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Firebolt XXX 2

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.



Draco glared at the green and black plaid skirt with silver running through it. It had been hanging up in his closet as a reward for a certain Gryffindor. The Gryffindor in question had been Draco’s boyfriend until he up and disappeared without a word or a farewell fuck. To say Draco was angry would have been an understatement. He had been so furious he was temporarily removed, read expelled, from school. Hexing the staff and all the first years was not necessarily very well received by most. 



Upon his return to the school in question, he had shown a dedication to schoolwork that overcame the great brain Granger. It had been highly satisfying to be at the top but yet again, when Draco would retire to his room the skirt would continue to mock him. 



Goyle, not the brightest green in the Slytherin arsenal, finally snapped at Draco after enduring a treatise on the inabilities of a certain Golden Boy in the sack. “Draco shut up!” Goyle roared. The entire Great Hall went silent. “Get laid and get over it.” Goyle grunted before returning to his food, hoping fervently he would be able to enjoy it in peace. 



When most of the people in the Hall managed to wrap their brains around the fact that Goyle could actually speak and that Draco was speechless, laughter erupted. Draco flared up and sneered evilly at one of his remaining friends. “Big talk for a poor little virgin.”



“I already took care of that Malfoy and he isn’t that little, so try something else.” Ginny yelled from the Gryffindor table. There was a startled pause in all activity. 



“Thanks sweetheart.” Goyle called raising his glass of juice in salute before tucking back into his food. Draco stood and quickly left the Great Hall fighting tears. 



“Damn him, Damn you Harry Potter!” Draco roared as he ran through the labyrinth that was the dungeons of Hogwarts. 



“What did I do?” Harry asked stepping out of the shadows, where Severus Snape had his rooms.



“Oh no, you don’t. Don’t even think you can just appear out of the shadows and I will take you back.” Draco yelled turning on his heel and marching back the way he had come determined to leave the current cause of his sorrows behind him. Arriving at his room Draco bit out his password and entered. 



“He thinks he can just appear out of the shadows looking dreamy and I am supposed to fall at his feet!” Draco threw a pillow. He began to undress, ranting all the while.   “He is gone for four months without a word and then he comes back and everything’s normal.”



“I would actually like to explain.” Harry interjected into Draco’s tirade. He closed the portal door behind him and hissed a thank you to the snake guarding the doorway.



“Go find someone else, Potter this ship has sailed!”  Draco growled reaching into his closet and grabbing the closest thing at hand. With a flourish, Draco swept into his bathroom and shut the door firmly behind him. Taking stock of his emotions and taking deep breaths Draco laid his clothes over a bench and mentally swore. He had grabbed the skirt. Reaching for his wand Draco thought to transfigure the skirt. Unfortunately, his wand was conspicuously absent.



Banging his head into the doorway Draco resolved that giving up may be the wisest choice now.  “Fate is against me.” Draco yelled to the ceiling and resolved that at the very least if he was going to have to wear the skirt he was going to look so good that Potter would grovel. Draco sighed. “Who am I kidding if he were to look at me a certain way I would be on my knees with his cock shoved down my throat.” 



While Draco was resigning himself to the inevitable Harry was contemplating the surprise he had for Draco. Setting a warning charm to the bathroom door, Harry quickly changed into the second skin leather pants. Sliding them up his hips, he sucked in his stomach to an almost concave appearance. Lancing them quickly he turned to examine his image in the mirror. 



His new Prince Albert was tied to his leg and took away the bulge that would normally be and left it flat. Harry had had a legitimate reason for being gone for the last couple of months. The Order had finally captured that rat Pettigrew. Harry had previously demanded to be in on the capture that had taken months of work. Harry had passed the piercing shop in the first days of the hunt and had impulsively decided to get a present for Draco. 



Harry had liked it so much once it had healed he had gotten a ladder. Harry only hoped Draco enjoyed the piercings. He had found pictures under Draco’s mattress of men with piercings. He did not know if it would make him happy or not but Harry was willing to chance it.



“Before you go, I decided to show you what you are going to be missing out on.” Draco drawled flinging open the bathroom door. Striking a pose with both hands braced on either side of the doorframe, one foot elegantly placed in front of the other, Draco whipped his hair around. Looking at Harry, Draco’s jaw dropped. A pin could have dropped in the encroaching silence.



Harry was pretty sure his nose was going to bleed. He knew he was drooling. Draco stood in front of him with his hair not gelled back, it instead fell into his face becomingly. A fitted green sweater with a large black S on the front slid up slightly to show a strip of smooth creamy white skin. The green, black and silver plaid skirt almost was short enough that acres of leg were exposed. Harry knew that if he did not get his pants off he was going to bust a seam.



Draco felt light headed. Harry’s tan skin was taut over his muscular frame. His broad muscular shoulders tapered down to narrow hips. The leather pants looked painted on. Draco staggered briefly in the doorway. 



“Harry what are you wearing?” Draco whispered taking a small step forward and stopping, a fine tremor running through his body.



“I could ask you the same question.” Harry rumbled, his eyes fixed firmly on Draco’s legs.



“Why are you so flat?” Draco asked staring at Harry’s crotch.



“Come and see what I got for you.” Harry responded transfixed by Draco’s swaying approach.



“Maybe I will.” Draco challenged slowly sinking to his knees. “I still haven’t forgiven you for leaving without telling me.” Draco began to unlace Harry’s pants. His hands shook slightly as he began to peel the leather down Harry’s hips. 



“Keep unwrapping your present.” Harry breathed, feeling Draco’s breathe caress his skin.



