this I can’t find the blasted prompt. Anyway the prompt asked for Kakashi/Iruka in a relationship with Gai. The main point of the prompt was that Gai wasn’t the but of some joke but actually a serious part of the relationship. So this is in the beginning stages and I hope ya’ll give it a chance.

Begin Here

“He’s very different than I thought he’d be,” Iruka murmured softly as the cliche action movie began to unfold, their voices covered up by the sounds from the TV. “He seems so...uncomfortable and shy. He’s never like that when we go out,” he murmured, teasing his fingers along Kakashi’s and kissing the pads of the digits as Kakashi’s other hand pulled out his hair and stroked the chocolate locks.

“Gai is different from most people think, myself included.” Kakashi rubbing Iruka’s scalp thoughtfully. “He acts very exuberant and gregarious in public because it is easier for him to hide in a group. Now that I think about it, his outrageous outfits and his routines keep people from really noticing anything he does.” Tilting his head back he thought some more.

“I don’t know him as well as I think I do and that is a problem. I think I am starting to figure out why Lee is always with him though. Not necessarily because he emulates Gai but because they are alike, lonely. What is Gai going to do though when Lee stays in Suna as an ambassador?” Now Kakashi was really a little worried.

Iruka was tempted to tease Kakashi for caring but quickly thought better of it. “I think it would be a really good opportunity for not only us to get to know him better while he’s staying here but try to get him more comfortable socializing in general.” Cuddling Kakashi’s arm to the side of his face, Iruka sighed morosely. “The idea of him being depressed and lonely is even more heartbreaking than it is with other people. I really want to help him, Kashi.”

“I know you are a bit of a bleeding heart.” Kakashi teased lightly before a mental note flashed to the front of his mind’s eye. “Bye the way when he was out in the garden his seal flashed and sent out a pulse of exasperation. It was oddly timed and seemed to be around the time he had just finished settling his thoughts.”

Thinking for a moment, Kakashi wondered at something. “I don’t think socializing is necessarily the problem. He has no problem actually talking to people and when he needs to he dials down his flamboyant approach. People genuinely like him because he is constant or well he was.” Leaving off the obvious downer, Kakashi kissed Iruka on the forehead. “I think it may be more one on one or small group interactions he has trouble with. He can speak fine to those in higher age brackets and younger ones but its own that he has trouble.”

“Mmm, well we should have Rai and Gen over while he’s here. Let the three of them get to know one another better. I’m sure I could tell Raidou to make sure Gai isn’t getting pushed to the edge of the conversation.”

Grinning and arching his back so he could reach up and kiss Kakashi, Iruka wrapped his arms around his lover’s neck. “And I know I’m a bleeding heart. That’s why you love me. That and the thing I can do with my tongue.” Giggling, when Kakashi’s hand slid under his shirt and started petting insistently, Iruka hummed softly in pleasure, letting Kakashi’s hands roam and touch to their content. “Mmm, Koi, we probably...ungh...should wait...” he breathed, pressing up into Kakashi’s touches.

Having finished the short romance, Gai felt good, his faith in the enduring romance was restored. As he quietly made his way through the house, Gai made sure not to make any noise. He kept his chakra noticeable because he was in some one else home and he knew it would be impolite to try to sneak in someone else’s house. As he moved past the living room, the sight of Iruka and Kakashi making out on the couch, held him momentarily riveted.

Iruka gasped and arched as Kakashi sucked and licked at his neck, the pale hands pulling insistently at his yukata. He absolutely knew they shouldn’t be doing this in such an open place when they had company but Kakashi’s touch never failed to make him forget his manners and common sense.

The full, cinnamon lips parted in gasps and breathy sighs as Kakashi tugged gently on his hair, making Iruka’s tan body arch into him seductively.

“Unnngh...Kashi... we shouldn’t...” he breathed, grinding up against Kakashi when his lover chuckled.

“That’s why it’s fun,” Kakashi rasped back, rolling his hips against Iruka’s clad lower half and smoothing his hands down Iruka’s shoulders as he tried to free his lover’s arms from the robe. “Just a quickie,” begged softly, doubting that Iruka would play to his exhibitionist kink this evening.

Iruka had half a mind to comply but when he opened his eyes as Kakashi’s teeth sank into his skin he caught a glimpse of Gai watching them. It didn’t bother Iruka that much being seen but he was surprised to feel the strong wave of arousal coming off their guest. His gaze met with Gai’s and despite not being embarrassed, Iruka’s cheeks flamed as he tried to get his arms back into his sleeves and not alert Kakashi as to Gai’s presence. In an instant the arousal was gone, replaced by shame before Gai’s presence was carefully muted.

Gai retreated back to his room resolving to put the book back later. Wondering if they would need more privacy, Gai went to his room and slipped on his sleeping pants before taking a pillow and blanket. Going outside, Gai set up a little nest for himself in the flower garden careful not to disturb any of the defense tags or shields. He was content to look at the stars. One day there would be someone for him, he knew it in his romantic heart.

