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Naruto and the Queen's son
Title: Naruto and the Queen's son

Rating: PG-13 (Nothing explicit really)

Warnings: Toes the line of Dubious consent. UNBeta-ed If you can't stand the occasional oops in spelling or grammar this may not be the WIP for you at this time.

Pairings: Naruto/?(You can take the poll to find out) with eventual Iruka/Gai/Kakashi

Summary: There are some things that Naruto was sure that he should have been aware of. His son was definitely one of those things.

Author's Note: Really this is just to prove to someone who is being a bit of a pain about their gift that I am actually writing this story it is just really rough going to get it all together.

Waking up married to a princess was not something Naruto ever intended to do. Owing to the fact that he had recently discovered his preferences for males, Naruto thought that him being able to do anything in the marital bed with a woman was highly unlikely. Unfortunately, his body had missed the memo. By all intents and purposes the princess, Kukiko- hime, he had been escorting back to a small country near Demon Country looked shagged to within an inch of her life.

Long almost white blonde hair was sweaty and tangled around her face; skin of the palest milk color was flushed and dewy. There were faint bruises all over her body that Naruto assumed he and given in the heat of the moment. Continuing to let his gaze drift down her naked body, Naruto took note of an ass that he surely wouldn’t kick out of bed, female or no. Long legs and tiny feet completed the picture. Naruto felt a bit off about the whole arrangement until he noticed the dark brown eyes of the princess were on his face.

“Thank you for your assistance Naruto. I wouldn’t have been able to inherit without your help.” Sitting up the princess winced lightly.

“Uhmmm….” Naruto felt a little off his game, and his mind was a bit foggy.

“The drugs we gave you should wear off soon. I am sorry that you were forced to marry me and consummate it but there was no other way.” The princess smiled pleasantly. “Don’t worry we are pretty cut off in this land so no word of this should reach your home.”

Feeling like a bit of the idiot that he was often accused of being Naruto sat up slowly and felt his inner demon still working to get the drugs out of his system. “Princess I would deck you if I wasn’t suppose to protect you until you are crowned.” Naruto tried raising his voice to match his irritation but failing that he tried to shake the feeling back into his limbs. “Or is that what last night was about?” Pieces of the puzzle were slowly fitting together from the night before.

“With my entire family dead the council knows I am the next in line but because I was unmarried they were trying to keep the throne from me while they picked the man I would marry. My advisor, Kyo, constructed the plan to drug you so that you would be more suggestible to what was happening. I truly am sorry. We told the council that the reason I was in Fire Country was to find a strong husband. After we gave you the drug we dressed you in formal attire, and held the ceremony.” Here the princess stopped talking and blushed bright red. “Afterwards the council had a maid stand witness to me losing my virginity and well you performed very well.” The Princess trailed off looking like her face was on fire and it would never go out.

“So you drug me, and sleep with me…so what’s next Princess Kukiko?” Naruto raised one blond eyebrow at her more than a little angry at the deception, particularly since he had be forced against his will.

“You go back to Konoha and I rule well and peacefully here.” Kukiko swallowed nervously before continuing. “The council is already looking into other options of succession because I am barren. They now have more time to come up with a more suitable arrangement because with a steady monarchy in place the country is less likely to fall into disarray. Barring an assassination of the entire village then everything is secure now that I have been crowned.”

Kukiko’s next words were apologetic. “I don’t expect you to ever forgive me for what I have done but you can understand duty. Being in my position it was my only choice.” Kukiko stopped speaking and looked at Naruto levelly, any attempt at being apologetic gone with her next words. “If you would like to renounce your village and stay I would not oppose you. As it stands the villagers think of you as a sun god or deity of some sort.”

As Kukiko studied him, Naruto tried to figure out where that particular assessment came from. Having been considered nothing but a fox container for so long Naruto had a hard time thinking about himself as anything else. At 6’2 with a permanent tan he did stand out sharply from the snowy surroundings and marked him as foreign. The fact that he was more solidly muscled than the majority of the people of the snowy climate magnified the difference. His blonde hair still defied all logic and spiked up even in its current longer state. His eyes were the same dark blue they always were and his teeth were still blinding white with the sharper than normal canines.

