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Relations between Senseis: Chapter 1
Black Fairy
Title: Relations between Senseis
Pairing: (KakaIru, GaiIru, KakaGai with eventual GaiKakaIru )
Rating: NC17 for Sex, Violence and Mature themes
Warnings: Attempted Suicide, Violence, Polyamorous Relationship
Summary: There is a lot more to Maito Gai then meets the eye and unfortunately it takes some bad things happening before Kakashi and Iruka realize it. (Summary not so great but story is better)
Author’s Note: This was written with the assistance of the lovely Hiashi who helped me pull this together. This was written in response to a prompt from one of the kink memes. Of course now that I have written this I can’t find the blasted prompt. Anyway the prompt asked for Kakashi/Iruka in a relationship with Gai. The main point of the prompt was that Gai wasn’t the but of some joke but actually a serious part of the relationship. So this is in the beginning stages and I hope ya’ll give it a chance.

Disclaimer for all Chapters hereafter I don't own Naruto and make no profit off of this.

Gai’s primary ninja tool was his body. He knew its strengths, the weaknesses that he was slowly cutting away and its movements. The knowledge that he stored in his head about his body led him to one conclusion, something was off in the world of Maito Gai’s body.

It was a subtle feeling of not all being right with his chakra. Not the muscles whose memory was honed to almost perfection but the chakra underneath and running through the muscles themselves.

Resolving that sleep would help cure what ailed him, Gai allowed himself to fall into a deep sleep. Being home at last and in safe territory always made sleep easier at night. In the morning if the problem still existed he would deal with it then.

As Gai dreamed his muscles subconsciously twisted and twitched. Thoughts that Gai buried deep in his head were seemingly brought out one after another. Some were discarded almost instantly while others were examined with great detail. In his sleep, Gai whimpered and moaned as feelings that he never allowed himself to show or even acknowledge until the searching stopped.

Whatever had been traveling through his dreams hit upon a block and as Gai’s mind struggled to wake him up and fight the invasion, the barrier was dismantle. Tears slowly leaked from Gai’s eyes as he was assaulted by sensations of his worst times. Moments that once lived were best forgotten. Gai’s subconscious mind gave one last attempt before it was silenced by the invader. Chakra stirred wildly before being still and muscles tensed as a memory was pushed on them. Once learned the muscles relaxed again and Gai gradually started to waken. For the first time in a long time after sleep he woke more tired than he had been.

Operating on autopilot Gai sat up and ruffled his hair. Then walking into his bathroom, he combed the hair off his face so that it waved back. Looking in the mirror and turning his face this way and that Gai determined that his eyebrows could do with some landscaping. Not having tweezers handy, Gai simply used a knife to shave a bit off of them thickness wise.

Once that was complete Gai wondered why he had trimmed his eyebrows. Gai’s eyebrows had never really bothered him. Shaking his head at the stray thought, Gai went to get dressed. Pulling on a pair of dark pants Gai tucked them into his shinobi sandals.

Wrapping bandages around his thigh for his weapons, Gai continued to dress. His shirt soon followed and it was a simple standard jounin blue shirt with Konoha symbol on the back. Slipping on the regulation shinobi vest, Gai made his way to the mission room to turn in his report.

Thoughts flicked through his head as he walked. People were staring but Gai was use to that. Queuing up in the line, Gai noticed that people weren’t talking but watching him.

“They want to watch you slit your throat; They want to watch you bleed.” Gai blinked slowly confused at what the voice was saying. He felt a flash of something flick through his mind. “I wonder what would happen if I just died right here in front of everyone would anyone help me. Or would they just stand and watch?” These thoughts flew through Gai’s head becoming more intense the longer Gai tried to hold them back.

The act of standing in line was torture and Gai wanted it to end. Soon enough Gai was standing in front of Iruka with his report in front of him. Handing it over, Gai felt his hands flick to his weapon’s pouch. Iruka’s gasp was the only thing that stopped Gai from accurately ending his life. His mind screaming at his body’s betrayal, Gai felt strangely detached as he wondered where his perfect body control had gone. The blade just missed his heart by a centimeter but Gai was already falling. Red was everywhere and Gai knew that the jutsu he had been hit with on the mission was a suicide jutsu.

Hearing yelling around him, Gai completely zoned out and concentrated on slowing his heartbeat so he wouldn’t bleed out on the floor of the mission room.


Iruka had noticed something was off the second the mission room had gone quiet but he hadn’t bothered to see what was going on. He always found out sooner or later.

As the line slowly moved it was clear that the source of all the attention was in the line. He could just see the ninja causing the commotion. While Iruka didn’t immediately recognize the ninja, he somehow felt extremely familiar.

“Thank you for your hard work,” Iruka chirped pleasantly, sending another ninja off to the hospital to get his minor wounds patched up. The jounin hadn’t even noticed he was bleeding. Shaking his head at the sheer obliviousness of higher level jounin, Iruka looked up and finally got a better look at the ninja that was attracting all the attention.

‘Oh my god, it’s Gai!’ he exclaimed internally, trying hard not to grin at the bewildered look on the man’s face. ‘Poor thing is going to be eaten alive. I wonder how long it will be before he goes back to his old style,’Iruka mused, his lips twitching as he took another scroll and checked it over.

“Thank you for your hard work,” he chuckled, waving the next person forward.

As Gai stepped up to his desk, Iruka could see that it wasn’t only Gai’s looks that were arousing interest. There was something horrible disconcerting about Gai’s chakra that was impossible to miss but just as impossible to pinpoint. Iruka cocked his head to the side as the man stepped in front of him. Trying to figure out what was so off putting as he took the scroll and unrolled it.

It was only the slightest of movements but years of sitting behind the desk as jounin came back from S ranked missions kept Iruka’s senses sharp. The glint off the kunai made Iruka gasp but he was too late. As he leaped over the desk the knife was already tearing through flesh and crimson showered down around him.

“Gai! NO!” Iruka screamed, slapping his hand hard over the wound. “Gen, go get the Hokage!”

It had been so surreal that Iruka could barely even acknowledge that he was being pried away from Gai so Tsunade could get enough room to treat him. It was only after a few minutes of staring on in horror as the bleeding was stemmed that Iruka’s bloody fingers flew through a string of hand signs and he called for Kakashi, knowing his lover would want to know about this immediately.


Chapter 2