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The Reject for My Cockbook Entry
Harry and Draco Broomsticks

Title:  Interesting facts about the Penis
Author:  bgreenwivy
Beta:  Drarryxlover
Summary:  Entertaining facts about the male member.
Length:  600 words give or take Series of short drabbles.
Author's Notes: So while writing my cockbook entry I made a mistake and didn't quite understand the rules of the assignment. Once they were explained I realized that what I had written wouldn't work. Therefore I grace you with what would have been my cockbook entry and it is based on different aspects of the male penis and the different little things I found about it while researching.


1.      If you want to shrink your penis try smoking….

a.      Harry was a bit tired of listening to people harp about his smoking. No he wasn’t addicted as most people - read Hermione - tried to say. In fact Harry would be happy when he saw results because then he could finally stop smoking. Draco, meanwhile, was quite content that his transfiguration skills were good enough that Harry never noticed that his cigarettes were actually pieces of cut eggplant.

2.      The average male orgasm last 6 seconds....

a.      “Harry oh God yes yes yes….” Draco’s head was thrown back, back arched as Harry put his broom handling skills to good use.

Rubbing his thumb across the head of Draco’s penis Harry waited for what he could feel was coming. Reaching down Harry ghosted his fingers up the vein on the underside of Draco’s penis and watched as his eyes rolled back. Quietly Harry began counting as Draco twitched, whimpered and moaned. Squirt after squirt of ejaculate covering his fingers before only a drop remained hanging precariously. Without thought Harry let his pointer finger slide across Draco’s slit. 
“Did you know that the average male orgasm is 6 seconds?” Harry wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. “Yours was 22 seconds.” 
“Malfoy’s aren’t average. We are exceptional.” Draco sniffed still a little shaky from his orgasm.

3.      There are two types of penises…

a.      “Draco I really don’t feel comfortable comparing our penises next to each other.” Harry shifted uncomfortably trying to figure out a way to bow out. 
“Potter if we are going to take this further I need to know what I am going to be up against.” Kneeling Draco began to divest Harry of his pants. 
“Just so you know I really don’t mind you never being that close or feeling me up or…” Harry babbled as Draco got him down to his boxers.

“Shut up Potter! And stop being selfish. Just because I am spoiled and enjoy having you pleasure me doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy…” Draco stopped speaking and stared at what he was sure should have been a small penis but was quickly turning into a cock. 
“Draco?” Harry was a little terrified by the silence and the slight dilating of Draco’s pupils. 
“Potter you really are growing on me” Draco mumbled as he took Harry in hand, quite happily watching Harry continue to put in a good showing with the occasional tug for good behavior. 
“Well not all of us can be showers,” Harry blushed slightly. 
“Thankfully.” Draco couldn’t resist placing a kiss on his new best friend’s head.

The End

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That so funny. You had me with an eggpland pieces - it was only better after that :)

Thank you I am glad you enjoyed it.

Glad you apprecizted it.

"Well not all of us are showers." XD Oh Harry. Thankfully is right!

Loved it sweetie!

Thank you. I appreciated that bit of wisdom myself.

I think they should have found a room for these in the cock book. In an appendix or something. That must certainly be allowed in a cock book, don't you think? ;)

On the one hand I completely understand on the other I'm like darn it what about special mentions? Alternate endings but it is what it is.

If anything everyone got a laugh at my initial attempt.

Ah ha ha! Those are adorable!

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