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Confessions at Midnight- Prompt fills
From original post Prompt: bring me back to life or confessions at midnight

After his soul has been kicked out by a jutsu, Kakashi can`t do anything else but watch his body laying comatose in a hospital bed. Can he find his way back inside of his body? And why is Iruka visiting every night?

Prompt 2: People in comas do better when they have someone visiting them: reading to them, playing music, rubbing their feet or hands. I'd like to see something where Iruka visits Kakashi in the hospital after his battle with Itachi. He sees that Kakashi has practically 0 visitors save for Sakura who occasionally drops by to leave a flower before going to stay with Sasuke.

So, every night after classes or mission desk duty, Iruka stops by and stays with Kakashi until visiting hours are over.

Confessions at Midnight (unbetaed)

Kakashi was looking down at his body confused his thoughts sluggish and constantly coming back to his final moments when he could still feel his body and make it obey him. In a desperate attempt to save his village he had used a jutsu taught to him by the his sensei that was only to be used when all hope was lost. He remembered a red haze and his body being lifted from the ground. One of the final things he remembered before he had found himself pinned to the ceiling of the hospital was a sense of peace.

After being a fly on the wall for the last few months, Kakashi craved something to keep him sane. Watching person after person come in to see his body without being able to communicate he was there had Kakashi’s mind beginning to deterioate. Now the progression of people had trickled down to one, Umino Iruka.

For the last month Iruka was the only one that had continued to see him. Every time Iruka came in he talked, prattling on about different happenings. Other times instead of talking about current events Iruka would read different books. Then there were the silences, times when Iruka would just sit quietly and stare. In the times he had been coming Iruka had never tried to sneak a peak under Kakashi’s mask and Kakashi was touched by that. Iruka never had even touched Kakashi until now.

Iruka sat holding Kakashi's hand and speaking quietly. It took Kakashi some time to process what Iruka was saying.

"Kakashi I found a way to get your soul back from where ever it has gone but you probably won't like it." Iruka blushed while Kakashi's soul tried to get a better view.

"I'm going to kidnap you and make love...okay it might fall closer to the category of rape but it's for your own good. No one else believes I can help but I know I can. I learned seals from two of the best. You are going to survive to give me heart failure with those novels of yours."

Iruka was almost purple with embarrassment. Standing Iruka wrapped the blankets from the hospital bed around Kakashi's body made a jutsu and both men disappeared.

For a moment Kakashi's soul was confused but as though pulled by an invisible string he found himself flying through the village. Images of people flashed by his soul and suddenly it all stopped and Kakashi was staring at himself again only he was surrounded by different tags and seals.

"Okay Kakashi these symbols are going to pull your soul back into your body, hopefully keeping it in." Iruka explained drawing symbols on Kakashi’s naked body. Kakashi felt a weird tingling sensation and looked down at his soul self to find the symbols appearing.

Kakashi’s attention was drawn from his perusal of the new symbols on his body to Iruka. Iruka was removing his clothes slowly and methodically folding them and placing them to the side. Drawing a brush from an inkwell Iruka started painting symbols and signs on different parts of his body.

“Alright here comes the slightly unpleasant part.” Iruka smiled evenly. “I’m going to prepare you now and try to make you at least somewhat aroused. If I do this right you will enjoy this.” Taking the brush Iruka dipped it into the pot of Ink swirling the horse hair blush lightly around Kakashi’s tight anal ring.

Putting the ink aside after smearing the ink on his fingers Iruka made the signs of a jutsu and stepped into the circle where Kakashi’s body laid. Getting on his knees Iruka lifted Kakashi’s leg and placed it over his shoulder. Pressing a finger to Kakashi’s ass Iruka slowly began to insert it. His other hand began to massage Kakashi’s length. Iruka began to speak slowly, his words causing the symbols and signs to light and begin to swirl. Chakra pulsed and Kakashi soul began to draw closer.

“Damn you feel good.” Iruka moaned his eyes closed as he pumped Kakashi’s length slowly while adding another finger into Kakashi’s ass.

Kakashi felt a strange heat that he hadn’t felt in awhile. His soul hadn’t really felt anything since it had been kicked out of his body. Fascinated Kakashi began to get a real show of his body accepting first three of Iruka’s fingers and then taking Iruka’s cock.

Kakashi felt the tug again and he no longer had the view of Iruka entering him but could feel the slight burn in his soul. Another moment and Kakashi’s soul was on his back, his vision slightly blurry but the burn had turned to pleasure. Kakashi felt an odd tingling sensation in all his extremities and his vision was cloudy and flickering from clear to dark.
A strange spark went down Kakashi’s spine and pleasure exploded behind the eyelids that seemed transparent one moment and dark the next, Kakashi’s Sharingan swirled. By instinct Kakashi kept that eye closed while the other one he allowed to creep open as sensations assailed him.

Burning, numbness, pain, relief and pleasure fought for dominance. Kakashi opened his mouth and screamed without words his eyes blind as his body and soul unuse to each other became reacquainted. Iruka’s semen coating his insides was the last thing Kakashi felt before his brain shut off in self defense.

Iruka sat next to Kakashi’s bedside again, both of Kakashi’s hands cupped in his smiling. Sure he had a headache from the Hokage giving him grief over kidnapping one of her jounin from her care. Of course he was likely to get his ass handed to him when Kakashi woke up totally but Kakashi would wake up.

“Sensei.” Kakashi croaked.

Iruka dropped Kakashi’s hands and blinked as Kakashi frowned.

“I want to come next time and kiss, lots of kissing”

Iruka could only smile brightly. As Kakashi closed his eyes against the brightness and tried to get some rest. The sooner he was healed completely the sooner Iruka could be persuaded to play arts and crafts with Kakashi’s body. This time with any luck Kakashi would be able to fully enjoy the experience.

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I like this. My favorite line is "I'm going to kidnap you and make love...okay it might fall closer to the category of rape but it's for your own good". The it's for your own good part made me laugh.

I can see Iruka trying to lie and then being like oh maybe not so I thought that line was approriate. I am glad you liked it.

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