“I have no wish to stay here any longer than necessary.” Naruto rasped his voice gravelly, “Considering I don’t anyone else would ever want me, we can leave things as they are now and be done with it.”

“Naruto I…” Kukiko started to reach out for him before stopping abruptly when Naruto gave her a look.

“Save your care for your people.”

Dressing slowly Naruto staggered out of the bedroom, ignoring the bowing people. The sooner he left this little country the better. The country’s climate made no sense. How this country could have year round snow while all the surrounding ones looked like desert, Naruto didn’t want to contemplate how that was even possible.

Going back to the little country near Demon Country had not been Naruto’s idea. In fact if he could avoid it for the last few years he stayed as far away from the Demon Country as possible. His current assignment had him gathering intelligence in this part of the world. He was to meet back with his handler in two weeks. From w hat Naruto saw not a lot had changed since his last visit. As he approached the city he noticed the wary guards all around and the general look of fear.

Naruto managed to sneak into the capital city and was amazed at how subdued it was. As he drifted through the crowds he heard whispers about sickness and an heir as well as other news. Storing the different bits and pieces for future use, Naruto came upon a scene in the village square that gave him pause. A man whom was obviously upper class was directing that a small boy have his hands and feet chopped off for stealing Naruto felt himself see red. Trying to think of a way to interfere without blowing his cover he noticed that the villagers surrounding the scene were whispering excitedly and pointing at him. Taking a moment, Naruto discretely took stock of himself and realized that the hood he had used to cover his hair had come off.

”Looks like the gig is up.” Naruto thought before squaring his shoulders and strolling into the scene. “What exactly do you think you are doing?” The villagers’ whispers got louder and more pronounced as whispers of the Sun King’s return made the rounds. The man who had been ordering the cutting off of the young boy’s hands and feet sniffed loudly at the interloper.

“I am the Queens Vassal Mitsumori Yori and you are interfering with a public trial.” The man sniffed lightly and waved his hand for the guards holding the boy to continue.

“If you value your life you will stop.” Naruto’s voice held a dangerous edge and one of the guards who had been holding the boy looked fully at Naruto for the first time and gasped.

“Your Majesty.” The guard gasped and released his grip. The other guards hearing that dropped the boy as well turning around and bowing deeply.

“This usurper is no one.” The Vassal yelled turning his cold gaze on Naruto.

“No you are no one.” Naruto responded his temper flaring. “When I speak with my wife I will be sure to let her know what activities you get up to when left to your own devices.” Growling when the Vassal thought to try to speak again, Naruto took a step to rid the man of the means which he had spoken only to be stopped by the guards abruptly grabbing the man and tying him up.

“What would you like us to do with him?” The guard asked still a little shaky and trying to get on his King’s good side.

“Bring him along while we go see the Queen.” Naruto wanted to throw something because his attempts at information gathering were now null and void unless…Putting the thought away for future dealings, Naruto led the way to the palace. Once there he was immediately shown into see Kukiko.

Naruto’s first thoughts on seeing his wife was that she looked almost unbearably thin. His second thought was that she looked beyond relieved to see him and his third thought was more ironic. “So much for her being able to rule with no problems.”

“Your Highness, you look thin.” Naruto blurted his comment while bowing, wincing slightly at his lack of tact.

“Still as blunt as a dull axe.” Kukiko sighed standing and walking towards him. “I have no idea why you have my Vassal truced up the way you do but I imagine you will enlighten me as we walk.” Kukiko began to walk through one of the many doors to the side of the throne room and Naruto followed her out without a backward glance. Once they had been walking for a while, Naruto explained the situation he had come across. When Kukiko vowed to take care of it accordingly, Naruto believed her. Kukiko stopped and opened a door entering it without pause.