As the doubts came Gai tried to suppress them but found it hard to ignore the whispers. He was so use to them now that he just listened. Hearing something didn’t mean he had to believe it. A tear still fell from his eye as he listened. Embarrassment and shame still went through him at what he had witnessed.

Trying to bring his emotions back under some modicum of control Gai thought about the past. When he had first met Kakashi and been attracted to him and not sure why. With puberty had come the acceptance that Kakashi would never see Gai as anything. Not wanting to lose Kakashi’s regard Gai had instituted their rivalry. Using pomp and circumstance as well as annoyance tactics to get Kakashi to do what he wanted.

In a weird way it had been Gai’s way of getting some sort of affection from Kakashi even if it was usually brutality and scorn. Waving it off with a smile and a ready response, Gai had tried not to let Kakashi’s comments get to him but some had still struck a chord. Finding out Kakashi and Iruka were seeing each other had almost crippled Gai because he now knew that any chance he ever had was gone.

Iruka was like the sex symbol that Gai could never aspire to have but would watch and admire with everyone else. The sensual movements, the volatile and fiery personality all combined with a body that was as unique as it was perfection.

Being in a house with the two men was such an exquisite torture and Gai had thought he would be okay but seeing them....

Abruptly Gai couldn’t sleep and he had no intention of going back into the house while the two could still be busy. Figuring that running in barefoot would just be a way to test his resolve, Gai stood and was careful not to disturb any of the wards.

Physical activity calmed him down and now as he ran quietly through the woods, Gai contemplated his situation. As he ran he found that tears still feel from his eyes and he still felt genuinely unlovable but he was calming down. The depressed feelings were going away.

Slowing his run to a stop, Gai recalled that he hadn’t told either of his hosts where he was going or even indicated that he was leaving. Rebellion warred in his head but Gai knew it was all for his own good in the end. Turning to head back, Gai realized that he was being studied by Raidou.

“Oh hello.” Gai smiled brightly at a slightly puzzled looking Raidou.

“Aren’t you supposed to be under lock and key at Kakashi’s house?” Raidou asked raising an eyebrow at him.

“I was heading back there.” Gai responded as he realized that he was still in only his sleeping pants with no shoes on.

“I’ll walk you.” Raidou offered for the first time actually getting to appreciate the fact that Gai was pretty damn good looking.

“That isn’t necessary.” Gai frowned lightly.

“Of course it is. I need to know how I have to train your students.” Raidou sighed. “Even though from what I understand they have some serious conditioning.”

“When you have used all your weapons, then you only have your body left.” Gai responded, as Raidou fell into step with them on the walk back. Talking about his students was something that Gai enjoyed doing.


It had only taken a minute for Iruka to get Kakashi to calm down. He’d been ready to get up to make sure Gai was alright when a sickening wave of emotions that weren’t his own crashed down upon him. He could tell that Kakashi too was feeling them from the uncomfortable look on his his lover’s face. Iruka winced at the hopeless feelings that filled him and buried his face in Kakashi’s shoulder.

“God, Kashi,” Iruka murmured, fanning his face when his eyes started to well up. “He’s so lonely. It’s horrible.” Iruka clenched a hand over his heart, wondering now if he was going to be able to handle feeling someone else’s emotional pain when he was so sensitive. Not to mention he knew that as much as Kakashi cared and was feeling the same thing, his lover wasn’t exactly the hand holding type. It had taken Kakashi falling in love with him deeply for the silver haired jounin to give Iruka the emotional support he needed but Iruka knew that Kakashi wasn’t like that with anyone else.

“If anyone can help him it’s you, Ru-chan,” Kakashi reassured, pecking his lover’s temple. “Do you think there’s someone...you could set him up with? I mean, I think there are a few ninja women that could handle him. He could even be good with a civilian with how polite he is.”

Shaking his head at how clueless his lover was, Iruka was thinking about informing Kakashi about Gai’s orientation when he felt the man take off. Sitting bolt upright, Iruka looked at Kakashi with wide, panicked eyes.

“I’ll send Pakkun after him,” Kakashi murmured, quickly summoning his friend while trying to sooth his worried lover’s nerves.

“Yo,” the little pug barked, holding up a paw and frowning at the expression his lover’s mate was wearing. “What did you do now, Boss?” the dog asked, cocking his wrinkly head to the side.

“It’s not me. It’s Gai. He was out in the gardens and decided to go get some exercise. Could you go after him, make sure everything is okay?”

The pug snorted and shook his wrinkly face. “He’s so fast...” he complained, rolling his eyes when Kakashi gave him a “get to it” look. “Fine, but I want steak when I get home,” he grumbled before sniffing around to get Gai’s scent and taking off.