“You shaved.” Draco whimpered as he tugged the material down but stopped when he caught sight of a glitter of silver. “Is that a …”



“Keep going.” Harry encouraged running his hands through Draco’s hair. 



Draco removed Harry from his pants and gasped. There was a ladder running under Harry’s penis. Draco licked his lips. 



“Just imagine what those will feel like inside you.” Harry whispered tightening his hands in Draco’s hair. “Suck it; take it in your mouth so you can taste what it will do to you.”      Draco’s first slow lick was practically the undoing of Harry. Grinding his teeth Harry looked down and encountered Draco’s gray eyes staring back at him. Draco slowly engulfed Harry, looking into his eyes the whole time.



“So good, Pretty.” Harry murmured. “I like the way you look cheeks all hollowed out and blushing prettily, saliva rolling down your chin because you can’t wait for me to fill your mouth.” A shudder went through Draco’s body as Harry’s words affected him. He began to get into it but Harry made him stop.    Harry pulled Draco’s head away from him with a wet pop. Draco whimpered a protest.



“I want to see you.” Harry murmured. Draco stood slowly letting his body ghost up against Harry’s before he stepped away.   Doing a little spin on his toes Draco stretched. With his back turned to Harry, he strolled towards his bed. Bending over the mattress slowly, Draco glanced over his shoulder. Smiling he crawled up the bed until he reached the pillows.    Draco spread his legs wide giving Harry the view of the black briefs he was wearing. 



“Tease.” Harry growled marching to bed. Stripping off the pants, he licked his lips and his watched Draco shimmy out of the briefs.   “I think dress up may be my favorite game.” 



“If you aren’t inside me in the next couple seconds Potter…” Draco never finished his thought. Harry had wandlessly lubed him and entered him. “Holy mother of….” Draco whimpered.



“Fuck!” Harry swore squeezing his eyes shut to keep from coming on the spot. “Draco don’t move.” 



“You leave me for how many months and expect me to actually listen?” Draco responded shakily.   “Just move, Potter before I…”



Harry’s first thrust drove his Prince Albert straight into Draco’s prostate, silencing him. The second thrust made him whimper and by the third one, Draco was screaming. Two strokes later he came. Harry managed to ride out Draco’s orgasm by sheer willpower and put Draco’s feet on his shoulders as he plowed in harder. 



 “Harry so deep.” Draco whispered as he became hard again. Harry needing to think about something besides how good Draco felt around him started to talk. 


“Look at you. Your skin all flushed, your lips swollen and your cock a rosy pink from coming. You wanted to be a bad boy. You want me to fuck you so hard it hurts and you can’t stop thinking about me.” Harry pounded Draco relentlessly, flipping him over onto his knees. Draco quickly proved adapt at giving as well as receiving as he pushed back at Harry his breath coming in pants.



“I don’t think I can take much more.” Draco groaned feeling the ladder as it deliciously slid in and out of his body. When Harry pulled him close and grinded his hips in a circle, Draco’s eyes crossed. Draco took his hand reached between his legs and massaged Harry’s balls. There was a moment of absolute stillness before Harry’s head snapped back in a silent roar and he emptied himself into Draco’s still quivering body. 



“Well that was a short lived fuck.” Harry swore rising to his knees and pulling the still panting Draco with him. Running his hands over Draco’s hips, he gave his erection a tug. “However I think we should see how long I can keep you on edge.”



“Bastard.” Draco swore whimpering when Harry’s hand tightened almost painfully around him.



“I think I’ll have you call me sir.” Harry breathed into Draco’s ear, nibbling on the lobe before he finished his thought. “You would look truly glorious bound hand and foot in leather for my pleasure.” Draco slumped forward and passed out when he came this time. “I guess that did it for him.” Harry chuckled going to the bathroom to clean up.



Returning he stripped Draco, wiped him clean and dumped him on the chaise lounge. With a flick of his wrists, Harry changed the sheets and levitated the still unconscious Draco into the bed. Harry quickly redressed.



“Where do you think you are going?” Draco demanded sitting up sharply. A slight winch marred his face before agitation took over. 



“I have to go back to my dorm.” Harry chuckled tying his tie.



“Potter let me make it clear to you that I will not be just some toy you play with occasionally and throw away when you are done. If you think that I will just stand for…” Harry landed on top of the fuming blonde and kissed him.



“Now pretty did I ever tell you how I never had toys when I was younger? Once I got older and could buy things I only bought a select few.” Harry commented to the now kissed dazed Draco. “I tend to hold on to things that matter and toys are one of them. Quality over, quantity, and all that, now get some sleep and I will see you tomorrow.” Harry gave Draco another quick kiss and then he was gone.



“You are still a bastard.” Draco grumbled once he collected himself and was snuggling in to sleep. Suddenly Draco shot straight up in bed with a shot. “That sonavabitch called me a toy!”



Well I hope you all liked it. I told you there was another part kicking around in my head and it was just going to take a while for it to bear fruit. In that vein I guess I can call this finished but I feel like I left the door open for another chapter. Let me know what you think.   

Chp. 3

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um. just asking, do you have a beta?

Just in cased you don't know, a beta is someone who corrects your grammar and such. (at least that's what the last person told me what it was. If I'm wrong, anybody can correct me.)

But still, do you have someone who does that for you?

Not for my Harry Potter Fiction. I just haven't found anyone who is interested.

*Brain is overcooked..*

I enjoyed it... I love Draco in a skirt and Harry with wonderful penis piercings!

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