Wearily Naruto followed her more than a little puzzled by the extreme change in her usually stoic behavior to being almost teary eyed upon entering the room. They walked into what Naruto could only assume was a nursery from the assorted baby paraphernalia. When Kukiko sank gracefully down onto a chair and motioned for Naruto to sit next to her, he instead stood in front of her.

“What are we doing in a baby room?”

“Naruto you have a son.” Kukiko spoke and her voice broke a little, as she started to cough lightly.

“You said you were barren…” Naruto blinked slowly at her not quite processing what she was saying.

“Apparently not barren enough.” Kukiko gave a weary smile. “Somehow you managed to impregnate me and throw most of the court in a tizzy. Considering that the villagers consider you a God of sorts you can just imagine what they said.” Shaking her head, she once again motioned to the chair next to her and Naruto sat down.

“I have a son…” Naruto murmured more than a bit pole axed. At 21 he had always imagined having a family some day but….”Wait where is he?”

“He is currently not in the village. I had him sent away because of the way the court’s attitudes have been shifting. I haven’t seen him in over a year and a half.” Kukiko stopped and took a deep breath. “Needless to say things have been going badly here. We are getting a lot of pressure to be incorporated into Demon Country. They are offering a great deal but the people here have always been independent and well, the other country isn’t taking no for an answer.”

“So they have been raiding and assassinating I take it.” Naruto leaned back scratching his jaw lightly.

“Exactly, no one has any idea what to do. We have always been a peaceful country. Training an army, let alone raising one would be next to impossible. We aren’t people of war. The last one fifteen years ago more than proved that.” Kukiko stopped speaking suddenly. “They want me to renounce my throne and I imagine once I do I will be dead soon after. What better way to keep royalists emerging and causing trouble.” Smiling sadly and she looked at Naruto.

“Shit.” Standing Naruto paced in his agitation. “What about your people. Safe as can be and free on that I have the daimyo’s word.” Kukiko sighed. “I am ready to give up my throne Naruto but I need to know that you will take care of our son. I haven’t sent for you before now because I wasn’t sure if you would agree to come and now that you are here…”

“There has to be another way.” Naruto stopped pacing and looked at Kukiko. “I don’t believe this is the end.”

“It won’t be Naruto, you must understand that I intend on giving you what treasures I have that you can carry. They are yours by right of being my husband and they are our son’s legacy. My village and country are more important to me than anything else, except my son. Being born to great privilege means great responsibility and I knew it when I married you. I never expected to be in this position but now that I am, I beg for your help.”

“He’s my son you know I would help.” Naruto growled, feeling manipulated but knowing it was the only way.

“Thank you.” Kukiko smiled simply. “I have three bags ready with everything you will need.” Springing up and seeming to have an energy that she didn’t have before she moved the crib away from the wall, revealing a small indention that she pulled three large bags from. “These hold the scrolls, books and knowledge of the Demons as well as other things.” Pulling a chain from within her dress she took it off and handed it to Naruto. “This is how my people will know you are the one to pick up our son. I sent him to Whirpool Country.”

“Why the hell would you send him there?” Naruto felt his jaw drop and just stifled the urge to smack his head into a wall.

“It is close to Fire country isn’t it?” Kukiko frowned lightly.

“Do you know which island?” Naruto asked frowning and tugging his hair in trying to figure out exactly how he was suppose to get his son from Whirpool to Fire country without going missing nin.

“Uhmmm….” Kukiko sighed. “I just said go to a boarding country to Fire country and thought it best that I not know exactly so that no one could get it out of me.”

“How do you know it is Whirpool Country then?” Naruto asked and watching Kukiko slump Naruto did walk over to the wall and smack his head against it. “So you mean to tell me I am going to have to launch a search for my own son with only the parameters that he is in one of the countrie’s surrounding the Fire country.”

“I have a picture.” Kukiko defended feeling a bit silly.

