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Throwing the Beta Hat in the Corner for a While...
Black Fairy
I don't know if anyone else has ever felt this way but after beta-ing someone's fic particularly a long one you get sort of depressed because you realize that the person whose work you beta-ed is so much better at writing then you are it is sickening. Particularly when the story was so good you forgot to eat because you couldn't stand to leave the computer until you were done.

I mean literally the fic had me going why can't I write like that and then I thought about it. I am just not focused enough at this point to write anything that blindingly good. I mean honestly I sat staring at the fic after I finished like what can inspire something like that?

Now I am staring at a story I have overdo...I mean years overdue and realized that I wasn't writing from the heart where the story actually lied so here I am writing this and contemplating the benefits of a slight departure from my normal writing habits and style. Maybe if I try flying by the seat of my pants I will finally crash into my inspiration. Goodness knows I have to hit on something.

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*hugs you* I love you! You rule and don't ever let anyone else's writing get in your way. You are unique, and someone that I always enjoy in fandom! *sends lovey vibes your way*

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