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Reject for the bottom Draco Fest from...last year maybe?
Title: Politically Conservative and Sexually Liberal




Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, I just play around with the characters occasionally


Word Count:1780

Author's Notes:This was a very entertaining piece to finish out because it really was just an idea I had at the time.

Neville Longbottom was very observant. When his boyfriend of two years Draco Malfoy started to become fussier than usual Neville had a small inclination as to why. For most of his teenage years Neville had watched Harry watch Draco and the reverse with no little bit of amusement. Though he would never say Neville sometimes thought that Draco felt he had settled for Neville when he couldn’t get Harry. Being an obliging person and one who had a bit of a thing for Harry himself Neville came up with the perfect solution.

“Seeing as you two have managed to work as partners in the Unspeakable department for almost five years I would think you both would enjoy getting to know each other better on a more sexual level.” Neville sipped his wine and nibbled at his steak while the two men in front of him stared at him with similar pole axed expressions. Looking through his eyelashes Neville studied the two men who happened to be two of the most attractive and powerful men the magical world had ever seen.

Draco sat to his right wearing a dove gray muggle suit under his open blue dress robe. Age had turned Draco’s pointy features into chiseled marble. Though his chin was slightly narrow, the full lips above it stole a casual viewer’s attention. The patrician nose was still perfect for looking down and the long lashed gray eyes saw through almost any ruse or façade.

“I’m sorry what?” Draco spoke first running his fingers through his corn silk blonde hair, breaking the charm that held it in careful array and leaving it slightly winged out from the layers in it. His gray eyes blinking very slowly Draco looked from Neville to the other member of their dinner party.

Tilting his head to the left Neville regarded Harry and couldn’t help the smile that tugged at his lips. Draco and Harry were opposites in appearance. Harry had the square chin of granite and a permanent 5:00 shadow. A natural olive complexion was a compliment to high cheek bones and large green eyes covered by black wire framed glasses. The hair on Harry’s head was in always in a state of disarray. His general state of dress tended towards the same disorder. Today he had thrown on khaki pants with a gray sweater over a green shirt.

“Nev have you been in the hallucinogenic plants again?” Harry tilted his head slightly having come to a reasonable conclusion. “You know you are too susceptible to most of them.”

“No I regularly go through his plant collection after the last mishap.” Draco spoke shaking his head, “He would smell as well, so it must be something else.”

“I’m right here.” Neville spoke softly feeling his eyes narrow despite his intentions. “It was the one time and if someone had told me what those weed looking things were in the plastic baggies then we wouldn’t have had this problem in the first place.” Feeling his Rememberall vibrate in his pocket Neville pulled it out. The devices had evolved considerably in the fifteen years since Neville had gotten his first one at Hogwarts. No longer had a round ball it resembled a muggle cell phone and considering that was its other function it made sense.

Programmed to respond to his magic and the thoughts that went through his head as far as what he needed to get done. Pulling it out Neville sighed. He had missed a step in his get Harry to join their relationship plan. Tonight was about testing the waters not for out and out saying what he wanted. Turning the Rememberall off and putting it back in his pocket Neville gave up on trying to get things in order. A relationship was a delicate plant in the beginning stage and getting Harry to take root in what was already there would take some cultivating.

“Look you two have been dancing around each other since Hogwarts. You both are attracted to each other and I am attracted to both of you so why not? Harry you haven’t dated since Hogwarts and I can hazard a guess why. Draco you watch Harry like you watch a particularly interesting potion or book. I mean honestly we are grown men, each successful in his own right. Now if you excuse me I am going to let you two muddle through because frankly one drink and I feel as though I have stepped in it already.” With barely a nod at the two men, Neville dropped his napkin on his plate, stood and walked to the concierge. Leaving a stack of Galleons to cover the bill Neville made his way outside. It would be much easier to walk than to try to apparate. Neville knew he was a horrible light weight but really a glass of wine hadn’t done more than gotten him slightly tipsy. Pulling out his Rememberall cellphone, Neville ticked off what had been the next item.

Neville didn’t like to raise a fuss but in this case he deemed it necessary. Being blunt and keeping Harry and Draco unbalanced tended to work in getting the two to cooperate with each other if nothing else. Whistling lightly Neville headed home, his mind occupied with his latest project.


“Wow.” Harry breathed scratching at his chin in bewilderment and trying to make sense of what had happened; watching Neville’s tall frame retreat from the dining area.