“In your defense I imagine you have had a bit on your mind.” Naruto sighed taking the picture and studying it. “Well I can’t deny that he is mine.” Grunting Naruto regarded the first picture he would ever see of his son. “What is his name? You have to know that at least.”

Line Break

Going back to Konoha was something Naruto wasn’t prepared to do. Finishing up his mission however was a priority or well one of them. Turning in his paperwork from his mission, Naruto was more than a little preoccupied. As different people greeted him, Naruto tried to act himself but he had a little too much on his mind. As he headed to his small bachelor studio Naruto debated different ways he would need to change his life for his son. There were so many things to do. He would have to move for one.

Looking around his apartment, Naruto resolved that while it was the best idea for him to have his son with him right now, it would probably be a good idea to upgrade. One of the money misconceptions that people had about Naruto related to his money spending but Naruto had managed to save a great deal and he did own a share in a certain Ramen shop. Making arrangements to look at other housing options Naruto went through the motions of his everyday living.

Training with Sasuke was abysmal. Being a jounin now Naruto tried, whenever possible to train but in all honesty with so much on his mind Naruto didn’t stand a chance. Coming to the realization that he had plenty of friends but no real confidantes except for Iruka was such a depressing thought Sasuke knocked him through a tree. Getting up and shaking it off Naruto waved a stop to the training.

“I’m done, see you later.” Heading back to the village from the training grounds Naruto didn’t notice Sasuke staring after him or any of the other observers.

“What is wrong with him?” Sasuke’s question went unanswered as both Sakura and Kakashi shrugged but neither could quite let it go either. The three resolved to figure out was wrong with their former teammate.

They weren’t the only ones, Sai had called Naruto dickless and hadn’t gotten more than a wave. Subsequent interactions resulted in the same level of inattention. Even Gaara who was visiting the area only got half of Naruto’s attention. The Hokage was about to call him in when Naruto put in for all of his vacation time at once and then he was gone.

“What do you mean he is on vacation for three months!” Tsunade could be heard bellowing from the village gates.

“He put in for vacation and got it. You said that jounin had to have mandatory vacations and well he just took all his time together.” Kotetsu tried not to run for cover but it was a near thing.

“Where is Umino?” Tsunade decided to try a different tack but seeing Kotetsu pale she knew something was up. “You mean to say that Naruto took a three month vacation and took Umino with him?” Honey colored eyes narrowed.

“Iruka’s vacation is only a month long.” Kotetsu tried to be consoling but for his troubles all he got was a desk thrown in his direction. Within the hour it had made it around the village that Iruka and Naruto were gone. Rumors abounded and no one knew the truth. On the road, to the first stop in his trip to find his son, Naruto was trying to work his way up to telling Iruka that he was married and then he figured he could ease in the part about how this was a journey to find his son.

“Naruto why exactly am I spending a month of my vacation traveling with you?” Iruka finally couldn’t help but ask. Shifting his pack, slightly in order to better maintain the fast speed they were traveling at.

“I am married.” Naruto replied glancing at Iruka and blinking as Iruka completely missed the next branch and plummeted to the ground. Before Naruto could help him, Iruka was back in the trees acting as if he hadn’t just fallen.

“Okay…” Iruka blinked and they continued on. Feeling slightly relieved that Iruka hadn’t completely flipped out on him yet; Naruto felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

“So we are going to meet your wife.” Iruka asked after about another hour of silent travel.

“Not exactly.” Naruto figured with how well Iruka took the first part of his news that he wouldn’t be too bothered with the rest. “We are going to find my son.”

“WHAT!” Iruka bellowed and stopped on a dime, balanced at the top of the tree. Noticing that Iruka was rapidly becoming redder in the face, Naruto sighed feeling slightly sheepish.

“You don’t have to come with me but I thought that maybe you wouldn’t mind helping me find my son.” Naruto toed the branch while he waited for Iruka to weigh his words.

“Alright but I want the full story.” Iruka responded and Naruto readily agreed as they traveled quickly through Fire country.


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In Naruto and the Queen's Son who should be Naruto's love interest?


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