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Teary Eyed
Just when I was going to hang it all up and give up on writing because I am too crippled with anxiety to let anyone see anything that I have been working on someone leaves me a note like this and I blubber all over the place because it is one of the sweetest things ever (http://arineat.livejournal.com/75754.html?page=6#comments). *sniffs* Crap I hate getting weepy.

I also hate how no matter what I write I keep hitting the delete button because it will never amount to anything nearly as great as any of my idols.

I can't eve begin to go into how I found a wonderful person to beta for me and somehow the email won't send to her email address and everytime I try to get up the nerve to explain what an idiot I am I get hit by doubt that maybe this is a sign I shouldn't even bother.

Sorry I am getting my but kicked by self doubt if you couldn't tell. I am determined to write something great for my veela fest and finally finish my dudley redeemed that has literally owned my life since I started. I couldn't even sign up for my annual summer fests because I was determined that these two fics, that I am haulling all type of ass to read will come out well and be long and meaty.

I just want for once to have written something that makes me step back and think...wow, it isn't an I hope they'll like it it's I know they'll love it.

Sorry everyone I try not to ramble if I can help it but...well I just felt it building up.

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I love you and you will do fine. You have a way of coming up with things that are different. Like your Dentist Draco fic, and you are a brilliant contributor. We all have those days when we want to give up, but we're here to learn and to be better. Don't give up on yourself sweetie. And don't compare yourself with others, no two stars can be the same they might shine brighter and you might envy that. But think of it this way, you might glow a little bluer and maybe they envy that of you.

At least that's how my Gran explains it. *hugs* Glad you decided not to hang it all up, you have been a brilliant friend and were a pretty rad beta and I am glad I got the chance to "meet" you :)

The only way to get better is to never, ever, ever give up.

If fate means for you to lose, give him a good fight anyhow

My favorite quote. I am here rooting for you!

Thank you. I really needed that. Your Gran is a wise woman. Oh and Happy Early Birthday.

*squishes you* AWWW Thanks hon! I still don't know what I want to do :)

She is a very wise woman, a pain in the ass sometimes but a brilliant person nonetheless.

Aren't they always? That's why you love them, grandmas that is.

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