“As eloquent as ever, Potter.” Malfoy responded out of habit trying to make sense of his boyfriend’s odd but titillating behavior.

“Look if this is some kind of elaborate joke…” Turning his gaze from Neville’s disappearing form to Draco, Harry tilted his head his gaze assessing.

“It isn’t. I mean honestly we have been dancing around each other for years.” Draco shrugged as he began to sip the vintage Neville had ordered for their meal. “My man sure knows how to pick a good wine.”

Grabbing at the topic change however slight, Harry took a sip and nodded. “Neville has excellent taste.”

“You ever had any doubts?” Draco raised an eyebrow his mind finally coming around to his boyfriend’s rather transparent plan but he was a Gryffindor.

“Leave it to you to turn a statement like that into a double entendre of sorts.” Harry rubbed his head as he thought.

“Considering it extends to present company I would think you would approve.” Draco quipped.

“I don’t know how relationships and things like that work.” Harry admitted nervously, adjusting his glasses.

“To be honest I am still learning myself but I think this is as good a start as any.” Draco shrugged. “I would think you would be more against the suggestion…” The unasked question made Harry turn his head.

“I guess it is a tribute to growing up, getting to know you more and the fact that Neville can grow anything.” Shrugging Harry studied his plate thoughtfully.

“Yes the green thumb is quite handy for more than just gardening.” Confirming what Harry already suspected, Draco sipped his wine thinking about Neville’s large square hands and strong arms.

“I don’t want to rush anything.” Harry hedged.

“Neville has the patience of a saint.”

“Neville isn’t the one I am worried about. You are neurotic and ill tempered on a good day.” Harry retorted shaking his head.

“You are stubborn and oblivious to a fault. Not to mention a first class slob.” Draco responded irritably.

“I can be neat if I want to be and you are just anal retentively organized.” Relaxing Harry fell comfortably into the pattern that was familiar and he and Draco traded barbs all through dinner.


Cooking together had turned into not only an enjoyable experience but a truly sensual one. Ensconced in Neville and Draco’s large kitchen, Harry fed Draco a piece of the ravoli that he had just finished baking. Neville was busy putting the cream into the cannoli’s and Draco prior to the impromptu tasting had been mixing the salad.

“Italian night was a great idea, Harry.” Draco moaned happily as he finished devouring the seafood ravioli. Giving Harry a kiss on the cheek, Draco put the salad on the table and filled the wine glasses before flopping down bonelessly in the chair.

“I agree the ravioli is to die for.” Neville spoke after snagging one from the pot Harry was stirring. When Harry threateningly waved the spoon at him Neville laughed and placed the cannoli to the side of the round table. As Harry doled out the servings, Neville sipped his champagne happy with the progress they had made together.

“I can’t believe we have been successfully dating for two months now.” Neville commented happily digging into the ravioli while Draco shook his head and placed some salad on his plate.

“I find it a bit odd or I should say Hermione and the Weaseley’s do. The three of us don’t have much in common.” Harry remarked his tone a little nervous but hopeful.

“Know it all should just keep her mouth shut and why would you ever listen to the Weasels…leys.” Draco caught himself saying the insult and managed to segue way it into the correct name. Neville couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Where it counts we have things in common. I mean to all of us family is important and so are friends. We are all financially conservative and sexually liberal.” Neville ticked off his fingers and he thought before stopping himself. “At least I’m hopeful about the sexually liberal part.” Glancing at Harry from the corner of his eye, Neville felt triumphant at the blush he saw spread.

“Very.” Draco confirmed laughing. “I was wondering when you would decide to stop abstaining and join the both of us.” Gazing at Neville with a pointed look in his eye.

“I agree, I mean it isn’t fair.” Harry spoke quietly. “You and Draco were together first so I don’t see why you haven’t been I mean…unless you don’t want to…” Even though Neville had made it obvious from the start that he wanted Harry too, it was obvious that Harry still had his doubts.

“Oh I want you both. More than I can stand it actually. I just didn’t think you would be ready to try anything.” Neville confessed smiling slightly.

"Why are we still eating then?" Harry started trying to disrobe.

"Harry dear." Draco put a hand out to stop Harry from continuing.

"Eat up. You are going to need your strength." Neville smiled beautifically and Harry felt a shiver go down his spine.

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Snicker...need his strength indeed. :)

I liked this. :)

hee hee hee
Neville & Draco?! What a brilliant idea. :)
Great job.

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