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Anyone know someone to Beta a Naruto Fanfic
Okay friend list I am throwing myself at your mercies. Does anyone know of a beta community for Naruto fanfics. Naruto betas is defunct from what I can tell. I was trying to find a beta through the normal outlets but have had no interest.

So I am throwing myself at the mercy of anyone who knows someone who would be interest or is interested themselves. So here is the spoiler so you can get a feel for it. It is a fill for a prompt for a kink meme and of course I can no longer find the blasted prompt but the fic is halfway done.

Title: Undecided
Pairing: Kakashi/Iruka and eventually Gai
Rating: M
Warning: Self harm
Prompt: Kakashi/Iruka with Gai where Gai is not the but of any jokes but an actual part of the relationship.
Author's Notes: A huge thank you to Hiashi who has been helping me write this and get this prompt filled.

This is just an excerpt.

Gai’s main ninja tool was his body and he knew that his body was off. Trying to figure out the cause as he slept that night, Gai resolved that he would take some time tomorrow to figure it out. While he dreamed Gai felt rushes of emotion pulse through him as different dreams flitted through his head. All of them seemed to be based from items within his subconscious. The dreams seemed to get worse until finally his mind shut off in exhaustion.

The morning after a mission that Gai knew had been a success found him combing his hair back off his face so that it waved back. Surprisingly his forehead was about the same color as his face. Looking in the mirror and turning his face this way and that Gai determined that his eyebrows could do with some landscaping. Not having tweezers handy, Gai simply used a knife to shave a bit off of them thickness wise.

Once that was complete Gai wondered why he had trimmed his eyebrows. Gai’s eyebrows had never really bothered him. Shaking his head at the stray thought, Gai went to get dressed. Pulling on a pair of dark pants Gai tucked them into his shinobi sandals.

Wrapping bandages around his thigh for his weapons, Gai continued to dress. His shirt soon followed and it was a simple standard jounin blue shirt with Konoha symbol on the back. Slipping on the regulation shinobi vest, Gai made his way to the mission room to turn in his report.

Thoughts flicked through his head as he walked. People were staring but Gai was use to that. Queuing up in the line, Gai noticed that people weren’t talking but watching him.

“They want to watch you slit your throat. They want to watch you bleed.” Gai blinked slowly confused at what the voice was saying. He felt a flash of something flick through his mind. “I wonder what would happen if I just died right here in front of everyone would anyone help me. Or would they just stand and watch?” These thoughts went flying around with more and more frequency. Soon enough Gai was standing in front of Iruka with his report in front of him.

Handing it over, Gai felt his hands flick to his weapon’s pouch. Iruka’s gasp was the only thing that stopped Gai from accurately ending his life. The blade just missed his heart by a centimeter and soon Gai was falling. Red was everywhere and Gai knew that the jutsu he had been hit with on the mission was a suicide jutsu.

Hearing yelling around him, Gai completely zoned out and concentrated on slowing his heartbeat so he wouldn’t bleed out on the floor of the mission room floor.