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Firebolt XXX 3

Chp. 3:  The List

I do not own Harry Potter, make any profit from this or intend any copyright infringement.

Harry liked to think of himself as well versed in most things sexual, if not in practice than by reading. The list of activities from a play site threw him for a loop as he sat trying to decipher some of the foreign ones. 



“What are you doing?” Draco demanded walking into the Gryffindor commons room as though he owned it. 



“Nothing.” Harry responded innocently trying to hide the list behind him. Draco’s narrowed eyes prompted him to confess. “I am doing a little research that is all.”



“Harry making me play 20 questions is not going to get you laid any sooner.” Draco commented evenly as he strolled towards Harry in a predatory fashion. “If you don’t tell me what you are hiding from me I won’t be responsible for what your esteemed Gryffindor colleagues find when they return from Hogsmeade.”



“I wanted to do a bit more looking before I told you about this but…” Harry stopped flustered by not being able to describe his thoughts. “Remember that night when I got back and you wore that skirt.”



“Yes is this about…” Draco trailed off cocking his head slightly. 



“Yes I got this list and some books and thought that maybe we could try some things.” Harry finished awkwardly. 



“Why in the heck are you so embarrassed? Most of the stuff we do to each other is pretty kinky already.” Draco smirked.



“I am glad you feel that way…” Harry rallied and marshaled his bravery. “Take this list and mark the ones you are interested in. Those you are simply curious about circle. I will do the same with my list. I know spells that will put our same interests and curiosities on one sheet.” Handing Draco his list Harry began to go through the almost exhaustingly extensive list of activities. 



“Harry can I ask you a question?” Draco spoke breathlessly after an hour spent on his list.



“If you don’t know what it is and want to know mark curious.” Harry answered trying to suppress the urge to jump Draco after have a very lurid mental image. “No we will not fuck until we are done.”



“Done!” Draco yelled throwing his quill down.



“Well I am not.” Harry laughed at his lover’s predictable response. 



“Spoilsport.” Draco pouted picking up the list and examining his answers. 



“Alright now put your list on the table face down and I will do the same.”  Flicking his wrist and whispering a spell the two sheets merged into one sheet that Harry picked up.



“Put it down Potter.” Draco demanded tackling Harry.



“Draco what…?” Harry asked slightly surprised to find himself on his back.



“I did not just read that kinky sex list for you to deny me sex.” Draco complained placing open-mouthed kisses down his lover’s chest.



“Well if you insist.” Harry laughed. 



Three hours later found Harry sitting up in his bed reading the combined list with some interesting side comments written in by Draco. Harry had simply checked items but Draco’s elaborate thoughts on the different ones gave Harry insight into Draco’s thinking about certain activities. Looking down at his sleeping lover’s angelic form, Harry began to read the list writing down different fantasies as they took hold.



  1. Ass play- Potter we are gay, say it with me, ggggaaaaayyy…
  2. Begging- We both do this already did I miss something…?
  3. Blindfolds- I like watching but if you want…
  4. Body Worship- we have sex…that implies a certain amount of worship
  5. Bondage- Yes please
  6. Cages- I am not an animal but sometimes you are.
  7. Collars- I could be persuaded, they do imply ownership
  8. Corner time- Was there a line from a movie we saw… ‘Nobody puts Baby in a corner’ but as long as you are there with me…
  9. Corsets- yum
  10. Crossdressing- I would do it but you can’t, your legs are too hairy.
  11. Enemas- Sweetheart we both have plenty of enemies. I don’t want to screw them but if this implies hunting them down for amusement, I am all for it.
  12. Exhibitionism- Your common room or mine
  13. Eye contact restrictions- Isn’t this covered by blindfolding already. 
  14. Fisting- I don’t want to fight during sex but does this mean fist grinding into each other like a massage?
  15. Housework- Do I clean something and how does this relate to sex?
  16. Leashes- Above or below the waist?
  17. Masks- Only if I knew it was you
  18. Massages- Your hands, my body or vice versa a match made in heaven.
  19. Objectification- I like the way this sounds
  20. Outdoor bondage- The Lake, the forbidden forest…need I continue
  21. Serving as a maid/butler- Another way of saying my love slave
  22. Spanking- I just got hard.
  23. Uniforms- Does this mean I have to go to the muggle costume shops?
  24. Vibrators- This list should be illegal
  25. Wax Play- Harry you are getting jumped after…
  26. Whips- That is it Potter this is just an invitation to ravishment what were you thinking and why am I still writing?



Harry buried his face in his pillow to contain his laughter. Draco snuggled up behind Harry and bit him sharply on the shoulder. 



“What’s so funny?” Draco asked sleepily.



“Your comments on your list are hilarious.” Harry chuckled rolling onto his side to face Draco.



“You weren’t going to answer questions so I had to think out some things.”  Draco defended huffing slightly as he pulled himself flush against Harry. “I didn’t leave out anything you wanted to try did I?”



“Draco, look at me.” Harry commanded suddenly horrified. Draco’s eyes met Harry’s worriedly. “This isn’t about what I want to do, it was what you are comfortable doing with me and what you want to explore. It wasn’t about satisfying me but about understanding what your limits are.”



“Oh.” Draco mumbled thoughtfully. “Well then it’s alright because I trust you to take care of me regardless of what we do.”



“Thank you.” Harry responded breathing out a sigh of relief and feeling honored at the same time.



“Besides if you hurt me I would have to kill you.” Draco commented flippantly, leaning in for a kiss. “Now when do we start?”



“I didn’t think Malfoys did eagerness.” Harry joked running a hand down Draco’s back and pulling him close.



“Shut it Potter.” Draco smiled before drifting towards sleep again. 



“I think we should start with ass play. There is more to it then simply cocks and fingers.” Harry whispered in Draco’s ear.



“Harry, do not make me horny as I go to sleep.” Draco warned. “My dreams will be wet ones and then you will suffer my early riser in the morning.”



“Promises, promises.” Harry responded yawning before he too slept dreaming of the different ideas he had to make Draco scream.


Yes there is a fourth chapter, darn it. I tried to end it here but the plot just keep going right over me.

Chp. 4

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Soooo need the next chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loved Draco's comments, especially toward the end!

I was wondering if anyone would catch the end joke. Thanks for the review.

amazing fiction I cannot wait for your next chapter. Please update soon.


this is so cool!
I hope we'll get to read about them doing the things on the list (please tell me we'll get to!!!)
great job!

Oh Draco..priceless!
Draco's comments especially toward the end were so him..in my ind at least!

great series. Looking forward to more. I'd also love to see Draco's reaction to some of the things he didn't seem to understand on that list.

Oh it's coming I should have the next part of the series out in the next week or so.

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