Iruka stood on the front deck by the front door, pulling at his loose hair as he paced up and down the scrubbed wood planks. To his horror Pakkun had come back and grumbled sheepishly that he’d lost the scent in the woods but he had smelt blood on Gai’s trail. Kakashi had summoned the rest of his pack and headed off to look for him, leaving Iruka to his nerves.

When Iruka finally saw the dark haired jounin returning with Raidou along side him, he couldn’t express his relief and sent a chakra signal to Kakashi to let him know the crisis was averted.

“Hi Rai,” Iruka said with a smile, doing his best to appear serene. “Gai...consider this your one warning. You scare me again by taking off like that and you’re getting the same temper that everyone else gets, okay?” he asked, giving Gai a stern look he usually saved for his students or Kakashi when he was flirting with the line of acceptability.

Blushing so badly he was pretty sure it went all the way down, Gai gave Iruka a formal bow. “I am sorry to have frightened you, I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

Raidou watched Gai and tilted his head slightly. Looking at the tan back that was muscled to an extent most people weren’t aware was possible with a light blush running down towards the edge of the pants, caused him to temporarily ignore the fact that some thing was bothering him. Then it hit him and had Raidou studying Iruka what had happened that would cause Gai to leave the house in the middle of the night, ill equipped and cause panic in Iruka.

“I am sure you meant well.” Raidou spoke thoughtfully before excusing himself. “I must be going Genma will be getting restless. Gai-dono thank you for the information, I really appreciate it. If you want to run later just summon me” Nodding to Iruka once, Raidou walked away.

Gai stood awkwardly for a moment before beginning to make his way around the house to the garden.

Sighing out some of the tension he’d been holding, Iruka held out a hand for Gai, helping him up onto the porch. It was then that he noticed the cuts on the tall nin’s feet. “Oh for the love of...you jounin. There are better way to handle things than masochism,” he grumbled, giving Gai a very firm look. “Do not move,” he ordered, stomping back into the house and returning a minute later with a basin of water and a first aid kit.

“Sit!” Iruka ordered, not leaving any room for objection. Pulling Gai’s pants up to his knees, Iruka began slowly washing the nin’s feet, a blush painting his tan cheeks as his temper cooled.

“I apologize, Gai. I really didn’t mean for you to see us like that but unfortunately Kakashi is a horny little freak and I tend to indulge his whims more than I should. It won’t happen again.” Iruka’s big brown eyes looked up at Gai from under his lashes as he ran the cloth along Gai’s calf. “I promise you, we’ll always be in our rooms with the door closed for anything that isn’t tame enough for teenagers, okay?” he asked with a small smile. “Still, next time you’re upset like that, please don’t just bolt. We were so worried.”

“It is your home and I said I would not intrude on you in your activities.” Gai responded politely hoping Iruka would finish so he could hide out in his room or in the garden. With any luck Kakashi wouldn’t be back in time to see this. Gai knew Kakashi was protective of Iruka and would not take kindly to being interrupted when he was in the middle of getting some. Iruka soon enough had Gai’s feet suitably taken care of.

“You shouldn’t be embarrassed that you love someone enough to show it. For that is the beauty of youth.” Smiling serenely at Iruka, Gai flexed himself to his feet. “I appreciate your courtesy as always. Good night, Iruka sensei.”

Iruka gave his eyes an exaggerated roll, snagged Gai’s arm and used the taller man to pull himself to his feet. “Okay, I think we need to get a couple of things clear,” Iruka murmured, leading the way slowly through the home, checking to make sure his expertly applied bandages would hold.

“First of all, you can just call me Iruka,” the brunet murmured, giving Gai a look that told him to loosen up just a little. “Secondly, when you’re here, I want you to think of this house as your home too. I know it’s your first day and Kakashi and I just had to put on a show for you but I really do want you to feel at ease here. You’re more than just a guest, okay?”

At the door to the room, Iruka poked his head inside, gesturing to the table near the futon. “I picked out some more books for you if you like. I even snagged one of the Hatake clan’s ancient taijutsu books for you. Might have a couple of family secrets that even you haven’t picked up yet,” he said with a grin. “Good night, Gai-kun. Sleep well. Bull will go running with you in the morning. Kakashi and I will most assuredly still be in bed at four.”

Nodding meekly, Gai closed the door and then activated the wards in the room before slipping out into the garden. Lying back down on the futon roll he had placed out there, he looked at the sky and thought for a while. When sleep finally claimed him it was a welcome relief.

“So is he okay?” Kakashi asked as he pulled off his clothes and crawled into bed beside Iruka, pulling the shorter body wards him firmly, not minding as two of his dogs decided that they were sleeping with the couple tonight too.

“Yeah, but no more really friskiness anywhere but here, okay?” Iruka murmured, kissing his lover’s neck and cuddling into him tightly. When Kakashi’s hands slid down to his ass, Iruka growled softly and poked the pale man in the ribs. “Tomorrow morning when Gai is out. I promise. Now sleep.”

Chapter 4