Raining Goldfish

I tried not to give in to temptation but...

There were three prompts at the Veela fest that were screaming my name. I shouldn't do it but why did I already write half of the fic already for one of the prompts!?

I mean honestly I need to read the rules and figure it out. Worse comes to worse I just dedicate the fic after the fest is over.

*In health news I hate being a female*

I can't wait until the mpreg fest and that makes me sooooo happy.
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Hopefully you'll get the prompt you want!

And I it could be worst - you could have been male . . . . . . ;>
Go ahead and claim one! Just as long as it's not the one I claimed - I have weapons. ;)
Hey, if you're after one that doesn't say "claimed" at all next to it then you're safe! I dislike multiple-claim fests because I want the prompt I claim to be my own, you know? But I can't resist the veela fest.
Yeah I mean on the one hand you have different perspectives for the same prompt but on the other if your prompt isn't chosen you are like uber sad.
Eh, I've had prompts go unclaimed - it's all right. But when I'm writing a prompt I don't want other perspectives written alongside mine after I've worked so hard at making the prompt my own.
Very true. I have enough trouble with having self esteem issues with writing as it is. I can't even imagine trying it with a multi claimed prompt.
I signed up too, after I said I wouldn't do any more than kink and Beltane because of Uni. *Sigh* And I know I will be sighing up for Mpreg! Omg it's going to be EPIC!
I am hurrying and getting the Veela fic done because once the mpreg fest starts that is going to be all I think about for weeks.
My Veela prompt is Mpreg so I shall have Mpreg on the mind for a long while! :D I've got about seven hundred words on it, so far, and I'm hoping it won't be much more. These 10k+ fics really take it out of me.
I can't do a 10000 word fic if my life depended on it. I tried so hard to get one done and I almost passed out. I couldn't take the pressure and I feel like I rarely have an idea that will sustain past 5000 words.